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  • How to Not to Fall For The "I'm Getting Older So I Need a Partner" Trap

    in Relationships

    Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor, guides committed couples to find solutions to the challenges that life and family bring, helping them move closer, get stronger and share greater intimacy. Working with her, couples find healthy ways to balance independence and togetherness, experiencing once again the joy and mystery of true love. Join us to learn how to not fall into the trap of settling for the wrong partner because you're getting older.

  • The What If Show with George Carroll | Transformation through Words

    in Self Help

    An Author's Journey Have you always wanted to write a book, but weren't sure about what your message would look like?  In preparation for the creation of the event, I went looking deeper into George and the phenomenal change he has created for him and countless of people around the world when he embarked on the journey to writing his first book. Here are some questions I extracted from his work... How many people will your first book impact? Do you have the courage to write it? If there were no rules in writing your first book, how would you choose to write it? What if the story you have to tell is the invitation for others and YOU to transform life even more? Are you willing to explore the possibilities of creating you, different (ly)?

  • Revealing The Masterpiece Within with Guy Scholtz, Claudia Church & Laurel Geise

    in Self Help

    Best-selling author Guy Scholtz and entertainer Claudia Church join Dr. Laurel Geise to discuss Revealing The Masterpiece Within. Creating a meaningful life story can be difficult due to self-defeating personal beliefs we accumulate throughout our life. Guy and Claudia will share specific life skills to help you become a living work of art. 
    Guy Scholtz is a three-time Canadian best-selling author, award winning journalist and USA National Arena Curling Champion. Claudia Church has attained success in the entertainment arts as a model, country music artist and actor for over three decades. They are co-authors of the book, The Masterpiece Within. www.TheMasterpieceWithin.com
    As the evolutionary thought leader of the Soul-Guided Living movement, Dr. Laurel Geise is an inspirational author, international speaker and spiritual mentor empowering you to listen, align and act your way to living your soul’s calling. To receive your free instructional guide to Soul Journaling, visit Laurel today at www.LaurelGeise.com
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  • Dana Micucci Talks About Her Newest Book "The Third Muse"

    in Self Help

    Dana Micucci: She had literary leanings followed with an early obsession with children’s story books, stacked in piles, and compulsive with book stores. She indulged a long-held fantasy to live as a bohemian writer in Paris. Returning, Dana landed in New York City, became an independent journalist, while working briefly as a senior publicist at Christie’s the international art auction house. The past 25 years her articles and essays have appeared in well known newspapers and magazines. Her book “Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman’s Journey around the World and into Her Truth", is a gold-medal winner in the Nautilus Book Awards. Her new novel "The Third Muse", combines mystery, suspense, history, and spirituality. Dana has been interviewed by television, radio and print media, and gives talks and workshops nationwide. New Mexico & NYC website:

  • What To Do When People Don't Take You Seriously

    in Self Help

    BEYOND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION TALK RADIO- Get ready to become inspired and live the life you deserve to live. This 30 minute internet based radio show will inspire you to take inspired action. Listen each week to Chaney Weiner, inspirational speaker and founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential as he discusses the topics that matter most to you in any of the 7 areas of life (financial, relationships, career, spiritual, mindset, health & well being, and social). If you wish to receive regular updates on upcoming show topics please register for the Attraction Secrets newsletter at www.ChaneyWeiner.com

  • Loving Myself Enterprises Radio w/ HOST Renee Huewitt-Hall Welcomes Carla Carter

    in Motivation

    We are excited to have this wonderful woman of God on the show. We will get a chance to hear her story and how she has persevered to this point. Hear her humility, her strength and be inspired. 

  • Show #37- Healing Mind, Heart, Body and Soul!!

    in Motivation

    Tammy is a Metatron Channel & Scribe and serves as a link with the Divine Universal Light. She is a Spiritual Teacher, Alchemist, Quantum Healer and the Founder of Metatronia Foundation of Light (MTFOL). Her work at this current time is involved in mankind’s light evolutionary process, assisting those who are on their Ascension Journey and to know and feel for themselves, the divine truth itself through the light of the One Source and Universal Coding.
    Metatronia Therapy is the latest in Quantum, Electro-medicine Healing and Ascension Alignment. The attunement received from Archangel Metatron aligns you with the Divine light and conscious vibration of One. 
    2nd Guest: Elio Pagliarulo, Composer / Musician.
    "A composer that inspires, empowers and captivates. Music to heal your heart and soul."
    Elio's music is infused with intention and each piece is created to evoke specific emotions to stimulate the body, mind, and spirit to healing. The relaxing, and peaceful sounds of Elio's music, including the Healing Codes Music have been described as "glorious, pure, soul reaching, deeply loving and divinely inspired".
    3rd Guest: Faith McCune, Pawsitive Change Coach.
    I am an author and certified action coach.  I assist people who are struggling with life situations and are having difficulty emerging from their challenges by utilizing the strength, wisdom, comfort, and love of a dog.

