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    #68 | All the Black Sheep but No Bob

    in Entrepreneur

    Topic: Black Sheep Morning Show Host Roundtable 
    Imagine the fun and information you'd get if you have all the hosts from Two Black Sheep Radio Network chatting it up roundtable style? That's what we have in store tonight for all of our listeners! And a special message from the Bob Granger who just happens to be torturing his knees in Florida playing some golf.
    Tune in  at: 8:30 PM EST Where: TwoBlackSheepRadio.com or Call in to Listen (646) 787-8622 All Lines will allow you to connect at 8:15 PM for a live start at 8:30 PM This is one episode you'll want to hear live....cause if I have to edit it for the replay you'll never know what you missed! All of us are really looking forward to this show!
    Bob Granger - Rock & Roll with Grange and Two Black Sheep Radio Dave Wilkerson - Direct and Two Black Sheep Radio Charlie Melchner - The America I See Tom & Annie Daidone - The Morning Blend Thanks again for being one of our valued listeners,
    Two Black Sheep Radio Network

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    Social Selling and Customer Relationship Management with Jon Ferrara

    in Social Networking

    Episode 5 features Jon Ferrara, Founder of Nimble, social selling expert, and pioneer in customer relationship management (CRM).
    About Social 545:
    Social 545 is a weekly interactive show hosted by Saba Sedighi and Carlos Gil which features what's trending in social media. Watch LIVE on Blab.im every Thursday at 5:45pm PST / 8:45pm EST. 
    Please email social545podcast@gmail.com for show suggestions or booking inquiries.
    Subscribe on iTunes: http://apple.co/1jbfPRV
    Listen on BlogTalkRadio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/social545 

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    Tarhaka and Dr. Walter Williams on Racism White Supremacy World Wide

    in Social Networking

    Special Guest Dr. Walter Williams Mrs. Arnetta Williams and Sister Emma Mc Gowan.
    1.What is Racism?
    2.Where did the word Race come from?
    3.Is White Supremacy a system of justice?
    4.What guarantee's of justice comes under Racism white supremacy?
    5.Is racism white supremacy right or wrong?
    6.How do racism white supremacy benefit people of color on the earth?
    7.What is the ancient record of white supremacy on earth?
    8.What is justice when it comes to racism?
    9.Should a global effort on the part of people of color exist to destroy racism?
    10.What is counter-racism?
    11.Will the world breathe a sigh of relief when racism white supremacy is destroyed?
    12.Will nature itself benefit when racism white supremacy is replaced with justice?
    13.Can people of color bring justice to this earth world wide?
    14.Is religion itself a part of global racism white supremacy?
    15.Who and what is God? 
    Request my free report by clicking onto the contact us spot at  http://www.newdebtelimination.com

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    #283 Week in Review with Peter J. Lamont, Esq. UTLRadio.com

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    Want to listen to an episode that you missed?  No problem, all episodes are available on iTunes and Blogtalkradio.com.  Make sure that you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so you know when new episodes are available.  If you want even more business or legal information, subscribe to our YouTube channel!  
    UTLRadio: http://www.UTLRadio.com  Legal: http://www.pjlesq.com  Twitter: @pjllaw  
    Please subscribe to the Podcast and visit us at www.UTLRadio.com for free business and legal information.  
    Tel.: (201) 904-2211
    Email: pl@UTLRadio.com  
    Don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel!

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    Igniting Momentum in Your Business with The AHA Guy Mitchell Levy

    in Business

    Wealthy Sistas® Radio Connecting Business with People, Stories, and Music
    LIVE Tuesdays 11 AM EST | LISTE LIVE 929-477-1798  AND/OR 24/7 @WEALTHYSISTASRADIO.COM
    THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Mitchell Levy is The AHA Guy at AHAthat self-publishing book platform. He has created 20 businesses in Silcon Valley including 4 publishing companies that have published over 800 books. An International Best Selling Author, Mitchell has provided strategic consulting to over 100 companies, has advised over 500 CEOs on critical business issues, and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company.
    Back by popular Demand...Wealthy Sistas® Radio, is a production of Wealthy Sistas® Media Group, Each week the host Deborah Hardnett interviews extraordinary business owners who share their real life, uncensored and uncut stories of triumphs and mishaps on their journey. Each show is packed with sound business concepts that offer solutions to business professionals globally. And is intertwined with some of the greatest R&B music of all time. Listeners will find Wealthy Sistas® Radio show both informative and inspirational and entertaining.
    Wealthy Sistas® Media Group – Promoting Positive People and Champions of Business Ownership

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    Episode 1: How To Start A New Venture And See It Through To Success

    in Social Networking

    As a leader who is growing, evolving and committed to making an impact in the world, you will invariably be launching something new throughout your career and life. Could be a business, a new product line, perhaps you are spearheading a new project or making a big career shift…or making a bold transition to a new and better way of life. Fact is true leaders grow, evolve and transition. It’s part of life well-lived. And while change can often be frightening, frustrating and sometimes painful, it’s important to remember that it’s not about the struggle…it’s about growing through it. So how can we, as leaders, launch new ventures and build them to success? Listen in as we discuss the steps you can take to launch, grow and sustain a successful venture in business and life. In they episode we discuss: - The power of clarity, and why you need it before, during and long after the launch phase - Why specificity of the who/what/when/where are more crucial than “how” for mission success - What you must commit to and obsess over every day (HINT: It’s NOT results) - The secret to creating predictable success, and why playing small is killing your results - The #1 most important virtue when starting something new (especially a business) - The key character trait all high-achievers have (and how to develop it) - and more… Grab you journal and get ready for a lesson in launching for success. And get connected to our community of big-thinking entrepreneurs over at http://www.TheThinkBigNetwork.com

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    How To Get Traffic To Your YouTube Videos

    in Business

    Most people posting vidoes on YouTube get little if any traffic. A tiny percentage get an absolute flood of traffic and their videos go viral. Join Willie Crawford & members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle as they share some of their favorite methods for getting viewers watching their YouTube videos.

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show #78 Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

    in Entrepreneur

    Special Broadcast:  Thursday.  We welcome Jerry Royce, Radio Show Host and Business Expert along with Spoken Word Poet, Tanica Joy.  Great Hair Talk, Great Music & More!

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    The U.A.W. Factory Whistle Show

    in Work

    Join Scott,Brian and Rebecca tonight as they discuss the issues that concerns the union workers of the big 3. 

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    Innovation Radio Speaks with Thomas Robinson

    in Business

    Join Emily as she speaks with Thomas Robinson about himself, his idea, andf how he got it from start to finish with million dollar deals on the table.

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    Elena Gomez: Handling a Company's Growth

    in Business

    In this one of a kind interview with Zendesk CFO, Elena Gomez, Sonia Luna uncovers some of the best practices and lessons learned from someone who's been there!
    With an unparalleled knowledge of the SaaS business model and proven ability to build teams and partner with business leaders, Elena has been invaluable to the company.  Prior to joining Zendesk, Elena spent 6 years at SalesForce, where she helped build a world-class finance department.  
    Throughout her two-decade career in finance at Fortune 500 companies, including Visa and Charles Schwab, Elena has built a track record of strategic financial leadership.   
    Elena holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of California, Haas School of Business, and is a National Board Member of the non-profit, Spark.   

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