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  • The Art Of Allowing with Jaime Lerner

    in Motivation

    Jamie Lerner, co-author of the book The Ever-Loving Essence of You, can put a fresh spin on just about anything that anyone throws her way. Her unique and masterful ability to re-frame even the most difficult situations is astounding. All of a sudden your biggest nightmare becomes your greatest pleasure as she lovingly helps you sift through the contrast and find that small opening of light that quickly becomes your greatest jumping off point for clarity. Unassuming, reassuring and seemingly without any sense of ego, Jamie Lerner is able to put everyone and everything at ease. Jamie Lerner is an asset to any corporate setting. She is easily able to untangle the issues at hand and move right along into helping facilitate a solution-based platform for creative, productive, good-feeling collaboration and change. Jamie Lerner can most often be seen working with individuals, children, adults and couples as well as with small groups. She never positions herself as the expert of anything and is always reminding you that it is you who knows best for yourself ALWAYS. Jamie is a Chicago resident.
    Learn more at www.jamie-lerner.com

  • Stripping & Drug Dealing. Urban Therapy with Sun #230

    in Relationships

    Fast money, fast living, sex, drugs and judgement. How does it end?
    Getting into this life ain't as easy to get into as it may seem, but getting out of it may be a lot easier and tragic.

  • Motivational Moment

    in Self Help

    Join me for another powerful segment.


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    Host Lois T Martin-Psychic Numerologist whose expertise spans over three decades, clients around the world. TV, Radio, Newspaper Columns, Lecturer. www.loistmartin.com email: numberpsychic@yahoo.com 518-989-6349
    Co-host Erin Koczur-Certified Psychic Medium, 30+ years tarot/oracle, Reiki Master 10+ years with clients around the globe. Specializes in readings that Empower and Inspire. www.erinkoczur.com 954-299-5610 Facebook: Lightworker Erin Koczur
    Co-host JoAnna Garfi McNally-Psychic Medium & Intuitive, Energy Healing. She teaches classes and lecturer on Angel/Crystal Therapy and much more. Her private practive spans decades both nationally & internationally 845-210-7460 joannagmcnally@yahoo.com
    Lois, Erin and JoAnna are in the house to take calls. Join us tonight, from 7-8pm, as we open the lines and discuss what we are grateful for as we head into the summer months.  Tonight we want to hear from YOU!  We will discuss the upcoming summer line up of guest, starting with Georgia Rose, on Monday June 5th.  Remember our show will be on from 7-8:30pm on Monday's starting in June. 

  • Dream Chasers just keep moving

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  • Thunder and lighting out of the community . #681

    in Motivation

    Do birds of a feather flock together . They must certainly do .

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1628

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Faith Reagan (McDaniel) from Jacksonville, Florida, a returning NAASCA family member and self-described survivor-turned-thriver, now a Certified Life Empowerment Coach. She helps her clients move forward by breaking boundaries that have held them back. She assists in helping them identify goals in their personal and professional life as well as to make a plan to achieve them. Born in Kentucky as the second oldest of five children, Faith McDaniel grew up in a troubled family. "My father liked to play with little girls," she explains. He used a slew of persuasive tactics to keep Faith silent, usually saying her mother would leave him and the children would be left to fend for themselves. After years of abuse, a rebellious Faith occasionally ran away from home. Eventually she decided to serve in the military. "Joining the Air Force was the best thing I could have done," she says. Faith feared at the rate she was going, life on the streets was a possibility. Now Faith openly talks of her troubled childhood and has come to terms with her past. Once she learned not to beat herself up for what happened in her youth everything seemed to click. "I've got nothing to hide. I'm not a victim; I'm a survivor. I want people to know you can get out of a bad situation and succeed. With all the negatives you see today, if you have drive and desire, you can overcome anything." Please see: Surviving With Faith

  • Wisdom and Wealth

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  • LIVE! with Cathi---FOR THE LOVE OF PETS!

    in Motivation

    Compliments of Science of Mind-June 2017 issue.
    QUOTE..Pets reflect you like mirrors.  When you are happy, you can see your dog smiling and when you are sad, your cat cries...M. Kahn.
    In the silence, until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.  BeauReGard, our cat for 20 years is alive today as he was when he shared his unique ability to bring joy into our lives and hearts.
    It's been said that those who love dogs know something about GOD.
    Say anything foolish to a ...etc.
    Father's Day...etc.

  • Getting in to the Driver's Seat of Your Own Well-being, with Krystelle Hamilton

    in Self Help

    Join Sam Black and her special guest, Krystelle Hamilton as they explore how you can take control of your own well-being and simple strategies for integrating essential oils, movement and mindset in to your routine so that you can reach an increased level of wellness and optimal health!  
    Sam Black is the Executive Director of Grounded Roots Wellness Inc. and works with her husband, Chris to bring wellness in to every area of life!  Sam is a Master Coach and Trainer, Psychic Medium and has a passion for helping others see the little gems they have inside!  In 2013, Sam was hit by an impaired driver and her world was changed forever!  With a determination to find modalities of healing and not accepting that this would be the rest of her life, Grounded Roots Wellness Inc. was born and with it a desire to share the stories of others and ways of healing so that everyone can find holistic wellness!
    Krystelle Hamilton is the co-owner of MissFits, a fitness studio, a Zumba instructor and an advocate of doTERRA.  She is passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals and ultimate wellness by limiting the blocks that hold them back and by using strategies that support their desired outcomes!  She has a passion for educating and inspiring others to empower themselves, using natural plant based solutions for their health care needs. This passion runs deep, as a former overweight Mom that suffered from many health related issues, and used so many medications with adverse side affects. It was then that Krystelle decided to take back her health, losing over 100lbs.  Starting out small and growing towards bigger dreams, Krystelle is grateful because and It helps her to stay focused on changing and saving lives everyday

  • The Confidence Alchemist - Episode 6

    in Motivation

    Annette Lynch, The Game-Changing Expert joins Keith to discourse on what it takes to create the life you desire or what it takes to make big changes in your own life.
    One thing we can be certain of in life is CHANGE. Whether change is happening to you, or you are deciding to make a change, in your career, your relationships, and your health – you CAN be in charge.
    Be a Game-Changer! Discover how you can be in charge of the change in your life.
    Annette Lynch will inspire you to overcome obstacles to win in business and in life – you are going to want to catch this episode AND to make sure you have plenty of paper and pens to take notes!
    In this Episode
    The three (3) main steps to change; The most important key to creating the change you want in your life; Why people get stuck in situations when nothing ever seems to change; How to overcome the excuses and doubts to move forward. Annette Lynch realised a 25 year old dream of being a Beach Volleyball Olympian (Annette Huygens-Theolen) in Sydney, 2000.  Her self-motivation, drive and curiosity found a way to forge a new career beyond sport.
    Annette became a certified Master Results Coach, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Trainer, as well as an author, “Success beyond Sport – How to Retire from Sport and Keep Winning.”  Her 8-step program provides the foundation to create the success in business and life.