Parkinsons Recovery

Parkinsons Recovery


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Information, resources and support for persons with the symptoms of Parkinson's disease who are looking for natural and safe ways to find relief from their symptoms

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Judith Lynne convenes a fascinating program on "The Healing Medicine of Spiritual Practice". Judith has invited three colleagues who share an appreciation for the benefits of spiritual practice as an important part of a formula... more

Glen Pettibone started developing Parkinson's Disease symptoms in 2008. In 2011 he was diagnosed. It was going fast and he could not tolerate most of the drugs. In January of 2013 when off meds due to food poisoning, he shook so... more

Are you SUFFERING from drug side effects? Are you taking MULTIPLE DRUGS? Are drugs INEFFECTIVE for you? Are you searching for ways to redue the dosage of your medications? David Overton, PA-C of Natural Medicines &... more

What does dopamine depletion mean? What are the symptoms? What organs are affected? How do you manage dopamine depletion? What is the dopamine challenge test? Can labs test for dopamine depletion? Physician Assisant David... more

Wednesday's show is a recording of Lexie's latest Sunday Connections show which aired on Feb 2. Lexie, will be answering listeners' many questions regarding her remarkable 5 year experience of taking Low Dose Naltrexone for her own... more

Naturopath Tim Shannon from Portland Oregon provides an overview of Parkinson's with a look at the basic physiology. This will make it easier to see how some solutions may play a part. He discusses some studied treatment... more

Holistic Health Practitioner Barbara Frank discusses how she came to realize that Parkinson's disease is a result of many factors. The main factor according to her empirical findings is a parasite that eats away the nervous system and critical... more

The effect of Parkinson's on the voice has been in the news spotlight recently due to Linda Ronstadt's recent revelation of her diagnosis of PD and her report that she can no longer sing. It is devastating for anyone, let alone a... more

As both a psychotherapist and a long-term yoga teacher, Barbara Gage takes an integrative approach to her life's professions, often combining both practices to help her clients achieve optimal mental health and physical well-being. On sale... more