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  • Innovation at Lightspeed: America's Top Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

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    An overview of the leaders that Lightspeed PR admires, complemented by a summary of the goals - and future guests - for this show.

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    8-3-15 INNOVATION UPDATE: Key Components of Innovation with Terry Wakefield

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    Today's broadcast is yet another podcast in a series of podcasts about innovation in the mortgage industry.  This week we have TERRY WAKEFIELD, President and CEO of The Wakefield Company (TWC), as our guest.  Terry is a mortgage industry veteran with multiple decades of experience as an innovator and entrepreneur.  His experience touches all aspects of mortgage origination, production and servicing, supply chain management, capital markets, strategic alliances, and executive advisory services.  On today's podcast, we will learn about TWC’s Process Architecture tools that have transformative potential when combined with best-of-breed software components.  It was this process architecture that to what Jack Nunnery of Texas Capital Bank, talked about last week where he called on a group of of innovators to help design an exciting new Mortgage Correspondent Aggregation (MCA) platform.  Terry, myself, staff from Loan Logics and numerous others worked wtih Jack on the design of MCA.  The result of that work effort is going to change how correspondent lending is done.   

    Please join me, David Lykken your host & Pres. of TMS Advisors, along with Alice Alvey of Mortgage-U, Joe Farr of MBS Quoteline, Andy Schell of MBS, Paul Muolo of IMF News and Sam Garcia of Mortgage Daily for another informative podcast of Lykken on Lending... created BY mortgage professional FOR mortgage professionals.

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    Rebecca Coelius, MD ONC Medical Officer for Innovation

    in Health

    On a special edition of this week in health innovation at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern on August 1st, 2013 it is our privilege to once again speak with Rebecca (Mitchell) Coelius, MD, the Medical Officer for Innovation at Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, Office of Science and Technology aka @ONC_HealthIT
    For a prior chat with Dr. Coelius  from the Health Datapalooza IV 2013 see: 'The Blue Button Co-design Challenge'.
    Our chat with Dr. Coelius will address the genesis, history and context for ONC's 'Data Access Framewok' (DAF) initiative. For more details see 'ONC Launches Initiative To Boost EHR Data Access, Interoperability.'
    Join us for an informative chat with the ONC's medical officer for innovation!

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    Healthcare Innovation Through The Lens Of Abundance: Ayelet Baron

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    One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is that we are still using practices that are stuck in the 1900s.  Ayelet Baron, Futurist and Chief Instigator at Simplifying Work is our guest today and we are going to take a deep dive into the concept of abundance and its impact on healthcare. Think back to the 19th century, where we did not have enough, and lived in a world of scarcity driven by economic depression and war; we had to take from others and had a deficiency mindset. In the 20th century we reshaped management practices based on scarcity where we needed to compete to survive, and now the 21st century, with a mindset of abundance, we discover unique opportunities to create new markets, products and services. 

    Healthcare is part of the mix because it is scrambling to meet new expectations from the informed consumer.   Organizations that make a commitment to thinking from a perspective of abundance will optimize strategies by collaborating across industry walls and including the voice of the healthcare consumer to continuously generate and manage insights.  Ayelet will share where the concept of abundance is in play and making an impact. Please join us as we put Ayelet in the innovation hot seat





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    The Global Innovation Exchange

    in Technology

    Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) is being funded and built in collaboration with Microsoft. It will pair UW students with international students to form teams. Those teams will work to solve real problems for real partner businesses. Microsoft, which has provided $40 million in initial funding, will be the first lead partner. Join us as we talk about this new game-changing international tech institute in Bellevue which will redefine the region.

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    Innovation and You

    in Education

    In today's frenetic, uncertain world, the same old, same old is routines are perfect ways to go nowhere fast.  What has worked for you before professionally no longer get results. Whether you've been downsized, fired, disappointed, reached the end of a long relationship, or found yourself questioning where you are in life. It is clear you need to change.  

    Rethink Innovation - Believe in yourself

    Rethink your approach - Discover yourself

    Rethink your methods - Build yourself

    Let go of Yourself

    Invest in Yourself

    Rethink the Journey - Be yourself

    Rethink the Journey and take action.

    Zurriane is the host of the show speaker, author and teacher.


