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    Bank "Witnesses" don't know Jack: "Expert" Computer Screen Readers

    in Finance

    Investigator Bill Paatalo joins Charles Marshall to discuss bank employee weaknesses and lack of credibility in depositions and affidavits.
    Chase bank 'witnesses', and bank witnesses in general, know little about the loan in which they are deposed, beyond what the computer screen shows. Under oath, the bank employee will parrot information the bank's attorney coached them on prior to their deposition. If you are able to drill-down, it becomes obvious that the person 'with the most knowledge', knows nothing regarding the travel of the loan, assignments or current holder in due course. 
    Bank witnesses can provide a balance, the name of the servicer, and who claims to own the note; but know nothing about payment proceeds from insurance/settlements or when the note was endorsed or by who.  The bank employee relies on hearsay and and erroneous information on a screen to foreclose.
    Chase employee Rosemary Martin inundated the court with a ream of mortgage documents and statements that had the appearance of validity, but when placed under oath had no information relevant to the Plaintiff’s loan.  See Martin deposition here.  Even former in-house Chase counsel are oblivious in regards to the operations, documentation and validity of documents. 
    The loans are defective, and only the illusion keeps the ownership facade alive.
    Investigator Bill Paatalo
    Office: (406) 328-4075
    Not legal advice

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    Talking Chatbots With Jonathan Duarte @JonathanDuarte

    in Social Networking

    Michael and Jonathan cover everything you ever wanted to know about Chatbots but were afraid to ask! Talking Chatbots With Jonathan Duarte.   @JonathanDuarte

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    Suze Orman

    in Finance

    It was at Borders Books on Chicago’s State Street where women and men were lined up literally around the corner to get a glimpse at the Money-Making Maven, Suze Orman. Signing autographs, smiling at strangers and shaking every hand that reached out to her made a successful book signing on The Road to Wealth.
    This book hit the New York Times Bestseller’s list within its first weeks release, making Suze Orman a bona fide financial superstar! Suze shared with me, “Out of all the books I’ve written, I’m lovin’ this baby more than any of them! 9 Steps to Financial Freedom hit number one on the New York Time Bestsellers list which was an absolute phenomenon in itself but everybody said, ‘that’s not so hard – anybody can do that if you’re on Oprah 11 times.’ Courage to Be Rich comes out and goes right to number one on the New York Times Bestsellers list and everybody says, ‘oh, that’s not that hard – you had an entire PBS special behind you. Road to Wealth comes out and one week after it comes out without any publicity whatsoever except for 4 minutes on the Today Show which is not enough to make a New York Times Bestseller; it hit the New York Times Bestsellers list within one week! What that says to me is that people are buying me now not being sold to me.”

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    The Truth Train w Liberty Lisa special guest Ken Dost: The Strawman Lives!

    in Finance

    TONIGHT! On The Truth Train with Liberty Lisa Thomas. THE STRAWMAN LIVES! With special guest Ken Dost. Ken has discovered SEC documents proving the existence of the strawman, and has furthermore discovered a way to get control of it yourself. Online at www.blogtalkradio.com/truthemerges or call in at (347)855-8301. 6:00pm to 8:00pm PST / 7:00pm to 9:00pm MST / 8:00pm to 10:00pm CST / 9:00pm to 11:00pm EST.

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    The Millionaire's Pre-Game: Habits + Practices BEFORE Your 7-Figure Rise

    in Entrepreneur

    Ready to crack the code on personal success and happiness?
    Hi, I’m Allyson, affectionately known by my clients as the Profit Accelerator™. But I wasn’t always Queen Rainmaker. I remember what it was like to struggle, hunting for that next sale and always feeling like I was just barely making it work month-to-month. No matter how much I grew my business, my stress never left - because now I just had bigger problems. My revenue systems were broken, and here’s a tip - you can’t grow like this. It becomes nearly impossible to expand. 
    If you want to hit that next big level in your business, you have to make some changes to these three areas:
    1. You must absolutely change how you’re viewing profit in your business  2. You must become acutely aware of your revenue blind spots (where they are and how to find them) 3. You need a step-by-step-rinse-and-repeat revenue model that allows you to (nearly) set your profits on autopilot
    Are you ready to uplevel your business and finally bust through that six or seven figure mark? Hop on board with my Profit Acceleration Day and together we’ll transform your biz into a MONEY-MAKING MACHINE!
    TAKE ACTION: Download our latest entrepreneurial training series at www.7figurerise.com -- available for a limited time. 

