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    Trump vs. Deep State/Part 1

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    Can the Trump administration survive the onslaught of the Deep State? The Democrats and the left wing establishment are throwing all they have at President Trump. Are they winning or losing? Join us as we take a closer look at the Deep State agenda.

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    Do NOT make Common Mistake of NON-1040 FILERS.

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    Dear Freedom Seeker,
    If you did NOT file an IRS 1040 Income Tax Confession form, be sure NOT to make the #1 mistake that 1040 Form Non-Filers make! 
    Freedom and law questions answered by the President of Freedom Law School, Peymon Mottahedeh.
    "There is no law requiring the average American to file or pay the federal income tax."
    Get Our FREE Freedom Education Package! http://LiveFreeNow.org Or Call (813) 444-4800!

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    Site C - The Disaster That Doesn't Stop with Sarah Cox

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    How many avenues of obstruction, denial and secrets does it take for a determined, secretive government to spend at least 9 billion dollars on a project they admit will not break even for 70 years and may never be needed? Site C has been testing the premise since 2013, when the Clark government decided to avoid rejection for a fourth time by the BC Utilities Commission and push ahead with this boondoggle of massive proportions.
    Avenue #1 - Talk a good game about the environment and species at risk, then scheme behind the scenes to impose measures that would never be considered in an open process. Ignore the loss of prime farmland and wetlands. Then get caught. Repeatedly.
    Avenue #2 - Claim consultation with First Nations, but do nothing of the sort in any real manner. Renting a hall for one night and giving out free coffee while you tell residents what is already decided is not consultation. It is dictation with no actual co-operation and is now the basis of the opposition to the project by the new BC government.
    Avenue #3 - Withhold info on the costs, the bidding process, the construction timeline, the non-compliance with conditions laid out in permits, the information control from BC Hydro and the Clark government and that mystical "jobs" buzzword.
    Sarah Cox is an investigative journalist, writer, strategist and soon-to-be author who spent 10 years working for conservation groups in BC and Alberta. Her work took her to BC's Peace River Valley and she became so smitten with the place that Sarah wrote a book to be released in the spring about the devastating impacts Site C would have on the valley and the people who live there. Sarah is a regular contributor to DeSmog Canada, focusing on the spin that clouds the debate on energy and the environment. She loves to explore and can be found hiking, backpacking, kayaking or cycling on weekends. The View Up Here welcomes Sarah to speak the truth on Site C.

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    Paradigm LOST & Eleanor Goldfield - Here Be Monsters radio Sunday

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    Activist, artist, poet, political commentarian and all round champion of the core issues anchored in decency and justice for every clan ... is the guest today.   You can find Eleanor hosting ACT OUT on Free Speech TV weekly, she is a musician / singer song writer poet commentarian and in the streets standing with her values, truths and for the 'other' she doesn't even know.  She's the future, if we're lucky.  Join us today in a conversation with her.  
    Hosts Jack Jodell, Gwendolyn H. Barry and Wayne Johnson.  

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    The Andrew Powell Show

    in Politics Conservative

    TODAY ON THE SHOW (LIVE 12:00-2:00 PM ET): Leftists are nuts and hypocrites... But we already knew that, didn't we? Like a Congressional leader getting arrested outside of the White House and Antifa going after the wrong statue. And speaking of statues, when are we going to take down the ones with racist Democrat leaders if we're going down this road? Former  Congressional candidate, Ed Rankin, joins the show! What are his thoughts on all of the past week's events involving our President and Charlottesville? Eboni Williams from FOX News is saying that she received death threats. Andrew is calling bullshit. And a black conservative is PISSED!! PLUS MORE! You can call into the show at (929) 477-1592 and you can contact Andrew on his Facebook and tweet him @andrewrpowell. The Andrew Powell Show is LIVE Monday-Friday 12:00-2:00 PM ET on www.thechampionsparty.com and BlogTalkRadio, and available for podcast after the show on iTunes, YouTube and Soundcloud.

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    Climate change, a bigger threat than North Korea!? & 10 highest taxed states

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    Hr 1: NYT polls... which was the greater threat to Guam: a nuclear bomb threat from North Korea or climate change?  Andrea Kaye says, we have to protect American lives first. AND... Why isn't anyone reporting on Democrat Mayor Landrieu's abdication of duty with the flooding in New Orleans that's happening RIGHT NOW?!?!  Liberal women spend money on hair, makeup, and clothes to make themselves look good, then get offended when someone tells them they look good. How much sense does THAT make??
    Hr 2: FaceApp had to pull a function on their app called "ethnicity filters". Why?  Pres. Eisenhower threatened to use the bomb against North Korea. And he also threatened to bomb China for not HELPING with North Korea! Americans aren't willing to fight to protect our way of life anymore. AND... In the 1950's, when N. Korea realized we were serious, they signed the armistice. What Trump's doing today is no different.
    Hr 3: Is anyone really surprised that California is the highest taxed state in the country?  There is no scientific evidence that there are multiple genders. Yet you have no problem saying I shouldn't believe in a God because there's no scientific evidence. AND... Sociologist says preschool teachers are genderizing kids,Young people are asked what they know about World War II... frightening.
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    ORIGINALISM: Philosophy or Strategy? LWL 8/4/17

