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  • MEET THE TEAM FROM Equinox Paranormal Research UK

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    Hi my name is angie im part ov equinox paranormal team im 46 yrs old and been going to spirituall church since i was 5 yr old iv not seen a spirit yet but i av seen some crazy things to do with the paronormal
    I have had experienced since a young child. I started feeling and picking up on things at about the age of 7 years. I've seen my fair share of spirits and captured many on camera in the past three years. It's my passion and my whole life I just pass on what I get. I am a medium, empath and psychic and have been reading for people for over 30 years now. I have recently been asked by a spiritualist church to do their Rostrum along side David who is Clairvoyant and clairaudient. . Iove everything paranormal.I have recently done sac  diplomas in parapsycology and mediumship passing with distinction. I am now in progress doing a Demonology Diploma
    About 15 yrs ago I started to watch programmes about ghosts and hauntings and I have been hooked ever since. 2 years ago on February 13th 2015 I started to go on ghosts hunts and I love every minute of it then not long ago I got the chance to join Equinox Paranormal Research UK and the rest is history.
    Been in the paranormal over 40 years investigating. I am clareaudiant and clairvoyant. I joined equinox 3 year ago
    Hi I'm steve 44 years old I've always sensed and seen spirits from being young but just thought nothing of it until I had a ready off a psychic who toms me I had a gift and I should use it so I looked into it some more and started going to a spiritualist church and going to open circles where the messages started following through.


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      Educator - Mary helped institute and develop one of the first Paranormal Studies Program in the country that is taught at an institute of higher education. As a paranormal educator and innovator she now teaches 4 different metaphysical, science, and cultural based paranormal studies courses, as well as workshops at various colleges and institutions in the Chicagoland area. Mary also lectures at events, libraries, and conferences on how the sciences, including physics, neuroscience, and cultural anthropology relates to paranormal phenomenon.

    Investigator & Researcher - As a paranormal investigator and researcher with over 20 years’ experience, Mary is the founder and director of The Paranormal MD Investigations a scientific and technology based group located in northwest Illinois that always keeping abreast on the latest scientific developments. The Paranormal MD is not limited to ghosts & hauntings. They delve into all fields and aspects of paranormal phenomenon including ufology and cryptozoology. Keeping in mind the process of the scientific method, they always test their theories, and search for, and document any “cause and effect” relationships. Simply put, we run experiments, we observe, test, look for correlations, and document it. .
    Author -Continuum, currently has a projected release date for July 2017. It is a sci-fi fictional story involving time travel. She is also working on a nonfiction book, 
    TV & Film – Mary has appeared as a guest on Quest, a PBS talk show, Dark Coffin Classics, as well as has been featured on several other shows and TV news stations.


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    Robb Demarest: Robb Demarest hails from Albany New York, and is known for his no nonsense approach to paranormal investigation. Robb likes to keep it real, in life, and in ghost hunting. His years of experience have seen him develop his own distinct approach, but Robb is not set in his ways, and strives to improve not only his ghost hunting technique, but himself! The evasive nature of paranormal investigation fuelled Robb's desire to become involved in the field at an early age Best known as the lead investigator on the television documentary series Ghost Hunters International, He has created new equipment to aid in paranormal investigation and been the ‘voice of reason’ calling out those who fake evidence, this has led to Robb having a strong standing in the paranormal community and a large legion of fans across the world. Robb hopes to push the boundaries of current knowledge in the field, approaching the mysteries of the paranormal with his own brand of open-minded scepticism and his ‘no fear’ approach.
    Lorelei Blondel founder and Lead Investigator of Nevermore Paranormal raised in Chicago but spent a lot of time in her 20s and 30s traveling and investigating all over the US. Mainly in the southern states of Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. Her interest in the paranormal began around the age of 13 when she never could figure out why strange things were happening around her due to paranormal activity(specifically hauntings) and to her since she was very small and at that time her irrational intense fear of the dark beginning at the age of 2 that would cause severe anxiety. She began to study and research theology, the paranormal, history,parapsychology, archaeology,world religions,science and anything else she could get her hands on trying to find the answers.


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    Ami Green (The Ice Queen) is founder of paraNOLA from New Orleans. 
    Ami will give a closer look at the much debated most haunted city in the country and why not have a experienced investigator from right in the heart of New Orleans so we bring on founder of ParaNOLA team Ami Green and she will tell us all we need to know about this historic haunted area.Ami will be sharing her knowledge and terrifying experiences so tune in and if there is anything you want to know about New Orleans AMI WILL ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS


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    Scott Mardis has been an active field investigator of the Lake Champlain “Monster” since 1992. He is a former sustaining member of the defunct International Society of Cryptozoology and a former volunteer worker in the Vertebrate Paleontology Dept. of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences (1990-1992). He co-authored a scientific abstract about the Lake Champlain hydrophone sounds for the Acoustical Society of America in 2010. He currently lives in Bradenton, Florida. Rare Gulf Goblin Shark 

  • Within The Chaos Special Guests Gavin Kelly & Paula Purcell

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    Paula Purcell, I have been a history geek my whole life. I love digging up the past way before I got into the paranormal world. I got into the paranormal field about 4 years ago. My first encounter is when I was a child.  I take passion in what I do. I take hours sometimes days and weeks to find the stories and histories of our future investigations. Gavin Kelly, HOST and Lead Investigator for Amazon’s new Original Series “the Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown” TV show. Season 1 will be released Oct 31st, 2017, and Season 2 will be released Feb 27th, 2018, we are currently filming Season 3. I am also a signed country artist with Mirror Image Records,  Nashville.TN I’ve been involved in the music industry for quite some time now. Released my debut album back in  July 2011 in Bedford Indiana. Born in Southern California, Pasadena, I was bitten by the acting bug during high school. Had the opportunity to act in two HBO short films and a couple of public service announcement commercials. On to the paranormal side of my life. I never knew in my wildest dreams I would become friends with Aaron Goodwin from Ghost Adventures and Brad Klinge from Ghost Labs.Amongst others in the Paranormal field. Working alongside the best of the best in the business has helped me gain the knowledge to pursue this endeavor. I started my group “Phantasmic Ghost Hunters” From that moment on we have investigated Thus far right now we are currently filming season 3 for Amazon Market Media, Going to locations such as Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Ashmore Estates, Bobby Mackey’s, USS Lexington, The Malvern Manor, Hotel Metropolitan, Edinburgh Manor, St. Albans, The Monroe House, The Hindsdale House, US Marine Hospital, and the Wheeldon Manor. Still learning as we go.