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    Show #225: How to Turn the Frown Upside Down Re-Engaging a Disaffected Workforce

    in Business

    Special Guest: Dawn George, Head of Human Resources, Eden Project
    Dawn has been with the Eden Project in Bodelva since 2011 as Head of Human Resources, having relocated to Cornwall to take up this position. Originally from Northamptonshire, Dawn has spent over 25 years building her career in HR and spent 15 years of this in senior management HR roles in the private sector, including 20 years with Carphone Warehouse/ TalkTalk and Aviva.
    Eden is one of the largest employers in Cornwall (outside of Government led organisations), and Dawn has been a key part of the senior leadership team that has taken Eden through a period of restructure to its current position of strength within Cornwall following some turbulent times in 2012/13.
    Eden is now in a very strong position financially and over the last three years this has seen the organisation develop engaging and award winning programmes on site, together with the development of Eden International and a wide variety of educational activities in line with their mission as an Educational Charity.
    The return to success would not have been possible without an engaged employee team. Join us as we discuss how supporting and developing the Eden Team through a restructure and period of transformation has been crucial to their current success.
    Host: Jo Moffatt

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    Pharma 3D

    in Business

    Pharmaguy interviews Brain Fox, Senior Partner at McKinsey, about the new e-book entitled "Pharma 3D: Rewriting the script for marketing in the digital age."
    Topics for Discussion/Questions: 
    Give us an short introduction to the e-book Pharma 3D. Why was this written now? Who collaborated in writing the book? What are the major takeaways for pharma? Explain why you think pharma is not doing enough in digital marketing Is it fair to compare pharma to other, more lightly regulated in terms of marketing, industries? The How-to section is extensive. What are the 3 Ds that pharma markets must know? What are your future plans for the book? Are you hoping to include more pharma-specific case studies? 

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    Melanin Sut Tek Vs Tommy Sotomayor

    in Management

    Melanin Sut Tek Vs Tommy Sotomayor

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    Startup Questions from my MasterMinds Group

    in Business

    How to share equity among startup founders, how to find co-founder (if you truly need one), working for competitors vs partnerships to learn new skills, and many more strategic topics are discussed in this latest MasterMinds recap episode.
    Host of the Master Minds Forum, Scott Fox, discusses the questions recently shared in his latest #MasterMindsOC master minds group meeting for startup founders and entrepreneurs.
    Want to work with Scott to develop your own startup business?  Try the MasterMinds Forum here now.
    If you like this show, please share it on Facebook and/or write a short review on iTunes?

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    Women Winning the Corporate Game

    in Business

    Join us on Women Lead Radio as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Who Lead, has a conversation with Amber Brown, Executive Director of SkinMedica Marketing at Allergan, on how women can succeed in the corporate world.
    Interested in Learning More About Connected Women of Influence?
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    #451 Jonathan Pellegrin Shares the Art of Selling the Family Business

    in Business

    Segment 1: Jonathan Pellegrin is the author of “The Art of Selling the Family Business”.
    Segment 2: Ramon Ray is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and International speaker. He’s started four companies, 1 project and sold one business. Ramon’s passionate about educating business owners and entrepreneurs in how to start and grow their businesses.
    Segment 3: Sonat Birnecker Hart spent over a decade as a full professor in both the United States and Germany, during which she wrote widely on the topic of German cultural history. In 2008, she gave up tenure to found the internationally award winning KOVAL Distillery. 
    Segment 4: Karen Friedman is an executive communication coach, syndicated columnist, professional speaker and author of Shut Up and Say Something. 
    Segment 5: Jason Tan is the CEO of Sift Science, a trust platform that offers a full suite of fraud and abuse prevention products designed to attack every vector of online fraud for industries and businesses across the world.
    Sponsored by Nextiva and Kabbage

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