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  • "Let's Play" Being Playful with ADHD

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    Please join me this coming Sunday August 28 2016, 4:00PST as I welcome Dr. Kirsten Milliken to the show. ADHD is a serious problem, but your approach to it doesn't have to be. Dr Milliken focuses on how developing a more playful mindset and habit of engaging in playful activities can actually help you to manage your ADHD. After a lifetime of being urged to stop goofing off and to take things more seriously, Dr. Milliken is telling you that play is what you need to better manage your dificulties with attention. Dr. Kirsten Milliken is a dynamic and unique clinical psychologist who lives and works in the Portland Maine area. Yes, she has ADHD! Kirsten has used her insight and knowledge of ADHD to develop her playful style as well as her companies, ADHD Executive coaching and PlayDHD. Kirsten espouses that Play is the best non medication intervention for people with ADHD. While Kirsten works with all age ranges, she focuses on working primarily with adults in her practice. Kirsten earned her degrees and training from SUNY Stony Brook, Alliant University, and ADDCA. She is an ICF certified Coach and is trained as an ADHD Career Services Specialty Coach.


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    Authoress Tonya Wilson of the Award Nominated Book, "The Time Is Now", sheds light on Issues of Addictions, Recovery, Mental Health Issues, and Deliverance. On Sunday, August 28, 2016 @ 7:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM CST, and 4:00 PM PST. If you need Inspiration, Answers, or Support, The Time Is Now!!! Join us this Sunday for "OPEN FORUM" Call in and share your stories and testimonies of recovery and deliverance. Anyone who calls in to share a story or testimony will receive a free e-book version of my book, "The Time Is Now" If you have a business or book that you would like to shout out, please call in and share!!! The call in number for the show is (323) 642-1624, press 1 if you would like to share a story, have a question or comment, or if you would like to shout out your business or book.You call also listen to the show at this link > http://tobtr.com/s/9249471
    The Time Is Now Recovery Blog Radio Show is Sponsored by the Owners of Carter's Creations Catering Company, William and Davita Carter, and The No Quit Fit Fitness and Healthy Living Blog, by Mrs. Davita Carter. You can find Carter's Creations Catering Company on Facebook and No Quit Fit on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram @noquittfit

  • Startegy to Be Attractive

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    What is your style? How do you- or frankly do you shine? This show may hold up a mirror- can you take it? Last week questions were asked for and boy did I get a mailbox full and this show will address some of them when it comes to the answer I got - "My biggest obstacle is I can't seem to find a man"!
    Listen in as I discuss the strategy to "find that man" and happiness!

  • "Community Matters" This Week - 442

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    News Of The Week Show ~~ Please click on both these links to see our "News of the Week" for August - Week 4 from: LACP.org and NAASCA.org ~~ Join our founder and host, Bill Murray, co-hosts MJ Goyings, Carol D. Levine and other LACP & NAASCA family members, as they invite you to help them discuss the public safety and child abuse related news and crime stories of the week from each of our two national sister efforts, LA Community Policing and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. Every day we carry new articles based on current events on both our web sites. Look for them daily in the lower gray portion of our home pages. To make things easy, we collect them all together for this, our two hour long Sunday show .. where community call-in participation is always welcome!

  • Dream chasers unite!

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    This episode will be off the chain! We will be visited by Yaya Diamonds mother, The Queen of High Energy, Ms. Evelyn Thomas herself. Don't miss this one, it's going to be great. 

  • Couples Therapy

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    Counseling the parties of a human relationship in an effort to recognize, and to better manage or reconcile, troublesome differences and repeating patterns of stress upon the relationship.
    Call -in and Let talk about it.
    With Dr. Rodgers


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    So you're on a date, and everything is going great; that is until you open your mouth and start talking about Universal Law.  In your mind you think you're being artful, elevating the conversation.  In the mind of your date...Lame!  In this episode we explore how to be conscious and still maintain some level of swag.  If that's at all possible...dun dun dun duuunnnnnnnn!!!

  • Cincinnati

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  • Mind Fit Radio- "What Is Metaphysics?" ;)

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    "Mind Fit Radio" Season 5, Episode 11, "What Is Metaphysics?" ;) ...Join Ms Masta Foxx "The Energy Whisperer" & Ms Whizdom, Master Mind Stimulators/Coaches, "The Mind Fit Team", As They Share Their Views & Inspirations About The Body & Mind. Come & Get Your Mind & Body Synchronized For A Complete Fitness! Listen & Get Your Mind Stimulated! Episodes Are Every Sunday @ 9:30pm-10:00pm (PST)...Listen Online Or Call in to speak with the hosts (909) 265-9250
    *We Will Also Be Broadcasting Mind Fit Radio Live On Periscope, So Follow Us @mindlabwebinar To Chat With Us Live!
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  • Jillian Maas Backman:Summer Series Ep #6, Intuition Among Friends

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    Do you find yourself able to finish sentences of your closest friends? What is the intuitive connection? In this episode Jillian discusses the close energetic connections between friends, how this happens and why.


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    FBI University is a school of Faith Based Instructions. Wherein, we extract the wisdom of God from the text of scripture, fashion it into practical principles of instructions, and present them through daily devotionals. Obedience to these instructions turns beliefs into behavior that advances our economical, emotional, and intellectual wellbeing. Now stay tuned as John Marshall teaches you how that by following instructions you coach yourself into the Champion Circle. Jesus never sought to change the quality of one’s existence through prayer alone. Jesus sought to change the quality of life by issuing a set of instructions. Even to Lazarus, who had been dead for four days, Jesus gave a set of instructions, “Lazarus, come forth” (John 11:43). Had Lazarus dishonored the instructions, he would have remained dead. His quality of life changed due to his willingness to honor the set of instructions that Jesus issued to him. Prayer is a powerful tool. I continually use that God-authorized empowerment tool. However, do not seek to alter your course in life by prayer alone. God seeks to improve your life by giving you a set of instructions.