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    in Fashion

    Beauty and fashion industry veteran, Maile Pacheco, is beGlammed's ethnically-diverse, female Founder.  An expert makeup artist by trade, Pacheco's proclivity for customer service and sales drove her success into a management role at MAC Cosmetics for over 7 years. While there, she also held roles in corporate sponsorship and marketing before launching the company's first-ever Artist Relations Specialist division.  After pioneering the division for MAC, Pacheco disrupted the beauty industry once again by pairing the hair and makeup freelance industry with a new, on-demand distribution model. It empowered the predominantly female entrepreneurial industry with a new pipeline for business, while democratizing looking and feeling beautiful for the everyday, busy women with convenient, at-home beauty services at affordable prices.  As Founder of beGlammed, Pacheco plays a pivotal role in brand creative direction, long-term business strategy and execution - including scaling the company to 23 markets nationwide in two short years - and as subject matter expert in the industry. Maile is currently an advisory board member with prestigious makeup schools such as, Makeup Designory (M.U.D), Elegance International Hollywood School of Professional Makeup, and L Makeup Institute in Las Vegas.

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    in Comedy

    In the midst of her "BEAUTIFUL" world tour, Margaret Cho will stop by Olivia Wilder Times with her own inimitable brand of humor. Famous comedienne, bestselling author, television and movies - she does it all. We'll talk about her new TV show on VH1. CHECK PROFILE PAGE FOR VIDEO. Chat will be open at least 20 min. prior to show. Pre-register as a listener to interact in chat. No calls will be taken during interview due to time constraints. ***MATURE LISTENERS ADVISORY-(Language)

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    Bette Davis: Tribute to a Great Star

    in Movies

    Film critics Diana Saenger and James Colt Harrison drop by Movie Addict Headquarters to salute Bette Davis, one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood history. Davis received two Oscars for her extraordinary work in Dangerous and Jezebel. She became known as the intense actress who could play a variety of strong and complex characters. The Internet Movie Data Base lists 124 acting credits for this remarkable star. That list includes such diverse films as All about Eve, Now Voyager, The Letter, The Virgin Queen, A Pocketful of Miracles, Mr. Skeffington, Dark Victory, Dead Ringer, The Catered Affair, Hollywood Canteen and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? An example of the enduring interest in Bette Davis, Feud -- FX’s new limited series -- focuses on her stormy relationship with Joan Crawford. Susan Sarandon portrays Davis, and Jessica Lange plays Crawford. What inspired casting!  Saenger is the founder of Classic Movie Guide and Harrison is a film historian who contributes movie commentary to a variety of outlets including Classic Movie Guide and Review Express. This episode is dedicated to Robert Osborne, the wonderful host of Turner Classic Movies who passed away on March 6, 2017.

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    Radio [itvt]: Showrunner Panel at TVOT SF 2017

    in Television

    Radio [itvt]: Showrunner Panel at TVOT SF 2017: Ronald D. Moore, William N. Fordes, John Cabrera
    [itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT SF 2017 panel session, "World-Building Showrunners: Creating and Promoting Genre Content in the Multiplatform Age." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:
    "The present era of multiplatform television, widely considered to be a golden age of high-quality content, relies heavily on world-building by innovative and often experienced showrunners.    Conditioned by exposure to increasingly well-realized TV worlds, from the sci-fi/dystopian/futuristic to the challenging realities of American cities, audiences have high expectations of content worlds and the writers who create them.    This panel will feature renowned sci-fi writer and showrunner Ronald D. Moore (Star Trek TNG and DS9, Battlestar Galactica, Outlander); The Man in the High Castle Co-Executive Producer William N. Fordes (Law and Order); and ascendant digital showrunner John Cabrera (H+: The Digital Series, August One). It will be moderated by [itvt] columnist, Lisa Crawford.   Topics of discussion will include: How TV creators have planted the seeds of a future that sometimes (at least partially) comes to pass--in culture, technology, or in other ways; whether world-building has evolved at the creative and management levels, affecting the approach to storytelling and writers' rooms; and what it's like to engage with fans across platforms, and respond to their expectations, as the master of a particular world.

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    The Diva of Days of Our Lives Does the Emmys

    in Television

    The Diva of Days of Our Lives and friends discuss the 2009 Emmy awards after the show airs. This is our first blogtalkradio episode.

