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  • Paranormal Horizons

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    Bill Bean is back!

  • Night Search

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    Hosted by Eddie Middleton Co Host Justin Abner
    Night Search is a show about the paranormal, the supernatural, UFOs, and the unexplained. Tune in to hear different experiences from abductees, paranormal witnesses, and professionals in the field of the unexplained. 

  • Hobby Talk Radio Plastic Model Kit Week

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    Your Host Jay Michaels Talks about the revell 2015 First quarter of kits that are coming out. Also we will be talking about some new products in the model kit world some new find that Jay has found that work. Tune in at 11pm eastern time on January 27,2015
    This will be our first premire show on Hobby Talk Radio.

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    Travel Today - Wine Road, Northern Sonoma County, California

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    Sometimes referred to as “ground zero” of wine making, Sonoma County doesn’t just have corporate wineries, it has a plethora of diverse, family-owned vineyards and wineries. One way to experience this world of wine is with the Wine Road in Northern Sonoma County. The Wine Road is an association of wineries and lodgings that gives guests a layout of the area, winery locations, and organizes events for wine lovers to enjoy.
    This week’s guests include television and radio personality Ziggy “The Wine Gal,” who puts together wine programs for touring bands and shares details about Sonoma County’s history. Former Sonoma County Police Chief Susan Jones talks about her time in service and what it’s like to be a city councilwoman. Then, Lauterbach Cellars’ Stew Lauterbach explains how the county has grown from both the perspective of a winemaker and his role as an emergency physician. All this and more from the Wine Road in Northern Sonoma County, California.

  • The Luck of the Irish Film Critic

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    Tune in and chat with the movers and shakers in the promotional industry including contestors, promoters, marketers and sponsors. My guest is: James McDonald, originally from Dublin, Ireland but currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He is a Film Reviewer and Interviewer who has over thirty years experience in the film industry hosting movie giveaways on his site. http://irishfilmcritic.com/category/contests/.

  • Have2Travel Radio Show

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    Join Helen Brahms from Cruise Planners - Have2Cruise each Wednesday at 4pm PT to hear the latest news and trends from the travel industry. We will bring you guests from the travel industry and those who are professional travelers. 

  • The New Normal Radio on LiveParanormal.com

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    The New Normal Radio on LiveParanormal.com
    Listen LIVE and CHAT (with video) only on www.liveparanormal.com during the show! It's free!
    Official Show Page: http://www.liveparanormal.com/newnormal.html
    Show Bio: http://liveparanormal.com/m/news/view/About-The-New-Normal
    About LiveParanormal.com
    LiveParanormal.com is the PREMIER online community dealing with all things : Paranormal, Unexplained, History, Horror, Sci Fi, & More. Enjoy 24/7 interaction with other like minded people from around the world! ALL members can use their web cam / mic in our fully multi media chat room which offers the most personal and interactive experience on the net!
    We over 60 different live radio & video shows on our History FM radio network!

  • Sky People: Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica with Dr. Clarke

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    Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, author of Encounters With Star People, vowed as a teenager to follow in the footsteps of two 19th-century explorers, John L. Stephens and Frederick Catherwood, who brought the ancient Maya cities to the world's attention. Dr. Clarke set out on a seven-year adventure (from 2003 through 2010) through Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico, collecting stories of encounters, sky gods, giants, little people, and aliens among the indigenous people. She drove more than 12,000 miles, visiting 89 archaeological sites (Stephens and Catherwood visited only 44) and conducting nearly 100 individual interviews. The result is an enthralling series of unique, original, true stories of encounters with space travelers, giants, little people, and UFOs. Sky People may very well change the way you perceive and experience the world.
    Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University, has dedicated her life and career to working with indigenous populations. She has been adopted by enrolled tribal members and given traditional names by three Northern Plains spiritual leaders  including the Blackfeet (Woman with Great Knowledge), the Northern Cheyenne (Walks all Woman) and the Lakota Sioux  (Woman who Helps People).
    The author of several children's books and the best-selling, Sisters in the Blood, she lives in Montana with her husband.  She continues to work as a consultant to American Indian tribes and  indigenous communities worldwide.
    Website: http://www.sixkiller.com/
    Dr. Clarke was a guest on Rainbow Vision July 11, 2012. Listen here.

  • Paranormal Kool-Aid presents "The Spirits Speak, Camarillo State Hospital"

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    Paranormal Talk Radio
    Take a sip of the Kool-Aid! What's your flavor?
    There is a college campus in Los Angeles with a reputation of having once been a living hell on earth. The campus of the California Sate University, Channel Islands was once an institution named The Camarillo State Mental Hospital. It has been memorialized in movies like 1948's Olivia deHaviland picture "The Snake Pit" and in songs by Frank Zappa, the bands Fear and Ambrosia. It is even rumored to have been the basis for the Eagles megalithic chart topping hit; Hotel California. It once housed up to 7000 mentally ill patients and was a place where they did medical experiments on living people, without their permission and where for some doomed souls experienced abuse, neglect, rape, and torture were near daily occurrences.
    The location is closed now to paranormal investigations, but there has been a concentrated effort by a dedicated few to document the paranormal activity. Next week on an extraordinary Paranormal Kool Aid we are going to talk to historian/photographer Mary Holt. Then we will speak to many investigators including Paranormal Pioneer Syd Schultz who has dedicated himself to telling this fascinating, if horrifying story.
    You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
    Website: http://www.paranormalkoolaid.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParanormalKoolAid Twitter: @ParaKoolAid https://twitter.com/ParaKoolAid Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/paranormal-koolaid iTunes: Search Paranormal Kool-Aid in the iTunes Store. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/pkaradio Email us with your Questions & Suggestions: pkaradio@gmail.com
    Listen LIVE or talk to our Hosts & Guests: 1-646-929-2384

  • Full Spectrum Radio

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    Join Hosts Matt Maziarek and Dennis Estlock of CPR as they discuss not only the paranormal but subjects including everyday life issues!  Join Live!

  • Geezer Gamers Community Cast #201

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    Join CyberKnight and the Geezer Gamers as we talk about all things gaming.  From the Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii U, to  the Ouya and the Steam Box, we cover it all.  Put the kids to bed and be a part of the show!
    Special thanks to Palette-Swap Ninja for letting us use their music!  Check them out at http://paletteswapninja.com/

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