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    Judge Neil Gorsuch, the president’s nominee to the Supreme Court, calls himself an originalist. But what does that mean?
    "Originalism proclaims that the Constitution should be interpreted according to how it was understood at the time of its ratification in 1789 and similarly for amendments, starting in 1791. Policy arguments and the consequences of different interpretations simply do not matter. For originalists, the Constitution is not alive; it is dead, static." Washington Post
    Guest Bob Woodburn will speak with me about the roots of Originalism, how it differs from Strict Constructionism, and what difference either makes to matters of law in 2017.
    We will also discuss contradictions between what Justices may say they are, and how they vote on matters like the Citizens United decision.
    "Power to the People"
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    Ku Cyumweru, tariki ya 25/06/2017, Perezida Paul KAGAME (PK) yatanze ikiganiro cy'amasaha hafi 2 kuri Radiyo na Televiziyo by'Ikigo cy'Igihugu gishinzwe itangazamakuru (RBA). Agamije ngo kuvugana n'abaturage, biganjemo urubyiruko.
    Ibinyamakuru byishi byagarutse kuri icyo kiganiro. Ingingo zibanzweho cyane ni eshatu: 
    -Inkomoko y'umutungo munini w'umuryango FPR-Inkotanyi.
    -Ikoti uwo muryano ngo waguriye Fawusitini TWAGIRAMUNGU (FT), wabaye Minisitiri w'Intebe muri 1994-1995.
    -Amadolari ya Amerika agera ku bihumbi 200 yatorokanywe na JMV NDAGIJIMANA (JMVN), jwabaye Minisitiri w'Ububanyi n'Amahanga amezi 2, muri 1994.
    Muri kino kiganiro, turibanda ku ngingo ebyiri, dushingiye ahanini kw'itohoza twakoze:
    1) Ni byo koko, tariki ya 03/10/1994, JMVN yatorokanye amadolari agera ku bihumbi 200. Gusa rero, JMVN yibye umutungo wa Leta, ntabwo wari uwa FPR, nk'uko PK abibeshya.
    2) FPR ntiyahereye ku busa, nk'uko PK abibeshya. FPR yadutse yiba nk'iyahanzweho. Uhereye kuri PK ubwe. FPR yubakiye ubutunzi bwayo ku bisahurano yavanye mu mutungo wa Leta y'u Rwanda n'uw'abaturage ku giti cyabo, iza no kwambuka yiba abaturanyi b'u Rwanda. Ibivanze no kwica.

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    The Liberal Redneck ("Buh Bye GOP")

    in Politics Progressive

    Glad you stopped in to listen.  Listen live and call in or enjoy any of our past shows in the archives. Thank you for keeping the faith and spreading the word on Facebook. Call in or join us in chat with a free Blog Talk Radio account.  Share archived episodes with your friends on Facebook.  Piss off those idiot Republicans by listening every week... LOUD!   Listen Thursdays and you get a sneak peek of Sunday's video:"Buh Bye GOP"
    Join us tonight as we discuss the "What now?"  Join the conversation and weigh in.  Here's your chance to call in! The most unpopular POTUS EVER!  
    McChinless is Cheetoh's target of the week.  After years of obstructionist tactics in Congress, no wonder the GOP can't see that Trump is guilty of obstruction.  The GOP thinks that's business as usual.
    Speaking of business, a 28 yr old millennial white boy slurping down smoothies after the Xen conference whines a manifesto against diversity and is SHOCKED he got fired?  Welcome to the real world, baby boy.
    Things are getting Strange in Alabama... Scotty will explain it all tonight
    LR, Scotty the Professor, and PD The Pagan Goddess tell to you straight!

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    Hadit Podcast with Special Guest Alex Graham AKA Asknod.

    in Military

    Alex Graham aka Asknod will be our guest. Alex brings a special talent to the listeners as his witty responses eases the pain of dealing with the VA. Alex will update us on his work as a VA claims agent as well as his exploits in his endeavor to acquire a greenhouse through VR&E.
    Join us.  

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    Episode 121--Guest Karim Arnold discusses bid to unseat John Sharp James

    in Politics

    Guest Karim Arnold. Karim will discuss his bid to unseat John Sharpe James as The Southward Councilman