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    Jim Palmer - The Two F Words in Business

    in Business

    Jim Palmer, AKA as 'Captain Jim the Dream Business Coach joins host Denise Griffitts to discuss the two "F" words in business.
    Jim Palmer is a marketing and business building expert and in-demand coach. He is the founder of the Dream Business Academy and Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program.
    He is the host of Dream Business Coach TV, the hit weekly Web TV show watched by thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners, and he is also the host of Dream Business Radio, a weekly podcast based on Jim's unique brand of Smart Marketing and Business Building Strategies. Jim is best known internationally as 'The Dream Business Coach' and creator of No Hassle Newsletters, the ultimate 'done-for-you' newsletter marketing program used by hundreds of clients in nine countries.
    Today he will share:
    How to identify if you are suffering from Imposter Syndrome. What some of the best investments solopreneurs/entrepreneurs can make to get their business to 6 figures and beyond. What are the two "F" words in business? Hint -- they are not what you think they are! What ifs. What they are and how to get past them. Seesaws, Leapfrog and Being Childlike.  

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    The MOBE Daily PowerUp Call

    in Entrepreneur

    Join international high-performance coach, inspirational speaker and former US Naval Aviator JT DeBolt for your daily dose of adrenaline and inspiration to help you rock your MOBE business!

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    Daily Grit: Overcoming Everyday Adversity

    in Business

    Join us on Women Lead Radio as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Leading the Way, has a conversation with Jennifer Leuer, President of Experian Partner Solutions, on the routine challenges that drains us and builds us up.
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    How To Find a Great Rental Property Online – Interview with Maddy Shields

    in Real Estate

    Interview with Maddy Shields sharing a really innovative model for finding rental properties in another state. 
    Maddy lives in San Francisco, California and is a Sales Manager at Roofstock, headquartered in Oakland, California. For the past two years, she has assisted in the creation and management of Roofstock's Sales Development team. She is also the author of blog post "Smart Ways to Save For an Investment Property Down Payment.” On a day to day basis, she is dedicated to connecting with and assisting real estate investors of all backgrounds and locations. She has a passion for all things related to investments and personal financing but particularly Real Estate. Maddy is a San Francisco State alum. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and playing music. Click here to find out more about Roofstock: https://tinyurl.com/REIGRoofstock
    ABOUT MONICK HALM: Host, Monick Halm is the founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses online community and #1 bestselling author of "The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook" and "Wealth for Women: Conversations with the Team That Creates the Dream." She has over 13 years of residential real estate investing experience in single family, multi-family, mobile home parks, and flipping. With her husband and their investors, she owns over 1200 rental doors. She delights in adding value for her investors and tenants through improved management and the targeted remodeling and rehabbing of properties. Her mission is to help 1 million women achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.
    Visit: www.REIGoddesses.com

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    in Real Estate

    Long-time Howard Stern Staffer Erik Bleaman, known to the Stern universe as "High Pitch Erik."
    Artie Lange, Shuli, Stuttering John, Robin Quivers and President Trump will probably not be on the show.
    High Pitch conducts a daily blog documenting his life and reviewing the Howard Stern Show.
    Daily Shows air live at 10:30 AM EST Monday through Friday.  Secret shows air throughout the day.

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    CW 1037 - DEBT, My Favorite Four Letter Word & the Re-Emergence of Wage Growth

    in Finance

    Today's episode is about one short, simple, beautiful word: DEBT. Fresh off reading/listening to George Graeber's Debt: The First 5,000 Years, Jason delves into the subject matter head first, playing some clips from the book and discussing them in regards to today's world.
    Key Takeaways:
    [4:34] The recent history of the rotation of the worst big bank in America, Wells Fargo is currently in the lead and had a computer glitch make hundreds lose their homes
    [10:06] Why the housing market is actually different this time around
    [15:10] Some samples from Debt: The First 5,000 Years
    [25:45] It's incredible how throughout history, conquering nations make money by going in, making "improvements" and forcing the newly conquered people to pay for them, or by making them pay back the money the conquering nation spent defeating them
    [30:05] The 60s and 70s featured a time where America was prosperous and people were getting cost of living raises and , followed by decades of stagnant wages until Donald Trump
    Debt: The First 5,000 Years
    The PropertyCast

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    Amy vs Amy: Recruiter Evaluates Recruiter

    in Jobs

    I posted a request on Facebook for someone to volunteer to be the guest for the last show of the year. Amy Miller (@AlaRecruiter) said in the comments that she would come on to argue with the guest. I picked up on that and began to bill the show as an opportunity to be evaluated as a recruiter by the great Amy Miller. So Amy Poirier volunteered even though she had recently been a guest and Amy Miller just said that she can only stay for half an hour.

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    HRExaminer Executive Conversations w/ Mike Riordan | Dec 28, 2018 - 7AM PST

    in Business

    Mike Riordan is the Director of Sales & Operations for BenefitEd.  Mike helped launch BenefitEd within the Nelnet Innovation Hub and forge a partnership with Ameritas.   He has a passion for helping companies better recruit and retain talent through education benefits. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Franciscan University of Steubenville and an MBA from the University of Nebraska.  Mike spent time in public accounting where he earned his CPA certificate and also spent time in service as a full time job at Boystown. He and his wife took care of high school aged girls who needed out of home placement due to behavioral issues.
    Mike resides in Lincoln with his wife and growing family.  He volunteers with various organizations in his community and is active in his local parish.

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    Yet more evidence that a US Bank Trust is operating under a false name.

    in Finance

    The US Bank Trust, NA as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust, has over the last several years been involved in potentially hundreds of litigation matters, possibly a lot more. US Bank, NA has used many other "master trusts" and other trust names to advance its interests on both the plaintiff and defense side, in litigation all over the country.  
    Today on the Neil Garfield Show we have Bill Paatalo returning to discuss a major legal settlement involving the State of California (through a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Court several years ago) against US Bank, and its web of trusts used to conceal the real-party-in-interest at issue in US Bank foreclosures. See Neil's blog for more info.

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    Auto Dealer Live - Episode 351

    in Marketing

    Auto Dealer Live - Episode 351

  • 00:11

    Can I Make & Sell ___________ On My Hot Dog Cart?

    in Entrepreneur

    Got an email this morning. Instead of just linking them to the learnhotdogs.com blog and the myriad of videos and articles on this subject there, I decided to respond with shotgun type answer which will cover all the ways you can make anything and sell it on your hot dog cart.  But there are rules and ways to do this legally. You know... the right ways. 
    I'll share all those here. 
    Hot Dog Vendor Radio is a show for street food vendors.  We focus on the ongoing training, rules and codes, loopholes, tactics, tips and tricks for becoming more successful with street food vending.
    Leave me a question: learnhotdogs.com/askben
    You can watch live shows at https://youtube.com/benscarts
    Visit http://learnhotdogs.com and find numerous blog articles, a resources page and much more.  
    Come and enjoy, grow your business and share your knowledge at Hot Dog Vendor Radio and Street Food Vendor TV.  
    If you would like to co-host or join the live feed, please email ben@learnhotdogs.com
    Much Love!
    Ben's Blog -  http://LearnHotDogs.com Ben's Live TV Show - http://StreetFoodVendor.TV Awesome hot dog carts - http://hotdogcartstore.com Vendor Accessories and More - http://store.benscarts.com Build Your Own Hot Dog Cart - http://BuildaCart.com   
    Join the fun, be your own boss and make a real income.  
    Grab it free!   http://learnhotdogs.com/getit

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