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  • Choose Happy - Get Empowered Today

    in Lifestyle

    Why do you keep doing the things you do? Let's figure out how to get into the driver's seat of our own happiness.

  • The LOA Blend with Alyssa & Liz

    in Spirituality

    The LOA Blend with Alyssa & Liz: One Part Numerology, One Part Channeling, ALL Intuition!
    Join your favorite intuitive numerologist Alyssa Banguilan and your favorite intuitive channel Liz as they discuss life and Law of Attraction with you and the Universal Energy Radio community.  Please call in with your questions and include your name and birth date; Alyssa & Liz will offer their insights and positive feedback....and just tell it like it is!  You can also email your question, name and birth date to LOAblend@gmail.com.
    To learn about our latest blended coaching program, please visit lawofattractionblend.com.

  • "In Other Words…" with

    in Business

    In Other Words…  with host Susan Scher.  Just a little different slant on what you want to talk about.

  • January Jones-Rusty Johnson- 3 Friends One Musical Dream

    in Music

    January Jones-Rusty Johnson-3 Friends One Musical Dream
    "Rusty" Steven Jae Johnson has enjoyed life as a musician, an actor, a screenwriter, and now as the author of “Walk, Don’t Run: A Rockin’ and Rollin’ Memoir.” He and Academy Award Winner Edward James Olmos have enjoyed a forty year working relationship. 
    They met in high school when they were both young musicians with dreams of stardom. Their friendship and working relationship has continued ever since. Steven is the archivist of their history as struggling musicians and actors in Hollywood through four decades.
    Steven is the archivist of their history as struggling musicians & actors in Hollywood through four decades.
    http://www.WalkDontRunThe Book.com

  • Lorie Southerland: A Gold Star Mothers Journey, Finding Hope & Healing

    in Military

    Gold Star Mother; Lorie Southerland on this episode of Hope For The Warriors Talk Radio. Lories son was killed while serving in Iraq in April of 2007. We will be discussing the different phases Lorie went through from notification of her son being KIA to the importance of her staying in contact with men from her sons unit.
    We will also discuss those who lost battle buddies, friends or loved ones and the importance staying in contact with our Gold Star Families; and better yet to become involved in organizations positively remembering those KIA. We will be reminding our listeners that the best thing they can do for those KIA would be to live life to the fullest. Those we have lost would want us to enjoy our lives, our families, our freedoms. 
    Our guest, Lorie Southerland is an Air Force Veteran and the Manager of the Ft. Bragg Fisher House. She has been with the Ft Bragg Fisher House since 2008, She is a member of the American Gold Star Mothers, and is active in several local veterans’ organizations. She loves to cook and travel, having been to Kurdistan, Iraq in 2011 on a journey to find peace and emotional healing. 

  • The Mystic's Heart and Soul Sessions

    in Spirituality

    September 8, 2015
    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.
    The Mystic’s Heart with Denise Iwaniw @ 10 AM EST
    Join Denise Iwaniw, author of The Mystic Angels and The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empower Deck for another edition of The Mystic's Heart Show.  This 90 minute show is dedicated to the mystery teachings of the Ancients and the Angelics alike. Denise will spend a portion pulling Empowerment cards for listeners, the broader audience and chat room chatters.  Join Denise for 90 minutes of joyful insights and empowerment!
    Soul Sessions with Sandra Harrick @ 11:30 AM EST
    Soul Sessions is an opportunity to explore personal issues for soulful insights, inspiration and clarity.  Energy when seen with mystical eyes allows you to understand and unravel what has been blinded by life's path being overgrown by Karma, complicated by family of origin dynamic, negativity or just plain confusion.  Soul Sessions offer new light, fresh air and movement into your authentic self.   Choose to be alive in your life.

  • #183 Business & Legal Q&A 09/08/2015 UTLRadio

    in Business

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    UTLRadio: http://www.UTLRadio.com Legal: http://www.peterlamontesq.com Twitter: @pjllaw Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/underta... Tel.: (973) 949-3770 E-Mail: info@UTLRadio.com E-Mail: plamont@peterlamontesq.com

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    Home Front Christian Persecution Next?

    in Politics Conservative

    Today we are joined by a regular guest, Darrell Castle, an attorney from Memphis, Tennessee.  Today Darrell comes to talk with us about the persecution of Christians.  When  you listen to our show,  you will learn some context to better understand where we are today. 

  • The Free American

    in Education

    The NWO I have warned you about for 20 years is rapidly approaching. This is nothing less than the same Communist System that has killed more than a billion people in Russia, Cguba and dozens if other counties around the world. That is why, inaddition to my guests, I put on shows with the history you can't get off your TV. Makes a donation here: www.freeamerican.com - for libraries www.crdouglas.com - to order my books or films www.shop.freeamerican.com

  • THOE Presents Prophet Gary Burpee

    in Spirituality

    The House of Ephraim Show

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    in Lifestyle

    What does the phrase "Beauty is More Than Skin Deep!" mean?   Have you thought about the impact beauty has to your every day living?  Do you notice beauty in people, art, nature?  What makes us beautiful?  What makes us ugly?  Why is this such a hot topic?  It is a hot topic because we don't teach this in school!  Let's talk about what isnt' taught in school about beauty so that we can share this secret with the next generation to end oppression of all children.
    Shhh... no, go blab this to everyone!