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Life Love Wellness - will raise awareness to issues we often think about and seldom discuss. The unspoken dialog can help to foster ill health or just not living up to our full human potential. It’s not until someone is bold enough or crazy enough to bring up the subject that we can have the freedom to talk honestly about what we feel! My sincere intention is to provide a platform where the talk can begin, where each person can be heard, regardless to whether I agree with you or not. Your voice is powerful! Host Sandy Rodgers has blazed uncharted territory to create new paradigms of thinking and being since 1962. She was born in Watts California, a veteran of 2 Los Angeles riots, Modeling Company Owner, Famed clothing Designer, #1 Best Selling Author, Educator and Minister offers her insights and straight forward conversations with you like your favorite Auntie might do. Nothing timid about her approach, it might even make you squirm in your seat. Discussions will include relationship issues, parenting, growing older, parental problems, education, HIV, Domestic Violence, intimate partner violence, abuse, personal development, the foods we consume, health challenges and wholistic natural healing remedies.

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WITHOUT APOLOGY: In Honor of Black Women, written by Mr. Clyde Gumbs. A look through the determined heart of a Black man, who says he grew to acknowledge the wonders of Black women by fathering his two daughters. His oldest daughter, Alexis Pauline Gumbs will join her dad as we discuss the gems of this literary piece. Mr. Gumbs' writing clearly defines he is a man whom openly displays his authentic compassion for Black women. Women and men alike will be tremendously blessed by the works of Mr. Clyde Gumbs. Listen to hear his story
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