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Trucking Advice and commentary. Business, financial and political talk and advice for the trucking industry. We talk about everything trucking.

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What's important to us in our lives? What do we want to see change? What do we want to improve? There's our health, relationships, spirituality, finances, everything. But how do we make it so that all of these goals and ideas for our... more

This show is all about making you, a better you. We talk about getting things in writing-- call it what you will, but it makes all the difference to write down a list of your goal, priorities, etc. It helps your mind get on to new things, and get old... more

We've been talking a lot about willpower lately, and trying to find out why even though there is so much information available today (on literally anything you want to know!), we don't actually take action. Kevin talks about how he's read... more

If there were two areas of our lives that we need to make positive change in, it's Health and Finances. Finances make it easy to do everything else, and both of these are very easy to measure improvement! It doesn't mean that relationships... more

A billion people make resolutions, but how do we become the few that stick with them? It's all about New Years Resolutions today. We know, a lot of us are starting to give up on them or forgotten our resolutions, goals and plans for... more

Kevin and the Tribe have been testing different activity trackers. He's testing out the Fitbit, syncing it to his scale, and checking in on his sleep routine. We talk about the pros and cons of the Fitbit. We also talk about trying to choose... more

Last week I went on a bit of a rant on regulations and the industry. We thought it went really well, we shared the perspectives of people I don't necessarily agree with, but a good discussion has multiple viewpoints. Of course this led to some... more

Today we're talking about willpower, and the most recent book that Kevin is reading. We talk about personal challenges, resolutions and having the willpower to meet your goals. Kevin shares his two main short-term goals, and the... more

Today Kevin got up super early, and had a bit different of a day. During his pre-show work, he started watching Larry Winget's new show on "Whatever it Takes Network". There's so much information here, for free! We talk about the... more

Today we continue our discussion on habits and achieving your goals for the year, and for your business! Now we know a lot of us have read a ton of books, been on webinars, seminars, events, calls- you name it. But what does achieving... more
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