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    The Story of Ashley (Part 3)

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    Wrapping up my life story so that we can move on to what we really came here to do in the New Year!! 

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    Lost Arts Radio Show #210 - Special Guest Alexis Baden-Mayer

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    How does the USDA's National Organic Program use its definition of words to determine whether organic food remains free of synthetic ingredients? Most of us don't even think about this issue, and instead just assume if a food in the store is labeled as "organic," that's really what it is and we don't have to worry about it containing synthetic or toxic ingredients. Recently I saw a great article on the subject by OCA attorney and political director Alexis Baden-Mayer on this important subject. Organic Consumers Association ("OCA") is particularly focused on promoting "regenerative agriculture." This is a form of food production that creates rich, living soil ecosystems and healthy environments, instead of the destructive health effects and pollution that typically come from the use of conventional, toxic chemical-based agriculture.
    USDA is one of the biggest promoters of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and even GMO seeds and crops on the planet. I have met great and very sincere people working in the USDA organic program. But it is important to realize that at the top levels, USDA officials are not running the organic program because they want to replace chemical agriculture with something safer and better at producing healthy food. It is far more likely that their motive is to get all those who want to eat organic food trusting USDA organic certification, and then to quietly undermine their definition of organic step by step until it is essentially the same as food grown with chemicals. Organizations like OCA are watchdogs committed to not letting that happen.
    This Sunday, meet OCA attorney Alexis Baden-Mayer, and learn the good things that are happening with the National Organic Program, her view on whether eating "organic" under their current definitions is still a good idea, and the work that still needs to be done to keep organic certification meaningful.

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    Special Testimonial Tuesday with Athletes using BEMER

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    This is a Tuesday you won't want to miss. We have a great line up of athletes using BEMER and how it has enhanced their performance and recovery.

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    In this episode of Hallway Conversations, Epilepsy.com Editor-In-Chief Dr. Joseph Sirven interviews  Dr. Robert Fisher, Director of the Stanford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Stanford University Medical Center regarding the new Seizure Classification System.  This new system replaces the current language used to describe seizures medically.

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    Your 2019 Astrological Forecast with Maya White!

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    You’ve been waiting for this! Your Astrological forecast for 2019. Bring in the New Year and celebrate the first day of 2018 with Maya White astrologer and astro-cartographer. Maya will give us the astrological forecast for all of the signs of the zodiac. Find out what the stars have in store for you for 2019. Everyone knows Maya – she’s a frequent guest on Caroline’s show with her weekly Starcast. Maya joins us for the full hour! The interview will focus on a light-hearted, and in-depth look at your astrological sign. Enjoy! www.mayawhite.com
    Monday Night Teleconferences are on hiatus for the Holidays. Join us again live on Monday, January 7, 2019 when Caroline hosts your January Meditation! You can listen to all archives, by topic:https://www.carolinesutherland.com/teleseminars-archive.cfm
    I’ve been a Caroline Sutherland fan ever since the first moment I met her in the ’90s. In fact, she fulfilled a dream of mine. At our first meeting, Caroline looked at me, clearly saw my deficiencies and nutritional needs, and on the spot designed a special plan for my particular body. I felt understood for the first time."- Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life

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    Restoring Minds - A podcast for those with Avoidant Personality (Avpd) & Related

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    Restoring Minds
    A Class/Podcast/Radio Show for those with Avoidant Personality (Avpd) & Related disorders.
    Avoidant Personality (also known as Avpd) is like a burrito. Cut it open and inside you will find;
    Depression Social Anxiety Fear of Rejection Fear of People Feeling inferior to everyone Self hatred (Which leads to cutting, suicide, and more) Being overly Sensative to Criticims and most every other phobia there is. For a more complete description, please see our web site http://avoidants.org. Avpd is a very serious and highly complex disorder that effects millions of people all over the world. It does not care what race you are, if you are male or female, how much money you make, or even how old you are. This makes Avpd one of the most debilitating disorders known to man.
    Yet, there is little known about Avpd. Even professionals cant tell you what causes Avpd. According to professional organizations, there is no cure for Avpd or any of these other symptoms. The only glimmer of hope they can offer is endless therapy that will cost thousands of dollars and even then wont cure you.
    All of the drugs on the market, that supposedly help with these symptoms, can actually make your symptoms worse and can even lead to suicidal thoughts.
    I am here to tell you that Avpd and these other conditions can be cured!!
    My name is Phillip Dacus. I have Avpd, but I have found healing from it.
    Join me every Sunday for discussions, answers to questions, live chat in our chat room, and guests speakers

