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    118 Dr. Doni Wilson- Returns To Discuss The Thyroid, Adrenals, Stress & MTHFR

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    Shares Her Thoughts About Discuss The Thyroid, Adrenals, Stress & MTHFR
    Join co-hosts Danna & Tiffany as they talk with special guest for the 2nd time on the show, Doni Wilson, Naturopathic Doctor. She helps thousands of patients optimize their thyroid function using her health formula: genetics plus stress exposure equals health. After experiencing and recovering from hypothyroidism herself, Dr. Doni wrote a book called "The Stress Remedy.” She redefines stress to include food sensitivities, infections, toxins, elevated blood sugar, and lack of sleep and how to reverse it.
    This amazing episode brought to you by, ThriveProbiotic.com
    We'll be talking about:
    Her story  MTHFR and methylation Stress Adrenals Invisible stressors Thyroid Adrenal distress and genetics It's going to be a wonderfully, informative, enlightening and fabulous show, JOIN US!! Also, please check out our Radio Show Facebook Group, Hashi's & Graves. We share about that weeks' guest and offer support for those that need it. It is a great, informative group!

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    Flu Vaccine 2017 is it safe, effective, and necessary or toxic, dangerous?

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    The Flu vaccine is recommended for every American from age 6 months old for their whole life. The flu vaccine is require for work in the healthcare fields since 2010.
    Is the flu vaccine safe and effective and based in science?
    This episode we will explore the science and the "why" behind the forced vaccination of our population without informed consent .
    Don't miss this life saving episode!

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    Adoption 101

    in Health

    Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit discusses the basics of Adoption.
    Creating a Family has many free resources related to this topic on our website at www.CreatingaFamily.org.
    Please leave us a review on iTunes. Thanks.
    Facebook share: https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=https%3A//creatingafamily.org/adoption-category/adoption-101-2/
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    Show Highlights: https://creatingafamily.org/adoption-category/adoption-101-2/

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    #051: Emotional Self-Healing - Torea Rodriguez

    in Health

    This week's podcast guest - Torea Rodriguez, FDN and Transformational Coach - joins us to talk about all things self-care and the emotional sides of healing.
    We discuss the concept of 'sleuthing out' your own treatment protocols in tandem with the guidance of a health coach, the importance and art of listening to your own body, and how to face your demons.
    Also covered on today's show:
    - The N=1 study in YOUR health
    - Finding an accountability partner AND facing your fear of judgement
    - Planning your nutritional and lifestyle progress for best results
    Hosted by David White of Authentic Wellness Radio
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    The ADHD Lizard Brain: Preyed Upon by All

    in Health

    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) isn’t a deficit of attention but rather a self-regulation issue. It challenges those with ADHD because they must effortfully engage the executive functioning brain to override the automatic brain, the primitive brain, the “lizard brain” as marketers call it. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews Alan Brown, advertising executive with ADHD and the founder of ADD Crusher (http://addcrusher.com) and CrusherTV (http://crushertv.com). They discuss ADHD and how your lizard brain falls prey, hunted by politicians, the media, and corporate America and how each exploits your self-regulation challenges for their own self-interests, including how they hijack your amygdala and control your decisions in a programmed way, selling you what doesn’t work and then selling it to you again and again and again. Most importantly, they share brain hacks and attention exercises to reclaim control and tame your lizard brain. If you often get buyer’s remorse, make decisions impulsively, or wonder how you get into such messes, this is the show that could change your future.
    Attention Talk Radio is the leading site for self-help Internet radio shows focusing on ADHD and ADD, including managing symptoms of attention deficit disorder, adults with ADD, or adults who have children with ADHD. Attention Talk Radio, with host attention coach Jeff Copper, helps adults and children (particularly those diagnosed with or impacted by ADD in life or business who are stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated. It helps them get unstuck and moving forward by opening their minds to pay attention to what works. Attention Talk Radio host Jeff Copper is an ADHD coach. To learn more about Jeff go to www.digcoaching.com.

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    Current Practices in Concussion Management

    in Health

    Host Nikki DiSalvio, MS, SPT is joined by content experts Dr. Anne Mucha PT, DPT, MS, NSC and Dr. Karen Skop, PT, DPT to discuss current practices in concussion management ranging from screening tools, prognostic factors for recovery, and recommendations for clinics that are interested in starting a concussion program.

