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Contemporary conversation with a twist The place where the conversation is pointed, the guest are sharp and the responses are never dull

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It is one of the greatest acts of unconditional, unselfish, unyielding love and compassion when you are an organ donor for the giver and the receiver. But what make this story even more compelling is that these two ladies are not... more

We are celebrating the entire month of August.The celebration of 2 years of On the Edge with April Mahoney and my birthday. It's hard to get my head around the fact that I have 45 guest interviews and 60 episodes under my belt .Weekly... more

Is it the physical, no mental, ah emotions, why social abuse or all of the above that's got you walking a tight rope. What do you do when your spouse, family member, friend or child crosses that line with you? What steps can or should you... more

A 20min crash course on public speaking and presenting. Public speaking and presenting are two of people's greatest fears an anxiety catchers. Sneek out on the edge with me and I will give you some very value tips and information... more

Entangled in a web, the media web of Cyrus Webb that is. Come and listen up on the edge as we get intertwined with my mentor , my brother and my friend. Learn how he puts his spin on the movers and shakers in publishing, music,... more

Brains come go over the edge in solidarity with me and millions of others by opening your hearts and your minds. We will bleed out uncertainty when I share with you my views and thoughts on the race relations and racial tension here in... more

Putting on your big girl panties is very scary for both women and men. Taking that first step can turn into a full fledge leap of faith .The process is deemed as a rite-of-passage... Brains lean towards the edge with me today as I pass you the... more

Who and what is The Open Floor Society, A one-of-a-kind event where dancers and musicians of all backgrounds come together for a live, improvised collaboration, creating undeniable energy and unforgettable experiences. Listen... more

Reach out on the edge and take hold to the story of Summer Dailey a man living his life as a woman. Heae her trails and tribulation, she is going to share with us a very compling store of love , hope and change

HOWDY YALL, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY 2015 Brains, do you ever say to yourself, if I could of, should of, would of? Leap out on the edge with me as I share with you my journey into music and songwriting. I'm even going to let you... more