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    Preparing for and Surviving Disasters!

    in Health

    Natural disasters, financial crisis, world economic depression, global climate change, there are multiple aspects of our world that are in a crisis point and most area's of the world are experiencing challenges.
    Being prepared is vital for your family and can also help your community.
    This episode we will go over the basics of what to have and how to survive disasters.
    Don't miss this lifesaving episode!

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    A Discussion about the NCSBN, Boards of Nursing, and More with Cathy Borris-Hale

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    Host Windy Carson-Smith talks with Cathy Borris-Hale, Nurse Specialist for Discipline and Practice for the DC Board of Nursing. Ms. Borris-Hale talks about the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) where she is a Director-at-Large on the Board of Directors. The discussion touches on the NCSBN, state boards of nursing, medical marijuana, the Nurse Licensure Compact, international regulation, and what nurses should know about the NCSBN. Mentioned in this episode are the NCSBN website, the American Cannabis Nurses Association, and Nursys.
    Ms. Borris-Hale recieved a master's degree in Healthcare Administration from Bellevue University. She began her nursing career as a staff nurse at Provdence Hospital in Washington, DC in 1981. Since then she has served as Director for Nursing at MedStar Manor, Clinical Director for Sub-Acute Services, Director of Nursing for Medical Geriatrics, Stroke, and the Express Admissions Unit, as well as Vice President and CEO of a District of Columbia Hospital. In 2018-18 Ms. Borris-Hale was appointed to the first NCSBN Medical Marijuana Regulatory Guidelines Committee.
    The Let's Talk Podcast covers clinical, legal and regulatory topics of interest to both the employed and the entrepreneurial APNs. Let's Talk is a product of Carson Company, a nursing consulting firm. Please visit carsonco.net for more information, or visit our Facebook page.

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    Intuitive Eating and Diet Rebellion with Dr. Kerri Fullerton

    in Health

    “New Year New You” advertisements have started. From gyms to weight loss programs to your friend on Facebook who’s following a new “lifestyle” plan. There’s plenty to choose from: vegan, paleo, keto, Mediterranean, gluten-free, low-carb, low-fat, high-protein… What are you supposed to do? What are you supposed to eat? Who are you supposed to be listening to?
    During this show, we’ll touch upon
    Food addiction Weight loss studies Solutions for sustainable health
    Dr. Kerri Fullerton is an Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance coach, as well as Naturopathic Doctor. Kerri has been helping women escape the confusion and sense of defeat that comes from chronically battling their body and their food. She helps them find peace and power with their food and their bodies so that they can live their healthiest and happiest life. What she’s most passionate about is raising a generation of girls that don’t look to their bodies for their happiness, self-worth or confidence. A generation that will use their minds and money to change the world instead of their bodies.

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    The Long Term Recovery From Traumatic Brain Injury With author Deb Brandon

    in Health

    DEB BRANDON is a weaver, respected textile artist and enthusiast, and writer. She’s been an active volunteer with Weave a Real Peace (WARP), including serving multiple terms as a board member as well as writing the long-running “Textile Techniques from Around the World” column for the WARP newsletter. Brandon is a popular speaker on textiles and other topics. She’s an avid traveler and has competed nationally and internationally in dragon boating, and she’s been a professor in the Mathematical Sciences Department at Carnegie Mellon University since 1991. Her other books include the memoir “But My Brain Had Other Ideas,” and her essays have appeared in several publications, including HandEye Magazine and Weaving Today.
    Find her books on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2L4lI2V and https://amzn.to/2Pr3mKj

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

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    Ask the Mentors Episode
    Mold Illness Workshop added to the FDN Conference The benefits of joining the AFDNP Association Addressing Lyme, will FDN come out with a module that addresses this specifically? Working with clients Type II Diabetes, testing and protocols. Caller: How to deal with HIPPA when doing FDN with clients? Client Case: Female with super dry skin and drinking a lot of water, any recommended diet and testing?

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