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    Breaking the Panel Ep 93 – “Mark Hamill’s Meet”

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    Welcome Panelteers, we’re Breaking the Panel! Charles, Paul, and Chris bring you the humor, the fun, and the ever-evolving conversations you’ve come to expect. First, we’re gonna spend some time talkin’ Lego Dimensions and how it stacks up against other toys-to-life. It’s another giant sixed episode as we’re joined by the incomparable TV’s Casey Stroz! We find out that inhumans come from all walks of life and their inhumanity comes in gradients. From those Inhumans that appear on ABC, to those that enjoyed the movie Constantine, to depths with those that prey on Hollywood talent; we’ll talk about them all. Chris Wayback-jacks Peabody and Sherman to travel back to 1996 to see how FOX’s Generation X compares to ABC’s Inhumans  Hulu announces a sizeable price drop, but will their promotion have customers running away from the competition? Casey drops some New York Comic Con insight on us and y’all just need to have a listen, sugah.  Then we are presented with the stark numbers of Blade Runner 2049’s opening weekend box office performance and discuss why it happened and what it means. All of that and more on this week’s XL episode.
    Be sure to check out Breaking the Panel for full show notes, links, and our archives!
    Hosts: Charles McFall, Paul Klotz, and Chris Wisdom Guest: Casey Stroz Producer at Large: Mike Woodard Publisher:  Chris Wisdom Breaking the Panel is brought to you by the Giant Size Team Up Network

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    Owen and Beru's BBQ: Ep. 1.04: "The Second to the Last Jedi Trailer"

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    The grill is fired up as Chris, Nick, and Matt stew over the most recent Last Jedi trailer that aired during Monday Night Football. Find out what they thought as Nick breaks down the trailer's scenes. Chris points out the concentration of a Jedi master is strong, #forcepoop TheForceIsWellDone@gmail.com
    Tweets on twitter @OwenandBeruBBQ Pics on Instagram @Owen_and_Beru_BBQ

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    Episode 7: Witches' Herstory: the persecution, the killing, the burning.

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    Grab your Halloween chocolate and listen to Heather explain all the things about the fun parts of being a woman in the early modern era (like not being allowed to do or say anything ever because anything can be suspect and you’re gonna get killed). Featuring merry tales of persecution, killing, burning and castration anxiety. (Yay) Also: fitting the theme of castration anxiety and misogyny, you’ll learn a binding spell against trump, which should be part of anyone’s magical survival kit, so listen to this. You’re welcome.

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    NYCC '17; Pacific Rim 2/Netflix Dark Trailers; Blade Runner Et al.-TheGrind 6pm

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    Listen to a new episode of The Grindhouse podcast, thanks to the good folks at Afronerd Radio-airing this Sunday at 6pm.  Check out your favorite podcast "Planet Express" crew members (the "uncanny" Daryll B., left cost correspondent Claire Lanay, Dburt and Capt. Kirk) as they wax about the following pulp data this week:  we take a vist to NY Comic Con '17 and discuss some of the highlights; the Pacifc Rim, Marvel Runaways and Dark (Netflix) trailers hit not only NYCC but the cyberwebs; thoughts about Netflix' highly anticipated Punisher being removed from NYCC in deference to last week's mass shooting in Las Vegas; Blade Runner: 2049 premieres this weekend and we give our first impressions;  in nontroversial sports news-NY basketball's prodigal son (sort of...formerly of the Knicks and now with the Brooklyn Nets) gets critiqued for cultural appropriation for his new dreadlock hairstyle and NC Panthers' QB Cam Newton loses cred for his sexist comments toward a female sports reporter;  and in channeling his Blade Runner work, author Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams gets the streaming treatment, courtesy of Amazon;  a Marvel retailers' breakfast held adjacent to events at NYCC turned ugly over complaints of "females" amd diversity initiatives as sales purportedly plummet; a trailer showing the Atom (Ryan Choi) in the Injustice 2 video game hits the interwebs;; ihirst impressions of FOX' The Gifted;  Christopher Meloni (Man of Steel, Law & Order) and Patton Oswalt team up for SyFy's Happy; the MarySue highlights Asian girl heroes in a number of 2017 films;  And lastly, DC's Doomsday Clock marks the return of the Watchmen into continuity.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

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    The Red Pill podcast #47- Nice, Turkey, Race Wars,Sanders,Pokemon & more

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    Joseph Peterson is back with new co-hosts, Ian T. and Crystal from "We are Change". We discuss the Nice attacks, the failed Turkey coup and looming Race War in the US. We also talk about Bernie selling out (maybe), the 3rd party choices and how the masses are too busy chasing Pokemon while the World is in chaos and the NWO is taking over.
    www.truthisscary.com facebook.com/Truthisscary @Truth_is_Scary Youtube TruthisscaryTV Blogtalk- Tisnetwork Wearechange.org 

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    Come Get Sum Extra: Scientology LIVE! With Fiona O'Leary!!

    in Pop Culture

    Fiona and I cover it all! MMS, Fair Game, Autism, Mace Kingsley, Purification Rundown,(Name Your Sexual offender Petitions) ? Yep! All here!
    Follow Fiona on Twitter: @fionapettit71
    Fiona's blog: https://fionaolearyblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/11/three-dangerous-cults-working-together/
    Protest Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1906840806249670/?