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    Laser Therapy as Treatment for Parkinson's Symptoms

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    Dr Gair will be sharing the exciting new studies that show how cold laser therapy can be beneficial for patients with Parkinson's in various stages of the disease. Cold laser, also known as "photobiomodulation", is beneficial by stimulating improved function of the mitochondria, stimulating neuronal stem cells, increased ATP production, increasing brain derived neurotrophic factor, dampening inflammation, promoting nitric oxide and glutathione production, modulating immune activity, and slowing the progression of the disease. The best thing about this therapy is that when the appropriate laser is used there are virtually zero side effects, and it can be part of a program of functional neurological rehabilitation under the care of a trained professional or can also be done at home by the patient on a regular basis. This therapy can also be used preventively in patients with a genetic predisposition for the disease as well.
    The device, XLR8, uses two laser diodes and was developed by Erchonia, a leader in developing low level laser technology as treatment for various medicial conditions.There is a $1000 discount to the laser if, when ordering, you tell the agent your have been referred by Parkinsons Rrcovery.   

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    Ask Jon 110

    in Health

    Ask Jon shows are like private, call-in radio shows where you ask questions and get answers. These are free-form calls and anything goes. Having trouble growing wheatgrass? Ask Jon! Struggling with an abusive boss or a career you hate? Ask Jon!

  • 02:58

    Church of the Essene Teacher Call-In Show #41 - 10/14/17

    in Health

    Church of the Essene Teacher is a new project of Lost Arts Radio, started the last day of 2016. At the end of the Essene period, about 2,000 years ago, a great teacher was talking to the Essenes, and others who would listen, about who they really were, exactly how they could wake up from their trance and reconnect to their Source, the one we call "God" or "Spirit." I want to share memories and the energetic gift I remember from that teacher, with any of you who may be interested.
    It's not a religious show, and everyone is welcome. We can talk about health, consciousness, life, world affairs, whatever we want. My interest is to invite the current of harmony, respect, love and healing back into our world. I want us to turn back from the path of destruction our leaders are pushing us down right now. I know we can do that. There are vast healing energies flowing through us. We have only forgotten. They are now needed again, and it is in our power to bring them back. Maybe some of you would like to help me do that. Our forgotten healing ability and awareness, are the real "lost arts." This show is about finding them again. And using them.
    I want to personally invite you to listen, and participate if you want to. Meet me at www.blogtalkradio.com/lostartsradio, at 9pm EST / 6pm PST time, on Saturday evenings. If you want to call with comments or questions, you can reach the show at 657-383-1002. You can also use that number to just listen. If you miss the show time, you can hear the archives free of charge, at www.lostartsradio.com. But if you make it for the live show, please join me then.
    Richard Sacks, Host richard@lostartsradio.com

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    Why is the Psoas the muscle of the soul?

    in Health

    Your psoas is not merely a muscle. It is the primal messenger from the core of your being. This bio-intelligent tissue expresses your integrity on every level and may be perceived as the guardian of the Hara, commonly referred to as the moving center. Located deep within your core, your psoas is a source of inner power.
    Oftentimes people don't look to re-connect and nurture their Psoas until they experience pain in their back or hips. But tapping into the power of your psoas can lead you to incredible connection with yourself you have never before experienced!
    Join me as I interview author of "The Psoas Book' Liz Koch, as she helps us to rediscover our own Psoas!
    We will be chatting about
    Why this "emotional muscle" is called the muscle of the soul Signs that you need to give your psoas more "love" Some simple self-care approaches for taking care of this important muscle As a doctor and spiritual healer, I am SO excited to have my two worlds so nicely compliment each other in this unique interview!
    Be sure to join us LIVE to ask YOUR questions! 

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    Gardasil: Fast Tracked and Flawed

    in Health

    In Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed Helen Lobato argues that we do not know whether HPV vaccines will decrease the incidence of cervical cancer. What is emerging, however, is evidence of their harmful effects. In 2006, the experimental HPV vaccination program began and there have been at least 315 associated deaths and more than 50,000 adverse events following HPV vaccination.
    Gardasil was fast-tracked through the FDA, a process usually reserved for life threatening diseases to fill an unmet and urgent medical need. Improved living conditions had already reduced the incidence of cervical cancer significantly in Western countries. So why is the HPV vaccine so heavily promoted in Australia, a country with one of the lowest rates of cervical cancer in the world?
    Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed documents the early history of cervical cancer and tracks its progression from a disease of obscurity to one of mainstream prominence. It includes the stories of vaccinated girls and boys who remain ill after receiving a vaccine purported to prevent a disease they were most unlikely to get. It records the voices of dissenters and resisters who call for an inquiry into HPV vaccines approved for use after a relentless propaganda campaign promoting a vaccine against a virus that many had never heard of.
    This in-depth investigation exposes cracks in the pharmaceutical industry and highlights the problems that arise when government regulators and corporate interests are prioritized ahead of patient safety, independent science and common sense

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