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    TOMMY MORRISON Last Audio Interview RIP

    in Entertainment

    Former Boxing Heavyweight Champion and star of the hit film "Rocky 5" Tommy "The Duke" Morrison passed away last night, 9/1/13.  We had the pleasure of conducting what we believe to be the last audio interview with Mr. Morrison. 
    Tommy Morrison 1969-2013  Rest In Peace.
    On August 11, 2011,Tommy Morrison joined the Gang at Matty P's Radio Happy Hour in what still stands out as one of the most infamous interviews in show history. Hear Tommy discuss going from 8th grade drop out to Toughman Contest fighter to Professional boxer.  Listen to the inside stories from the set of Rocky V,  including how Tommy broke a stuntman's orbital bone by accident and learn just how much Tommy got paid for his role as Tommy "The Machine" Gunn.  Tommy talks about his boxing career and his path to becoming World Champion.  How close was the rumored fight with Mike Tyson?  Tune in and find out. 
    After a career retrospect, the conversation drifted to strange territories, with Tommy discussing how he believes telekinesis was responsible for the Egyptian Pyramids, his believe in the human ability to re-grow limbs and his claims that he had TELEPORTED himself!  Despite being diagnosed as HIV positive, Tommy Morrison was adamant that he did not have the disease and that the disease DID NOT EXIST!  He also made the claim that Magic Johnson was not HIV positive and claims that Magic was paid 60 million dollars by pharmaceutical companies to say he had the disease!  The 73 minute interview gives a very fascinating look into the mind of one of the most controversial men in boxing history.

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    Vampires Don't Eat: the film, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

    in Television

    In this episode, Ashley and Joel discuss the film, Interview with the Vampire: the Vampire Chronicles starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst and Antonio Banderas. We also discuss some recent news on the production of the Vampire Chronicles TV series from Anne and Christopher Rice. Find all our episodes at http://articulatecoven.com and join our coven on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/articulatecoven/

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    The HOROKANE Hour hosted by Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane

    in Radio

    Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane are “The HOROKANE.” They transform the world’s worst news into the greatest opportunities for spiritual evolution, geopolitical transformation, and economic solutions.
    Rebuke facism and violations of the U.S. Constitution, by tuning in and spreading the “Great News” that is inspiring a spiritual renaissance.
    "THE ANSWERS to the world's greatest problems are reflected in every blade of grass broadcasting 'Medicinal Music,'" says Dr. H.  He and Kane are Big-Pharma's leading whistleblowers. They explain "the only way out of the 'mess' we are in, characterized by mass poisonings and plagues, is best evidenced by the '528LOVERevolution."
    Make and share "Medicinal Music" on their 528Records.com. Enjoy it on 528Radio.com, allied with LNMNetwork.com.
    Dr. Horowitz shatters the medical paradigm with the evidence of treason, and delivers the natural healing understanding, products, and practices consistent with what Jesus preached, Native elders used, Oriental wise men taught, and Levitical priests practiced.Psychosocial analyst Kane pulled the veil off of the FBI/CIA Drug-cartel’s COINTELPRO and “Controlled Opposition” hierarchy, and exposed the bad guys creating the world’s worst nightmares.
    Together “The HOROKANE" output the world’s most powerful messages of hope in the face of despair, with Divine revelations and solutions for what is crippling humanity, intoxicating environments, and destroying future generations, placing civilization on the verge of extinction.

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    Coco Tiffany Cartier will speak all things Barbados this Friday, Aug. 12, 2016

    in Radio

    TODAY we will speak with Queen Coco aka Coco Tiffany Cartier.  She will speak about her attempted robbery, abduction and her time in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  Also, we will talk about the LGBT community in Barbados and Barbadians' attitudes/reactions and their dispositions in the face of injustices.
    Coco will join us on NakedDepartureRadio from time to time as her schedule allows to speak her mind.  We will talk candidly about all things Barbados and why it seems as though Barbados is being pulled back in time and the comfort of its people to let it be so. 
    Show Host: Sheri Veronica.  Website: https://nakeddeparture.com.  Email: nakeddeparture@gmail.com 

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    Hot Seat

    in Entertainment

    Nothing like some questions..... that you dont see coming .... that you're not prepared for just raw answers truthful and gritty no matter the topic. The Hot Seat is just that. This has the potential to be intense....... gripping.... damn near soap opera like at times keeping you guessing what the next question will be. You dont wanna miss this episode riveting and powerful to say the least