  • Did you ever think about writing a book????

    in Self Help

    Dr. Freelance will show you how to be a freelance writer and what it takes to write a successful book.  Jake Poinier is a former college athlete and knows what it take to be a winner.  You will also view the Beautiful Mr. World-April Lufriu from Tampa Florida and our former co-host PR guru Pam Lonto

  • 02:01

    Can Money Buy Love ??

    in Relationships

    Have you ever accepted someone into your life based on a main criteria of what they possessed such as cars, homes, money in the bank, type of jobs they have, how much they spend on gifts towards your enthusiasm only to come to the depth of realizing that after all of those material things that are external really don't matter as much as what the individual possesses internally (their character) ??  Well today on this episode we deal with some aspects & views related to this outlook... We invite you to observe our website jtalkstodaysrelationships.com for a total source of who we are and archive of our shows & broadcasts as well as continuing to listen to us here on Blogtalkradio.com !! We broadcast live on Ustream. com Sundays 6 - 8 pm CST / 7 - 9 EST  & on Blogtalkradio.com Saturdays 2 -4 pm CST / 3 - 5 EST.. 
    Our shows are entertaining as well as directional in providing a clear uncut view with understanding, a guide in hopes to lead the listeners towards a better realism of mind control & their thoughts of the choices they make regarding this one life each & every one of us have on this Earth !!
     This is:  The "J" and the entire cast of the "J Talks Todays Relationships" show with "Lady - K"....."L-Dale"...."Sister Soldier".... "Ricky Rick".... thanking you for tuning into our show & episodes !!

  • Lisa Torba on Women of Wisdom

    in Motivation

    On Women of Wisdom today, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Lisa Torba. Lisa has a passion for supporting dynamic entrepreneurs and business owners to create style that gets results. With her unique system that she calls “Your Signature Element,” she helps men & women find their own unique style that dramatically increases their power, positioning, and message so that that their success grows nearly overnight. Whether you are on stage, video, or web, knowing how to communicate your message visually is NOT a luxury. It is an extremely important part of how you present yourself, how you land with your audience, and ultimately - a big piece of what inspires your customers and clients to want to work with you. Lisa's approach is unique and holistic, and she helps translate the authentic YOU into a visual expression that you love, so that you show up as your biggest, brightest self. After transforming their look, Lisa's clients have made more money, landed dream jobs, met their partners, received more compliments and ultimately, felt more confident presenting themselves than ever before! Lisa offers life-changing 1-on-1 support that you create your unique look. She is also a dynamic speaker and workshop leader, spreading the message that helps people the world over to know the power of personal style and brand. Additionally, she brings her 20 plus years of business and sales experience …and a lifetime love of beauty and shopping! To learn more about Lisa visit http://www.yoursignatureelememt.com. And be sure to visit http://www.wincharles.com/ to learn more about your host. FOLLOW this program www.blogtalkradio.com/wcawomanwithcp

  • Speaking Purposely with Stacy Y Whyte host Daniel Amis

    in Relationships

    Daniel Amis is known as The Personal Relationship Trainer that works with individuals and couples on getting their relationships in better shape. He is also a Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Certified, Professional Matchmaker. He has worked with many individuals over the years to create and get into the type of relationship they prefer and deserve. For more information on his services, check out www.danielamis.com 
    Stacy Y Whyte is the Chief Executive Director of Women Faith Speakers Association, Gifted Business Coach, Best-selling Author and Sought After Speaker with a global platform.
    Referred to as "The FAITHFactor Transformational Catalyst" by her peers in the industry, her powerful message of empowerment, inspiration, encouragement and hope has been herald at conferences, workshops and seminars; it has had a tremendous impact on lives from diverse nationality across the globe.
    Stacy has been featured on Trinity Broadcasting Television Network, MIMA Magazine, Truth In The News Magazine, Inspired with Joyce Talk Show, Robert Ministries Talk Show, Source One, Caribbean News, WAVS FM and the Authors Show.

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