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    Creativity & Innovation: Brain Storming 101

    in Self Help

    Odds are you've participated in a Brain Storming session or even tried one solo with some degree of success.  That is to be celebrated!  The world is changing so fast. It is imperative to harness your own genius while tapping into the collective intellect in the organizations you serve. Innovation is the name of the game in every facet of your life. Businesses are competing with a globe full of entrepreneurs. Faith based institutions long to share their message.  And educational institutions desire to share, teach, and empower people far and wide. To take on these causes, creativity is key!  

    In this episode, Nicole Greer, The Vibrant Coach, challenges you to get creative using the technique of Brain Storming.  This often referencedbut poorly conducted technique can be powerful but only within a well-defined set of collaborative behaviors in service to a vision.  Join this Vibrant Coaching Blog Talk to:

    Compare Traditional Problem Solving with Brain Storming Technique
    Learn the Brain Storming Do's and Dont's
    Understand the Facilitators Responsibilities
    Gain Strategies, Systems and Smarts to Apply the Results of your Brain Storming Session


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    HealthOvate Chicago: An Invite via Shawn Nason @manonfireinnov

    in Health

    We caught up with the master group process facilitator Shawn Nasons at HealthOvate Boston (see: 'Healthovate! Boston…What a great day of BOLD ideas and SOLUTIONS!' for summary). Shawn is a talented voice and bundle of energy in the health, healthcare and education transformational space. As Chief Innovation Officer for the Xavier Center for Innovation (follow via @XavierInnov8) he and his talented team are co-locating a unique experience branded 'HealthOvate' with core partners Care Innovations a GE/Intel joint venture (follow via @careinnovations) with limited stops around the country.

    In this chat, we get an overview of what happens at HealthOvate and learn of the schedule and locations for future gatherings.

    HealthOvate Chicago runs Monday, October 5, 2015 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Chicago Merchandise Mart. For more informatio or to register click here.

    Produced by Gregg A. Masters MPH for Health Innovation Media.



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    8-10-15 INNOVATION UPDATE: Innovation In Motion with Terry Wakefield - Part 2

    in Finance

    On today's broadcast, we are continuing our conversation about innovation in the mortgage industry and have invited last week's guest, TERRY WAKEFIELD, President and CEO of The Wakefield Company (TWC), to return as our guest this week.  What we did not get discussed last week is the innovative things that Terry is currently working on to transform the industry.  He is veteran with multiple decades of experience as an innovator and entrepreneur.  His experience touches all aspects of mortgage origination, production and servicing, supply chain management, capital markets, strategic alliances, and executive advisory services.  

    On today's podcast, we will learn more about TWC’s Process Architecture tools that will have transformative impact on the industry. As we said last week, it is the process architecture that Jack Nunnery of Texas Capital Bank talked about a couple of weeks ago in the design and implementation of TCB's new Mortgage Correspondent Aggregation (MCA) platform.  

    Please join me as we continue to discuss innovative ideas at work in the mortgage industry.  

    David Lykken, your host of "Lykken On Lending"  

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    Innovation Trendspotting for 2014 - The Innovation Excellence Team

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    It's December. 2013 is almost behind us, and we have survived another year of uncertainty.  The Innovation Excellent team is clicking on all cylinders and looking forward into 2014.  You are invited to join us as we discuss what we learned from 2013, and the emerging trends for 2014. Please call into 424-675-6836 to put our team members in the innovation hotseat!    

    About Innovation Excellence: Innovation Excellence is the online home of the global innovation community, building upon a rapidly-growing network with thousands of members from over 175 countries – thought leaders, executives, practitioners, consultants, vendors, and academia representing all sectors and industries.   Our mission is to broadly enhance innovation by providing a forum for connection and conversation across this community – assembling an ever-growing arsenal of resources, best practices and proven answers for achieving innovation excellence.

    @beena - Fotolia.com


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    Teaching Happiness and Innovation with Mike Ferry

    in Education

    Happiness and Innovation with Mike Ferry

    Our kids will create the future.  What skills should they be learning at school and at home to help them along the way?  Mike Ferry, veteran teacher and parent of four children, calls for us to teach happiness and innovation.  Humorous, optimistic, and personal, this book offers new ways of thinking about parenting and education and the values our children need to attain.  Ferry discusses the importance of perseverance, gratitude, creativity, collaboration, and many other characteristics while offering suggestions to help kids develop them.





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