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    Ivan Eland--Guardedly Optimistic On Trump's Foreign Policy #3333​

    in Finance

    Ivan Eland is guardedly optimistic on the coming Trump Administration's foreign policy. The conciliatory signs with Putin's Russia, other countries getting over the election upset and Trump's desire not to get involved in Syria all point to better times ahead. In addition, Ivan's also hopeful that China will force North Korea to start acting sanely. 

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    John LeBoutillier--Odds Favor Clinton #3323

    in Finance

    Former Congressman John LeBoutillier hasn't been a Trump loyalist from the beginning of the election cycle. He was bothered by a number of Trump's off-putting qualities. Now he believes that barring some last minute miracle, it's going to be Hillary Clinton. We'll know this evening is he's right or not. 

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    Rashid Brown--Helping Small Businesses Succeed Beyond Their Dreams #3316

    in Finance

    In today’s world there are more and more small businesses. A lot of those businesses start from a small idea but often don’t succeed due to lack of a proper business plan or the inability to grow their business efficiently. As small business entrepreneur learning what steps to follow in order to make your business profitable is key. Insight into how to make more money in your business, how to systematize your business, have better operations, and also to learn the most advanced marketing tools would give you a step up in the business world. Rashid Brown uses his book “Careergonomics: A Practical Guide for Mastering Personal Development and Employment Success in the 21st Century” to provide insight into how you can optimize your business’ growth while freeing up some time. His experience in the industry lends him the skills necessary to assist you through the steps needed to build a strong and competitive business.

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    Lew Weiss--Don't Count On Trumping Bring Back Manufacturing #3335

    in Finance

    Lew Weiss is a long time manufacturer who still puts in 70 hour plus weeks. He's involved in forging metals, a lost art in America. He's all for Trump's efforts to bring back manufacturing jobs to America, but isn't too optimistic. There's many reasons why these jobs left the country and until they're addressed, nothing will change. He does believe that drastic changes in tax policy, regulations and Obamacare would make a big difference as far as getting new businesses and jobs started. Hopefully these changes will be forthcoming shortly. 

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    Nadine LaJoie--An Immigrant Says Put The Brakes On Illegal Immigration #3328

    in Finance

    Nadine LaJoie immigrated legally to the United States. It was an extremely difficult arduous task, but she insisted on becoming a legal resident and was eventually successful. Now she's concerned about the lawlessness on the US's borders and is advocating that the rule of law be restored. Imagine how unfair it is to people who have done everything right and honestly to become citizens? They see illegals being pandered to and a blind eye turned on criminal behavior and they wonder what has become of our once great nation? 

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    Jeff Berwick--Curtains for Killary #3314

    in Finance

    Noted anarchist Jeff Berwick sees the end of Hillary Clinton's run for president. It's obvious that the Powers that Be are turning the screws. With Wikileaks has there been too much attention for them to accept? It does seem that the worm has turned. But what does it really mean if Trump is elected? Jeff believes that Hillary and Donald are just two flavors on the same ice cream cone. Trump is into big government and militaristic adventurism. Is he right? We might just find out next Tuesday. 

  • 00:28

    Ed Martin--What Trump's Victory Really Means #3338

    in Finance

    Ed Martin joined us to discuss the significance of Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton and the political establishment. Ed is highly hopeful and optimistic that Trump prevailed and has a vision for the future. Will he be able to drain the swamp, that's an extremely difficult task that will take an incredible effort and a realization of what he's up against. Our thoughts are with the president-elect on this one. 

  • 00:39

    Triple Lutz Report--Was The Election Rigged?--Episode 408

    in Finance

    Bix Weir believes that everything in our country is rigged, so why not the election? His theory is that once Comey re-closed the case against Clinton that was the indication that the good guys had won and Trump would be selected as the winner. Is he right? 
    But what will Trump do when he takes office? Can he really Make America Great Again? He certainly has his work cut out for him. However, the Donald Trump that I know is a workaholic and will spend all his waking days to achieve his goals. He will surround himself with other workaholics, such as Rudy Giuliani who share a similar vision. He will certainly have his share of failures, but successes seem inevitable too. Obviously, fighting corruption is a major goal and test of his leadership. Repealing Obamacare and replacing it with something better, building the Wall and regaining control of our borders and wholesale reform of taxation and the ghastly IRS Code are definitely on the drawing board too. 
    Knowing his work ethic, and his family's, his close associates, my guess is that his agenda for the next four years will be completed before he files his change of address form at the bankrupt US Postal Service. The first 100 days are the key to a successful presidency and his honeymoon promises to be unlike any other. He will bend the Congress to his will, certainly in the beginning and get things done. Deals will be made, but when The Donald negotiates, he always comes away with most of what he wants. 
    And if Bix Weir is correct, that's exactly how he won this election. 

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    Joe Messina--We Need A Safe Space From Reality #3339

    in Finance

    Our old friend Joe Messina joined us for a look at the election and the resulting pop-up riots that are taking place. For the peaceful and tolerant left, what can explain their anger and the ir violence. They're in denial over the election and why they lost. They have no desire to accept the truth and therefore will not be set free!

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    Ralph DiBugnara--Real Estate Market Will Survive The Election #3321

    in Finance

    Ralph DiBugnara, expert in real estate finance, believes that regardless what happens in this election, the RE market will not be greatly affected. The reason is simple, interest rates seem to be locked for the foreseeable future, even if the Fed decides to raise rates in December. The market hasn't gotten out of control as it was in 2006, the fundamentals have completely changed in the past decade. If incomes rise and millennials start home shopping then the future would certainly be brighter. 

  • 00:21

    Daniel Ameduri-- Lithium Gold Silver & Zinc #3320

    in Finance

    It's been a tough election for the candidates, the country and the world. Unfortunately, once it's over the fun begins. The country has many serious problems that have been neglected for decades. These problems and their solutions certainly favor resource stocks, which is why Dan Ameduri is looking towards this sector for growth in 2017 and 2018. And based upon the success of his prior recommendations, it's a good bet he'll be right again. 

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