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  • 5 Circles of Sexuality

    in Health

    Our guest is Alexandra T. Milspaw, PhD, LPC, Counselor & Educator, Certified Master NLP Practitioner and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist.  
    Alexandra and a team will be presenting a day long conference at the Upcoming October 2015 IPPS Conference in San Diego  In this show we will get a preview of some of the information that will be presented.   

  • The Benefits of the Avocado and Growing it in your Garden.

    in Health

    Now is your time in starting your own indoor/outdoor garden. The good thing is that you will have a community of gardeners,   helping  you as your garden grows. Networking with gardeners who grow vegetables,fruit's, herbs, flowers and plants in container  indoor/outdoor.  Wouldn't be wonderful harvesting abundance of produce 365 days a years and networking with our families and friends.
    Growing avocados in your garden and understanding the many benefits.

  • Orlando Natural Championships

    in Fitness

    CareGiverStory.com is proud to interview as our special guest —Roody Exantus, and his fitness business partner Ian Beason owners of ChestOut LLC, an athletic apparel Company. 
    Bio: Roody Exantus was born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti.  Roody his bachelors degree in Marketing from Florida State. Soon after graduating UCF, Roody began a new chapter in his life by winning several body building competition including, Florida State, Mid Florida, and Europa Championships. In 2010, Roody took 4 years off from competing to focus on becoming an Orlando Firefighter. In 2013, Roody started ChestOut LLC, an athletic apparel Company. In 2014, Roody returned to the stage with a vengeance, and became one of the faces of MuscleMania when he won his first pro show at MuscleMania worlds in Vegas universe and winning his first pro show in Vegas. Roody's philosophy of God first, family and friends has contributed to his success.  
    Bio: Ian Beason was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica.  He earned an Electrical Engineering degree from Florida State University.  Ian entered his first fitness show last year at Fitness America in Miami.  Ian contributes his success to God, his family, his two friends Roody and Corey. Ian is motivated by fitness because he sees how it changes people’s lives for the best. He loves to hear people take control of their lives because they want to live a long and happy life.

  • How to Diagnose & Treat Lyme Disease Naturally

    in Health

    Recently, I've started muscle testing my clients to see if their bodies have been exposed to Lyme and surprisingly most of my "chronic and should have gotten better sooner" folks are testing positive! But lyme disease is tricky. Those who have been diagnosed with Lyme often go through months of misery and misdiagnosis before finally realizing they have Lyme. With the rising numbers of those now being diagnosed with Lyme, it's important to begin taking a closer look at this debilitating illness to learn how to catch the warning signs early and how to treat it quickly.
    I've invited an Lyme expert Dr. Steven Davis to come on my show to chat about:
    Why is Lyme so difficult to diagnose and (treat even with Antibiotics)?
    What symptoms are the biggest indicators that someone has Lyme?
    Are antibiotics a must in treatment? Are there more natural options to balance the energy so that the immune system works better to kick out the pathogen?
    What protocols can be used to treat Lyme?
    To learn more about Lyme please visit http://drddc.com/pages/video31.html
    *Don't forget you can tune into the recording any time after the show airing!

  • AIDS Walk Los Angeles

    in Health


  • The Truth in Medical Healing

    in Health

    All about health and Medical healing, prescriptiions drug adverse events, antiaging,The effects of acidosis on health and well being.

  • "Sistahs Coping" A Conversation with Tara Jones

    in Health

    As we continue our conversation on health we take a look at our emotional health. Our Day to day routines  force us to deal with how we handle some of  life’s many challenges, from how we build relationships, to how we recover from setbacks. Like our physical health, our mental and emotional health requires that we take the same amount of care. The loss of a family member can be very unsettling, especially when it is an untimely death. An unexpected death can shatter our world as we know it, and it is often a loss that does not make sense. But how do we cope, what are the steps that we take in order to “make our lives whole again?” Joining me for this conversation is Tara Jones, an author, motivational speaker, whose passion is empowering girls and women. Her current project, a booked entitled, “Sistahs Coping”, focuses on African American girls and women whose fathers have been murdered. The book opens the conversation to the therapeutic resources, as well as the first step to promote public awareness of the lasting emotional, economic, and social effects that are often overlooked amongst African American women due to the abrupt deaths of their fathers.  
    Join us as we discuss the upcoming book, and Tara shares some insight to the project, and the stories of “Sistahs Coping…”

  • LIVE! Cathi---Resignation Letter-More is Less!

    in Fitness

    AH, it's time for you to take your leave, RESIGN from your job and you won't be leaving on good terms.  You've been subjected to harassment and other unfair treatment and have anxiety attacks about being terminated.  Don' want to pursue legal route, you just want out and retain whatever integrity you can and believe it or not, it's your direct manager who has been mistreating you.
    Sound familiar, first don't use your resignation letter for GETTING IN THE LAST WORD.  Not a good idea.  Keep your resignation letter short and sweet.
    Give adequate notice...etc.
    "This job is not an ideal fit"...etc.
    Express some aspects of the job you've enjoyed...etc.
    You've learned a lot...etc.
    Examine your motives carefully...etc.

  • Michèle Lefevre de Yogamrita

    in Health

    Michèle Lefevre de Yogamrita

  • 8/11/2015 - Meet new Wisconsin EMS-Trauma Medical Director Dr. Suzanne Martens

    in Caregiving

    Ou August 11 live show begins at 9:00 a.m. central time.
    From 9:00 to 9:20 a.m. meet Dr. Suzanne Martens, new state EMS/Trauma Medical Director.
    Then from 9:20 to 10:00 a.m. we open the phone lines to take your questions and talk about items important to EMS in Wisconsin.  There's plenty to talk about, so let's have a conversation!
    The dial in number to listen to the live show or speak with the co-hosts and guests is 646-929-1081.  Also, listen on any internet connected devise and email question sor comments to wisconsinemslive@paaw.us.