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  • How to make peace with sleep – even if you're dealing with chronic pain.

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    Dr. May Caprio and Linda Cundiff will unlock some mysteries and myths around sleep. How can we get better sleep, even if we're living with chronic pain? We'll find out the answers to these questions and more on June 3, 2015 at 3pm.
    True or False?
    1.  The more sleep I get, the healthier I'll be.
    2.  Waking up at night means that I'll be tired the next day.
    3.  Snoring is common and totally harmless.              
    4.  It's important to always keep track of how much I sleep.
    5.  Pain increases the amount of time in Stage 1 light sleep.
    Dr. May Caprio is a registrant of the College of Psychologists of British Columbia providing psychological services for the Pain Program at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria as a member of the interdisciplinary team.  She has practiced in the area of pain management, neuropsychology and brain injury.  She has been a consultant in private industry, providing psychological assessments, individual psychotherapy and marriage counselling, and has given presentations on sleep, memory enhancement, stress management, and optimal performance.
    Linda Cundiff is an Occupational therapist and co-leader in the sleep and pain program working with the RJH Pain Program. She has been an occupational therapist since 1982.  It is a privilege to work in a field that is practical, holistic and client focused.  Linda has worked with Royal Jubilee Pain Program since its inception 8 years ago and has developed and integrated many programs that clients request, and sleep is definitely one of those.  Linda is currently working on the PainBC pain champion program for occupational therapists in the province.

  • Rachel W, Pituitary Interview

    in Health

    Part of Rachel's bio: "It’s hard to say when my exact “journey” began with what we now know is Cushing’s Disease.  Both my Mom and my doctor believe I’ve had this for years, when I started having period problems, migraines and unexplained weight gain in high school.
    I can safely say that I started really noticing/documenting this last round of health issues in the spring of 2007.  I can remember my first doctor’s visit regarding the onset of this in spring 2006, but the majority of my health issues really began a year later.  I’d always suffered from migraines, but only around my menstrual periods.  I took birth control to help with that, and it also helped regulate my periods for the majority of my adolescent and young adult life."

  • Radio Show: The Invisible Universe in Your Body

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    In this show you’ll learn:
    What are some things you might experience when your digestive bacteria are out of balance The difference between finding the balance of bacteria for you vs. just taking probiotics Some ways that bacteria can get out of balance in the first place Background and guest information
    Next time you are trying to decide what’s for dinner, consider that you are eating for two. You and your gut microbiome.
    The bacterial community in your colon is home to about 100 trillion bacterial cells; there are about 10 times more of these bacterial cells than there are human cells in your body, and they represent a vast number of different species.
    Join Dr. Ritamarie and Steph Jackson as they discuss how to keep your microbiome mass of bacteria happy.  Gut microbiomes that contain healthy, inflammation-reducing bacteria could help reduce the risk of a myriad health conditions: cancer, heart disease, and infection.

  • This Week's Guest is Transformational Psychotherapist Penny Cohen

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    Transformational Psychotherapist and Author Penny Cohen joins us this week on The Best Years in life Radio.  Penny has been counseling, lecturing and conducting workshops nationally and internationally at professional conferences, universities, and organizations on personal,  relationships, career, spiritual development and on Kabbalah for the past twenty-five years. Join us this week as we talk about subjects that challenge individuals today.  Among topics that we will discussing is feeling alone in a crowded society.
    During the first half hour, Tony will go over additions to our website and will talk on the health topic of his choice.
    During the second half hour, Luella will talk about maintaining emotional wellbeing.

  • From Fear To Faith ( A Survivor's Story) With Matt Talford

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    Matt Talford, author of " From Fear To Faith"  visits Perfeclty Healthy And Toned Radio
    At the age of 37, in peak physical condition and at the height of his corporate IT career, Matt seemed to have it all: a lovely wife, a high-profile career and active involvement in the community. But over a span of about eight months, he went from playing daily tennis matches and running 12 miles a week, to barely being able to climb a flight of stairs; and just weeks after his 38th birthday, he received a dreadful diagnosis that would forever change his life.  From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story, is an inspiring tale of how one man battled courageously against unfavorable odds to overcome a rare and deadly form of cancer.  In From Fear to Faith, author Matt Talford takes you on a journey through his personal war on cancer and shares the physical, mental and spiritual tools that inspired him to reverse what he referred to as “a slow death,” and how he courageously fought to overcome a dreadful condition that to this day, he refuses to take ownership of, choosing the words, “I was diagnosed with…” as opposed to “I had…”

  • This Week On Conversations In Care

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    This week on Conversations In Care we bring you the a way for you to help protect your loved from financial fraud with a unique innovation in financial services that affect seniors.  Kai Stinchcombe, CEO of True Link will share with us how they can help families.
    Slam Dunk for Diabetes a basketball summer camp for kids with diabetes is around the corner and Monica Joyce, Executive DIrector and Diabetes Educator of Slam Dunk along with  Bridgette Koselke registerd dietician and Diabetes Eductor, will join me in conversation. 

  • Urban Therapy with Sun #135 Lose Weight And Get Healthy Or Bust

    in Health

    Who doesn't want to get their weight to a manageable level and stop getting sick all the time? Who doesn't want to look great in their clothes and receive compliments wherever they go? Who likes to spend hours in the mirror obsessing about what to wear and how it really looks to others? Who doesn't want to wipe their minds free of insecurity and self-doubt? Would you agree that most people want to eat the right things? Why do people really make excuses for eating a lot of unhealthy and non-nutritional foods? Is it simply because they taste good or is there a deeper reason at work? Is it true that some people are too embarrassed to workout in front of others so they either just keep living in an unhealthy way or they try more dangerous weight loss methods so they can look good enough to go to the gym? Are there support groups for that? Is there help? What kind of help is there available? This Wednesday we will have Linda Smith of Linda's Vegetarian Village (6381 Germantown Ave Phila, PA 19144) on hand to assist us with some great information about Healthy and tasty vegan meals, healing herbs and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how it can be achieved without sacrificing taste or time.
    Make sure you check this show out. Your life could depend on it and it does.

  • Pilates Progressions Program Q&A

    in Fitness

    This is a live questions and answers time for Pilates instructors. Everything you wanted to know from how to handle a specific client to that variation on an obscure exercise will be answered by Katrina Foe, 2nd generation Master Pilates Teacher Trainer.

  • Fresno Homeless Speaks Out With The Blues

    in Health

    Epiosode #2 - Homeless Vetrans  

  • Celebrating Life with Institute for Cancer Care at Mercy Medical Center

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    Yes, the Institute for Cancer Care at Mercy Medical Center will host a Celebration of Life for cancer survivors and we will be talking about the fun, the party, the entertainment as Mercy celebrates survivorship on National Cancer Survivors Day on Sunday, June 7.
    Join Anna's Journey live show or listen to the show's podcast for replay.

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    Vestibular Rehabilitation

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    June 4, 2015: Falls are one of the leading causes of injury for older Americans, and vestibular system disorders are a leading cause of balance problems, which often lead to falls.
    In this episode of Move Forward Radio, a physical therapist describes not only how our vestibular system works but also how problems with the vestibular system can be treated through physical therapy. He also discusses how vestibular rehabilitation is a rapidly evolving, even being offered to elite athletes who rely on balance to perform on the field of play.
    Subscribe to Move Forward Radio podcasts on iTunes.
    To learn more about balance problems or conditions like vertigo, visit MoveForwardPT.com.