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    Heroes in Vegas, skinny model bans and banana costume drama in best of DJV

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    Doug, Jen, Victoria and Cara talk about the tragic shooting in Las Vegas over the weekend, and shine a light on some of the heroes who put themselves in danger to save the lives of those around them. They lighten things up a bit with news of some big drama surrounding one of the biggest Halloween costumes this year, and learn about a new French ban - on skinny models!! Costco is ready to help out in the next natural disaster with a pricey survival kit and Jen and Victoria give the lowdown on the biggest news from the sports world involving new helmet testing in the NFL to prevent concussions. 

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    Craziness About Online, Sequels But Not, And Some Pet Peeves of Digital Content

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    On "Altered Geek," Steve sits down and talks about the disturbing Screen Junkies news this week, as well as some more uplifting news on TV and Film, Rotten Tomatoes Critics and Reviewers Scores, Pet Peeves, Revival Series, Issues with Digital Content geared towards toddlers, and the future of the GCRN. All this and more on Altered Geek!
    We're now sponsored by GameFly and LootCrate, listen for details.
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    Keith Roth , Musician , Radio Personality and much more!

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    For the past 10 years, Keith has been a producer at Sirius XM satellite radio. He coordinates rock icon, David Johansen’s “Mansion of Fun” weekly radio show, in addition to being an on-air personality for the “Hair Nation” and “Ozzy’s Boneyard” channels. Keith is also the co-creator and host of the “Electric Ballroom Radio Show", a rock n' roll specialty program that's been airing weekly since 1998. It is broadcast on 95.9FM in New Jersey. The show has received wide acclaim for its' impressive roster of guests (Joe Strummer, John Paul Jones, Brian May, John Entwistle, Alice Cooper and literally hundreds more) and Keith's knack for coaxing intimate, revealing interviews from its' high profile guests. This is in no small part due to Keith's profound love and encyclopedic knowledge of music and pop culture as well as his experience as a musician himself.A creative workaholic, he is also co- creator /Producer of Main Man records, a Red Bank,NJ based record label. Working with a wide range of artists from rock legends to up and comers, Main Man is currently preparing it's fiftieth title for release.As a musician, Keith started in Bad Biscuit, an influential punky, hard rock band, regarded by many as ahead of its time.The band was managed by Bon Jovi's BJM company and the band warmed up the crowd for the stadium rockers in 1995.Following this in 2005, Keith formed Frankenstein 3000, of which he is the singer and primary song writer.The band has had a rich history and is getting ready to launch their 8th album.Keith has also enjoyed a storied career as a session musician, performing with rock notables Cheetah Chrome, David Johansen,Silvain Silvain, Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow, Cherie Currie and Earl Slick to name a few.

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    Episode 16: Top Horror Comics To Read For Halloween & Royal City #6 Review

    in Pop Culture

    Welcome to the sixteenth episode of the Comic Show by Monkeys Fighting Robots! Halloween is right around the corner, so we're talking Top Horror Comics of all-time! That means we're talking Locke & Key, Swamp Thing, Walking Dead, and so much more. Then we take a trip back to the 90's in Jeff Lemire's Royal City #6 and review the start of a new story arc.
    Buckle up, True Believers! Episode 16 of the COMIC SHOW by Monkeys Fighting Robots is here.
    03:55 - Top Horror Comics To Read For Halloween
    46:10 – Royal City #6 Review Anthony - 4.76 Monkeys Matt - 4.25 Robots
    Thank you for listening!
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    RI: Prime #010 - Eustace Conway's in the House (Pt.2)

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    Headlines: Heinz Sriracha Ketchup Is Coming To America (HuffPo)
    Chocolate snorting device offers new way to cocoa 'high' (Telegraph)
    Sling TV now available in the US, AMC, coming soon. (The Verge)
    History Rewind: 2/9/1974: Paul McCartney & Wing’s ‘Jet’ enters the pop charts. 2/10/1974: Carole King’s ‘Tapestry’ is released. 2/10/1978: Van Halen releases their self-titled debut. 2/9/1981: Phil Collins releases solo debut, ‘Face Value.’ 2/10/1996: Chess World Champion, Garry Kasparov is defeated by IBM’s ‘Deep Blue’ computer. 2/8/2004: Outkast becomes the first hip-hop act to win a Grammy for Album of the Year
    Born & Died:
    2/11/1947: Derek Shulman (Gentle Giant) (b) 2/11/1962: Sheryl Crow (b) 2/12/1971: Carrie Lamb, Noted podcast host on Rogue Intel (b) 2/11/2012: Whitney Houston (d)
    Topics of Discussion:
    We finish up our interview with Eustace Conway, from Turtle Island Preserve.
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    Winners of the Week: Maxwell Morton, from Jeannette, PA. (