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    Sexual Healing - Unleashing Your Orgasm

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    What is your orgasmic experience? Yes, I'm asking and you can tell alot about your feelings and experience just by how you responded to the question. Do you feel expressive and empowered when it comes to your sexuality or does the idea of this topic make you feel shameful or guilty just hearing the words? In todays show we intend to bring wholness back to the concept of sex and intamicy. Let's face it we all come through to this channel through some form of intimacy or sexual encounter. By bringing light to the topic we empower ourselves to heal and bring beauty into this natural practice. Eyal Matsliah author of 'Orgasm Unleashed: Your guide to pleasure, healing and power' intends to bring pleasure, healing and power back into our sex lives. You can learn more about Eyal by visiting his website intimatepower.com  

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    Self Worth

    in Sexuality

    Know YOUR Self Worth!  Make sure you know your self worth and never let anyone devalue you.

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    Female and Male Erogenous Zones

    in Sexuality

    Women: What if we told you; that famous G Spot isnt the only orgasmic spot in a woman's body. Would you believe us; if we told you there are FOUR places that excites her?
    We will be covering all those orgasmic spots in a women and detailing exactly where they are found inside her Yoni!
    Men: What if we told you; a woman isnt the only one with that famous Goddess Spot (G). You all have one as well. And so many may find this is a spot they could just as well not know about; all we can say is, "If you knew better, you do better!" Would you believe us if we told you men have about EIGHT orgasmic spots that excites him? And men actually think women are more complicatied than them and women only have FOUR simple spots!!!!
    We will be covering all those orgasmis spots on a man and also detailing where they are found! 
    Get your glass of wine, notepad and tune in. We love engaging with our listeners. So dont forget; you would need to call in to ask us a question. You can do this from you mobile or landline. 
    Mark you calendars and tune in for some sexful fun!
    Sexful Wishes,
    S' Lasha

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    Do You Wanna Play .. With Yourself? ~ Masturbation

    in Sexuality

    The BUSH IS S.W.E.L.L.ing SHOW with SpeakerMC and BUSH Wo/Man Present:
    Do You Have Play Dates … for yourself?  Solo Play!!  That’s right Masturbation!!  It is the healthiest thing for you to do.  Don’t believe us?
    Ask anybody, ‘cause 95% of men and 89% of women are playing with themselves!  Yes they are!!!
    Research has shown that whether you’re married or single, this Play Time event is frequented at least once a week by 55% men and 48% women.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of, actually there are so many benefits to it, that it’ll blow your mind!! 
    Choke the chicken, clean the pipes, fapping, whatever you want to call it, Solo Play or Masturbation is a healthy sex act that brings a plethora of wellness to your daily life. 
    Yeah, we have been discouraged from performing this act by religion, by culture, by whatever limiting beliefs.  Today, we’ll help you see the light, that this self-indulgent pleasure is better than a case of vitamins!  Can we talk?    
    Here is where good communication is extremely important.  Yes, the new "self-talk!”   
    Join us for this dynamic, educational, sexy and provocative conversation to learn more about the:
    1 - Definition & Techniques
    2 - Health benefits
    3 - Discuss some of the pros and cons of this Playtime event
    4 – Some Toys for assisting
    SPEAKERMC and BUSH Wo/Man will provide tips and discuss the reasons why you should engage in this practice, daily.
    Join us at 9:00 p.m. EST and Let's Talk: Masturbation ~ Do You Wanna Play … with Yourself?! with SpeakerMC & BUSH Wo/Man
    516-531-9623 or listen online at www.blogtalkradio.com/orgasmicliferadio

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    Primal Attraction: The power of Primal energy

    in Sexuality

    In this episode I will talk about Primal Attraction and how it relates to getting women aroused instantly. Primal attraction is seductive non-verbal and verbal communication that triggers sexual tension in a womans five senses of sight sound taste touch and smell. Primal attraction is the Primal masculine energy that attracts women and on a deeper core level it also emits a frequency to a woman's inboard nature for security from a man. The seven security features are spiritual sexual physical intelligence dependability emotional and Financial Security. So in today's episode I will be going over why guys have the problem they're having attracting and keeping women and the reason for Primal attraction although it's not a magic pill but to akure is definitely gives a man an edge from being ordinary to instantly extra ordinary.

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    How to use Tantra to have better relationships with ourselves & others

    in Sexuality

    First off, what the heck is Tantra?  Maybe they spelled it wrong and they meant "mantra"?  Alas, I have found out they are not the same yet in Tantra they can utilize mantras!
    So instead of us playing guessing games, I've brought on Guest Speaker Aghora Fabrice, to help us out.  He will break down for listeners what the basics are, how it's beneficial in having better relationships with ourselves and others, along with key tips to consider when looking for a Tantra practitioner/mentor.  Plus, how practicing Tantra contributes to our health.
    Aghora Fabrice is a Yoga Teacher (both Tantric & Hatha) along with being a Tantric Massage Practitioner; and is also the Founder & Certified Expert Life Coach at "The Lover in You"...where he focuses on helping men find their purpose in life along with how they can use their sexuality to discover their full potential and experience deep, fulfilling, long-lasting relationships.
    To learn more or to work with Aghora, please visit his website at:

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    The Kissing Diet

    in Sexuality

    Kisses are many, from the most innocent, like the first kiss; To the most passionate, with our gallant, and even the merely formal ones we receive throughout our lives. Kissing is important because it gives meaning to life. A little you do not remember that first kiss they gave you in your life, the one that for a long time was the best and that you look back today and you think that was centuries ago.

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    The Intimacy Chronicles

    in Sexuality

    Join me as Bruno De Gama educates us on how to maintain good health and the impact of good health on Int

  • 01:00

    Controversies w/ Cash

    in Sexuality

    Join us we discuss some Controversial topics w/ Ms Controversy herself CASH! This show discusses a wide range of topics so we're sure that there will be a topic to suite you.

  • 00:59

    Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse

    in Sexuality

    Queen Kirkwood-Hatchett describes what it means to live in fear in torment from past memories of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). But she also knows what it means to survive and flourish after healing. As she reaches out to those who are still hurting and in need of healing, she encourages them to trust in God and know that they are not alone. The speaker will take you on a walk down her road of healing, deliverance, and freedom from a life that was once filled with torment, hurt, and pain