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  • The Power of Music with Eddie Keith

    in Health

    This will be a great time to hear Eddie and listen to his thoughts and ideas about houw music can make your day!

  • Exercise & Diabetes

    in Health

    Have you ever considered that your lifestyle and diabetes are linked? How about exercise and diabetes? In both cases, yes, what we choose to do over the long run and whether we are active or not will effect the risk of developing diabetes. Learn more about the effects of diabetes on our health by attending this month’s tele lunch-and-learn workshop.

  • Future Directions in OCD Treatment and Research

    in Health

    Helen Blair Simpson, MD, PhD, Director of the Anxiety Disorders Clinic and the Center for OCD and Related Disorders at the New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University Medical Center
    Moira Rynn, MD, Director of the Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Pediatric Anxiety and Mood Research Clinic at the New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University Medical Center
    Dr. Helen Blair Simpson and Dr. Moira Rynn will talk about what we have learned so far in clinical research and what we are doing now for the patients of today and tomorrow. They will address what we have learned about biology and the brain mechanisms related to OCD symptoms. They will talk about new research initiatives and will discuss updates on clinical trials that they are currently conducting for adult, adolescent and child OCD patients.
    Contact Information
    For more information on OCD treatment and research opportunities for adults, please visit our clinic website at www.Columbia-OCD.org and our treatment study website at http://ocdtreatmentstudy.com/ or call us at 646 774-8062.
    For more information on OCD treatment and research opportunities for children and adolescents, please visit our website http://columbiapsychiatry.org/pamrc or call us at 646 774-5793
    To listen to any of our previous shows on topics such as substance abuse or child and adolescent mental health go to blogtalkradio.com/columbiapsychiatynyspi 

  • The Conscious Awareness Show

    in Health

    The discussion of the illuminati and the new world order.

  • DSMALive:

    in Health

    DSMALive with Cherise, George and Scott. 

  • #1423 Eating Raw: Debunking the Myths

    in Nutrition

    Raw Food Chef and founder of RawJo, Joanne Raia talks with us about her passion for raw foods and how almost anyone can incorporate raw foods into their lifestyle using simple, elegant recipes that are delicious, easy to prepare and ready to take on the go!

  • The Gluten Free Voice with Jules Shepard

    in Health

    Gluten-free expert, author, coach and advocate Jules Shepard hosts a weekly show offering news, interviews with intriguing guests, gluten-free baking tips and otherwise lively conversation.

  • Holistic Breast Cancer Awareness Ft. Dr. Yew, Sherrice S, Secora H, & Jennifer A

    in Health

    Your #1 source for Holistic Life Style and Talk Radio. 
    Join Conversations With The Queen as we discuss and strategies for prevention, alternative therapies, and healing for breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness has become an multi-million dollar industry; while the numbers of those who suffer from this dis-ease are not informed on the variety of alternative and supplementary treatments available. Call in and share your voice, your info, and your story.

  • Dialysis Talk

    in Health

    Frank discussions with Dialysis patient's, healthcare workers, doctors and clinics about care issues in Dialysis.
    An open forum to help patients and caregivers work together to improve training and the overall health of patients.
    Hosted by: Dialysis Advocates LLC
    15 years advocating, and consulting within dialysis care.
    For more information go to dialysisadvocates.com

  • LIVE! with Cathi---BOO! THE 31ST

    in Fitness

    HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, oh what scary things are seen, witches hats, coal black cats, broomstick riders, mice and rats!
    HALLOWEEN is one of the oldest holidays still celebrated today.  It's one of the most popular holidays, second to Christmas.
    HALLOWEEN has its origins in the ancient Celtic Festival known as Samhain.  It is a celebration of the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture.  This was a time used by the ancient pagans to take stock of supplies and prepare for winter.  The festival involved bonfires that would attract insects to the area which attracted bats.  Masks and costumes were worn in an attempt to mimic the evil spiritsor appease them.
    Celebration of the end of...etc.
    Masks and costumes...etc.
    Evil Spirits...etc.
    Popular in the U.S, U.K...etc.

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    Cross Link Radio on Hiatus

    in Health

    This is the final episode of Cross Link Radio for 2014. After looking over my travel schedule a evaluating a lot of different elements of the podcast I'm going to take the advice of most podcasters who teach podcasting. That is to move the podcast to my own site. 
    After 97,000 listens and nearly 400 episodes on Blog Talk Radio I'll be moving the show to my own website. Look for more information in March of 2015 when we'll relaunch with more new and worthwile content. 
    Stay tuned on America's Dental Hygienist facebook page for updates and information on the upcoming Sugar Show and Fat Show. 
    Hope to see you again real soon. I can be reached at crosslinkpresent@aol.com or on my Facebook personas. 

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