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    FATHERHOOD: The Journey

    in Education

    C.h. Cooper, late 20s, will take us on his emotional journey through fatherhood from first knowing to visitation to custody and onward...

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    Fatherhood Is Alive and Well

    in Dads and Family

    Join host Kelly Galea for this episode of Power Up Living as she interviews fatherhood expert and author, Hogan Hilling.

    While collecting stories from active, involved fathers for “Dads Behaving Dadly” co-authors Hogan Hilling and Al Watts discovered the claim made by the National Fatherhood Initiative and others that “Fatherhood is in Crisis in America” is disingenuous. While it is true there are absent and irresponsible dads in America which causes many difficulties for their children, the greater truth Hilling and Watts discovered, is that most fathers are present, responsible and very involved parents. Today’s responsible modern dads far outnumber the dads who are not involved in their child’s life.   The Dads Behaving Dadly book proves “Fatherhood Is Alive and Well!”

    Join us live to learn more about the truths, tears and triumphs of modern fatherhood.


    About our Guest

    Hogan Hilling is a dad to three children, the author of six parenting books, fatherhood expert and has appeared on Oprah.  Hilling has co-founded and helped establish several fatherhood networks in the USA since 1992.  He is also an expert on creating father-friendly environments in the community and available as a speaker.  Hilling and Dadly book co-author, Al Watts, have started a “Fatherhood Is Alive and Well” campaign.  Hiling lives in Orange, California.

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    in Family

    Fathers contribute to the well-being of their children and female partners when relationships are healthy and loving. Yet research indicates that in high conflict relationships when fathers are abusive to their female partners and/or their children, victims suffer short-term and long-term physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual affects of the abuse. Even during separation and divorce, abusive fathers may still have contact with their former partners and children because the courts, mother, or children choose it. What should our helping systems consider in order to protect and support women and children when domestic violence occurs? What can be done to encourage healthy, non-abusive behavior among fathers with a history of violence and abuse? 

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    in Christianity

    This edition of the O.W. Prince Ministries Broadcast features a segment from a live recorded message that was delivered on Father’s Day 2014.  It examines the divine nature of Fatherhood and Manhood. 

    There are a few bonuses to today’s broadcast but you will have to listen to discover them. 


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    Fatherhood Buzz Live Broadcast

    in Lifestyle

    Today's show is about engaging fathers in the community by offering tips and solutions for healthy communication as well as offer viable co-parenting strategies

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    Fatherhood: Encouragements for Fathers

    in Family

    The life coach, John Davis Marshall, along with other spiritual minded people of God, discuss how God seeks to manage masculinity. Individuals and groups have their views of family. Most often, the view is a “law” view. Even, the most conscientious compassionate ones host a law view of family. God has a view. Always, His view is a “grace” view. And as always, His view is the best view. Join with us in a discussion forum of life-enriching topics that will help us to manage mascilinity according to a grace view. Indeed it is true, a better you begins with a grace view of God!

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    Domestic violence and Fatherhood II

    in Family

    A Personal Testimony of Abuse and how the actions of the Father affected the Son.

    After the testimony, guidance will be given on the important role of Fatherhood.

    And, what can be done to encourage healthy, non-abusive behaviors from sons

    who have lived with domestic violence.

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    Fatherhood Going Deeper (Encore)

    in Entertainment

                                                               ~HAPPY FATHER'S DAY FELLAS~


    Fatherhood: a culture that seems to have separated from its roots and lost its sense of being. With the rise of single parent homes, men appear to be fulfilling the role of sperm donor. Despite all the conspiracy, real men and fathers do exist. Join host Anah Mae in this episode of M.A.N. M.A.D.E. RADIO as shes goes deeper into the term fatherhood. Is our generation lost...and if so can it be found?



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    The decline of fatherhood and the male identity crisis

    in Family

    America is rapidly becoming a fatherless society, or perhaps more accurately, an absentee father society. The importance and influence of fathers in families has been in significant decline since the Industrial Revolution and is now reaching critical proportions. There has been a "progressive loss of the father's authority and diminution of his power in the family and over the family."

    "If present trends continue, "the percentage of American children living apart from their biological fathers will reach 50% by the next century." "this massive erosion of fatherhood contributes mightily to many of the major social problems of our time...Fatherless children have a risk factor of two to three times that of fathered children for a wide range of negative outcomes, including dropping out of high school, giving birth as a teenager and becoming a juvenile delinquent." 

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    #101 Fatherhood Research & Practice Network - Rebecca Kauffman

    in Education

    The Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) Program is the largest school based father engagement program in the nation with over 4000 schools participating.

    Each week, WatchDOGS Radio host Keith Schumacher and co-host Chris Danenhauer discuss how this program is impacting families and schools across our nation and in four foreign countries.

    The Fatherhood Research and Practice Network (FRPN) is a five-year national project funded through the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation. The goals of the FRPN are to:

    Promote rigorous evaluation of fatherhood programs that serve low-income fathers. FRPN will fund the evaluation of programs that aim to increase paternal engagement and parenting skills; improve fathers’ ability to provide economic support; and increase parenting time, father-child contact, positive co-parenting and healthy relationships.
    Expand the number of researchers and practitioners collaborating to evaluate fatherhood programs through in-person and virtual trainings.
    Disseminate information, including new evaluation findings, that leads to effective fatherhood practice and evaluation research.

    This project is led by Jay Fagan, Ph.D., professor of social work at Temple University and founding editor of the journal Fathering, and Jessica Pearson, Ph.D., director of the Center for Policy Research in Denver, Colorado. FRPN also includes a steering committee and four workgroups consisting of 40 leading national fatherhood researchers and practitioners who help guide the direction of the project.

    Please join our audience and call in with your questions and comments.

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    Healing As Regards Family and Friends & Fatherhood

    in Christianity

    May we all live each day as if our last and as the gift it is. May we each place God first, and slow down to enable ourselves to see the Face of God in others, especially in our family members, and be thankful for them. 


    The father of a family is indispensable. He leads and serves. He is the head of the family, but in the sense that he is the head to the degree that he serves and sacrifices. He is the living, active image of Christ on the cross to his wife and children.


    “Husbands should love their wives just as Christ loved the Church and sacrificed himself for her to make her holy” (Ephesians 5:25–26, JB).

    The Church proclaims the profound truth that marriage is indissoluble. Like Jesus, whose bride is the Church, we are called to stay with our spouse until death. This commitment becomes attainable with the graces that are always available from the Sacrament of Matrimony.

    If God asks something of us, He always gives us the help we need to complete our mission. We need more finishers in the world. Jesus did not desert His mission when the going got tough. He expected it and embraced it. Marriage can be challenging in many ways. What would we think of a soldier who enjoyed the benefits of being in the military during peacetime, but who deserted at the first sign of battle? 

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