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People have heard about brain injury but they really don't think about until it happens to them, which at that point it is all they or anyone they know can talk about. It is a sinister injury that can change everything in a blink of an eye, and as it goes on misunderstood the dark side of a person a new person starts to emerge, spouses suddenly in a relationship with a stranger, even the survivor does not know themselves. Lost alone and frightened learn about it before it’s too late, before it can take you or a loved one’s life away forever, the more you know the better you will be. You are not along there are millions of us among you. We represent over 70% of those in prison and even more of the homeless. Together we can stop the devastating effects of this sinister injury that can last a life time. One that is big business over 75 billion a year, where the rich control the destiny of the lost for a buck. Let us make a world where we are accepted not jailed or isolated, empowered not controlled. One where we embrace this new person to be a better, braver, strong more creative and productive part of society.

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Courtney Clark joins me again. this time to discuss her book, "The Giving Prescription: A Personal Plan for Healing Through Helping." Since Courtney's life was derailed with her brain injury, she has focused on how to not only heal herself, but also to lend her learning through her speaking engagements and her books. Courtney Clark was fighting a diagnosis of cancer when her doctor found an arteriovenous malformation in her brain. An AVM, a tangled mass of blood vessels is congenital, meaning that it is present at birth. It is likened to a time bomb and can rupture at any time. Courtney immediately found the best surgeon in the US and set off for New York City. In tonight's show, Courtney will talk about her experience and how she became a motivational speaker to help other folks. Every TBI survivor and caregiver has encountered a fork in the road that has diverted his or her life-plan. A car accident, a fall from the roof, doing one more chin-up, or a door literally slamming one in the face are just some causes of traumatic brain injury. College plans, walking down the aisle in the perfect dress, or the coveted job quickly slip from reality as dreams turn to struggle. These unexpected life-happenings that divert one from his or her chosen path in life can be devastating. But as Yogi Berra once said, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it." Life is all about choices! To learn more about me, please visit my blogs and websites: Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury Blog: survivingtraumaticbraininjury.com donnafigurski.com Author of Prisoners without Bars: A Caregiver's Tale Donna's Blog: donnaodonnellfigurski.wordpress.com
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Please join us for great guests, loads of jokes and fun, and of course the great information you get from BIRN Internet Radio. Blogtalkradio Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/braininjuryradio Call in number: 1-424-243-9540... more

Tonight on Continue Mission with James McCormick Captain US Army Retired and Army Veteran Richard killblane discuss the economy and whats happeing in the world today and how this effects veterans, families and all Americans.

My guest tonight will be Ronald Kratz, master of the arts, cycling expert, and brain injury survivor.

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All of a sudden, anyone who is connected to a Brain Injury, their life becomes a little MoCrazy. A Brain Injury does shut some doors, but it also opens doors. This show will be talking to survivors, caregivers, therapists, anyone immediately... more

Please join us for great guests, loads of jokes and fun, and of course the great information you get from BIRN Internet Radio. Blogtalkradio Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/braininjuryradio Call in number: 1-424-243-9540... more

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