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Are You ready to join the Wellness Rebellion? Achieve optimal health and wellness by utilizing the dynamic design of the human body! You are built to be healthy! Don't believe what the "medical model" tells you. Focus on the cause of your symptoms, don't just numb them with a lotion or potion. Dr Bergman reveals natural solutions for chronic conditions in America today. Educate yourself!

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Goals are essential for success If you fail to plan then your planning to fail We will go over easy techniques to plan out your life to achieve your dreams Guest speaker Dr John Dewitt
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Sleep and I mean deep restorative sleep is vital for your body and to reverse disease Learn techniques that are proven to solve insomnia Learn how to regenerate your body when you sleep You will learn the importance of deep... more

Your health is directly related to how you process nutrients This episode you will learn how your body rebuilds your systems and what you require You will learn how the modern processing of foods create disease and starve your body of... more

There is an epidemic or neurologic disease and the environmental causes are being over looked by most health care professionals! This episode you will learn the neurotoxins or "Nerve Poisons" that you are exposed to and how your... more

There is a difference between genetic and genetic expression!! You will learn how most diseases that are labeled "genetic" are Not Genetic!! You are Not a slave to your genes, you will learn how to express or suppress your Genes You... more

Autoimmune disease is the 4th most common type of disease and rising! Autoimmune disease is when the bodies immune system attacks itself!! Learn the factors that cause your immune system to go CRAZY!! Learn how to reset your... more

The human immune system is poorly understood by most health care professionals! Did you know that the main ingredient in most cold medications weaken your immune system and prolong colds? You will learn how most... more

The medical procedure of vaccinations is loaded with controversy This episode we will explore the history of vaccinations We will answer the questions that are in the news today: Do those "anti-vaccinators" pose a threat to those who are... more

Skin is your largest organ! Skin is a window into your health!! You will learn how digestion and toxic exposure is vitally connected to the health of your skin You will learn healthy sun blocks and unhealthy sun blocks You will learn healthy food... more

Measels and the media exposure it is getting today is amazing Should we be concerned and during this episode you will find out the truth behind the cause and the measles outbreak and how to keep your family safe You will learn... more

Skin is the largest organ in the Body! Healthy skin is a sign or great metabolism and health Toxins that you are exposed to can cause skin blemishes and lesions this episode will show you the source of great health expressed through... more