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  • A Life-Changing Journey With 5 Business Builders: Week 9/53 Discount Sabotage

    in Entrepreneur

    Join us for a year-long series with five business builders known as Team Clarity, led by Christina Ervin.  Each week Team Clarity shares this journey with you for two primary reasons:
     they want those they hold near and dear to know about the changes they're making on multiple levels.  As they change, by listening to these classes, people who know Team Clarity members may opt to change along with them.  to share their stories with you. Follow their stories and life lessons to awaken all sorts of ah-ha's for you too! Our ninth show identifies and resolves ways we discount ourselves in more ways than one!  Listen to learn how to naturally inspire others to respect all your skills.
    Before you go, kindly consider:
    following this series by clicking on the Follow button near the top of this page. following us on Twitter and Google+ Music: Open Those Bright Eyes, Motivator and World Vice by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

  • Taming the Money Monster

    in Finance

    When our financial lives are in disarray, we feel stressed out and anxious.  Many times we're scared to see just how bad the situation really is.  Money can be like that monster under the bed.  It paralyzes us and keeps us awake at night.  So what is the solution to taming the out-of-control "Money Monster"?  We need to pull it out into the light and examine it up close and personal!  Sounds a little scary, right?  I promise, it's not as bad as it seems.  I'll talk about how you can drag your Money Monster out into the light and tame it into submission once and for all!

  • Doe S'mangaliso- Lead Consultant; The Pan-Af Consultancy

    in Entrepreneur

    Doe S'mangaliso is the Lead Consultant at The Pan-Af Consultancy which seeks to advance and develop the continent of Africa through building relationships with entities around the globe that seek to benefit from the plethora of business and investment opportunities that are emerging from developing markets throughout Africa. The Pan-Af Consultancy regularly provides business and investment tours throughout Africa. Clients can take part in any of their pre-arranged premier business/investment tours, or they can arrange tours to satisfy the specific needs of any particular client or group.
    S'mangaliso joins us to discuss the work of Pan-Af Consultancy in Sub-Sahara Africa and its role facilitating for investment opportunities of the regions' economic hub offers. He will also discuss the upcoming business and investment tour to Zambia in July 2015. 

  • Millionaire Training Circle

    in Marketing


  • Career Talk with Holly Bunn: You've been laid off, now what? (EP07)

    in Jobs

    Unemployment can be a scary thing.  Even more losing a job can be equivalent to losing someone close to you.  Join me this Saturday at 12:30 pm ET as I discuss how to cope with unemployment and what you can do to survive this time. During this episode I will reveal: 
    What you should as soon as you are laid off to give yourself an edge in the job search What you should NOT do as soon as you are laid off Top job search and employment resources, websites.  (have pen and paper ready) How to use social media to your advantage during this time. (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Blogging)

  • Harvest World Ministries presents LOVE's WAITING ROOM

    in Social Networking

    Topic: Fatherless Female? 
    Love's Waiting Room where there is hope for your tomorrow today.
    Our mission is love.  Our focus is sharing radical, relevant, and real issues facing couples in relationship.
    Our program is designed with the intention of changing everything about relationship matters.
    We focus on: Dating, Mating, and Relating whether you're single and satisified or married and glad.
    Your host: Bill Andrews, DD - Coach, Mentor, Pastor, Author, and a strong believer in the institution of marriange ordained by GOD.
    Our mantra: If you're ignorant, be ignorant.  But if you want to change, change.  KJV 1 Cor 14:38 
    You need a coach that will teach you how to build a meaningful relationship. Let us be that coach in your life with over 35 years of marriage and ministry, we know the real deal. To visit us on Satursday.  We're located 20 minutes from downtown Chicago. Services is held at 5237 W. Diversey Ave in Chicago, Illinois at 11:00am
    Join us and learn what you have been missing. For more about us go to www.hwministry.org. 

  • January Jones-Money Ripples - Chris Miles

    in Entrepreneur

    Meet Chris Miles with Ur Niche 2 Get Rich
    How to make money in business!
    Meet Chris Miles, The Cash Flow Expert, who will delightfully share outside the box theories on finance and life in general.
    “THE financial advocate for the entrepreneur” is a leading authority teaching entrepreneurs and their spouses how to quickly free up and create cash flow and lasting wealth TODAY spending time doing what they love most! 
    Chris Miles, the "Cash Flow Expert" and “THE financial advocate for the entrepreneur” is a leading authority teaching entrepreneurs and their spouses how to quickly free up and create cash flow and lasting wealth TODAY spending time doing what they love most! 
    He’s an author and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate.com, interviewed on TV & radio, and has a high reputation with his company, Money Ripples getting his clients fast, life-altering financial results.

  • Face with A Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Makeup

    in Business

    Join our make up conversation on our 10 AM PST show with Chris Scott
    Master your makeup application | Do it in a timely fashion | Feel authentically beautiful every day. Face with a Heart is a breakthrough method of makeup application that works for all face types and lifestyles. It teaches both the theory and the practice of mastering true, authentic beauty makeup. Equally appropriate for individuals and students of makeup alike, Face with a Heart redefines and demystifies how to achieve authentic beauty makeup and allow your true inner light to shine through every day.

  • The NTuned Show 3rd Annual Speed Networking Event

    in Business

    Find your media match. If you are looking for an efficient way to make new contacts and grow your business then join us for a joint speed netwoking event on March 01, 2015. Tell your success story, give advice or plug your business in 10 mins and listen in to others for 10. It's QUICK. It's EFFECTIVE. It's FREE Guest Speakers (10 Slots OPEN) interested? ntunedshow@aol.com 

  • Prosperity in Business: Think It/Speak It/Do It

    in Entrepreneur

    Who starts a business to fail?  Noone!  Even if you have a non-profit there are still KPIs in place to make sure you are target to be successful.  
    Prosperity is not just about finances.  Are you reaching your goals?  Are you engaging with the right market?  Are you making a difference in people's lives?
    It's not enough to just THINK IT!  You have to SPEAK IT!  After you do those two you can DO IT!  
    Join me, LaTaye Davis, for a fantastic conversation about how to UPLEVEL your approach to Manifest Prosperity.

  • Rolling Toe #16 Loose Components

    in Business

    Mike and Kevin Beckett discuss alignment and tire wear issues