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A Fine Time for Healing

A Fine Time for Healing


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Internet Radio Show Host, Life Issues Counselor and Author Randi Fine Discusses Helpful and Inspirational Wellness Topics,Bringing Insightful and Expert Information to Heal and Enhance Your Life Experiences. Offering You Top Experts in the Field of Spiritual Enlightenment,Mental Health, Emotional Health, Physical Health, and Holistic Health.

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Today's special guest, Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham considers Ashwagandha to be ?the king of herbs? because it effectively addresses so many of the pressing health concerns that impact us today. In addition, this complex botanical containing diverse active constituents, has been used safely for thousands of years in Ayurveda and Unani medicine across the Indian subcontinent. And its traditional uses are corroborated by dozens of human clinical studies. ?Among the approximately 7,500 plants employed in the world's most ancient system of health care, Ashwagandha root sits at the top of the pile, in popularity, in benefits, and in status as a health-imbuing herb of inestimable value,? says Kilham. ?It is called a rasayan, a life-extender, and is revered. The root and its extracts, rich in a group of novel natural compounds called withanolides, also demonstrate a high degree of safety. One Indian medical doctor said Ashwagandha is the one plant that he can give to anyone, in any condition, without concern.? Chris is Explorer In Residence for Purity Products, a collaboration that brings to market health-promoting herbal concepts that Chris supports. These products are largely based on his findings on botanical expeditions. Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter, author and educator. The founder of Medicine Hunter Inc., Chris has conducted medicinal plant research in over 45 countries. Chris works with companies to develop and popularize traditional plant-based food and medicinal products into market successes. Chris is also currently the Brand Ambassador for KSM-66 Ashwagandha, the finest Ashwagandha root extract in the world. KSM-66's certified organic, whole ashwagandha root extract sets the high bar for traceability, manufacturing excellence, superior composition, and clinical studies.
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