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    The Life Editing Approach

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    The Life Editing approach is about rewriting your life to reflect your dreams. Are you ready to uncover what is really holding you back from having the life you planned? Are you ready to break down those barriers into bite-sized pieces? Are you ready to bring down those strong-holds that have held you hostage for far too long? Please join the life and love coach on this life changing show. If you are ready to discover the life that is hiding under all of that baggage, then don't miss this show. Bring your goals, a winning attitude and a desire for more and I will bring the rest. The guest for this show will be the one and only YOU!

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    Episode #2: Editing an Oscar

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    Episode #2: Editing an Oscar

    Broadcasting from The Los Angeles Film School
    in the heart of Hollywood, California, we take point on
    Industry Topics, Trends, Culture, and Campus Life.

    Featured Guest:
    LAFS Film Alumni Martin Pensa
    1st LAFS Academy Award Nominee for
    Editing on Dallas Buyers Club

    From the Field: Alumni Insights
    Saroop Gul and Naqash Gull
    The Los Angeles Film School Film Alumni

    Trailer for Where Angels Fall the movie

    Interviews conducted by Joe Byron
    Head of Student & Alumni Engagement LAFS

    Hosted by Art Holmes

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    NOTE: THERE MAY BE A MINUTE DELAY AFTER INITIAL COMMERCIAL FOR AUDIO TO LOAD TO START SHOW REPLAY. Michael Horton's been a busy actor for over 25 years, appearing in over 150 iconic TV shows like "Columbo" and "Taxi."  He's also done a dozen films, many movies of the week and over 1500 radio and TV commercials.  He is remembered for his long-running role as Jessica Fletcher's nephew Grady Fletcher on "Murder She Wrote." 

    About 12 years ago, Michael began thinking that there was more to life than acting, and considered directing as a possible 2nd career.  Then another calling found Michael.  Shortly after Apple announced Final Cut Pro was shipping to the public, Michael decided that it was indeed time to plunge into the world of digital filmmaking and Non Linear Editing, and went out and mortgaged his families future on a FCP NLE system and a VX1000 camcorder. He has been a happy man ever since.

    Since July of 1999, Michael has cut a PSA for a Non Profit Organization, directed and cut a music video about handicapped children and horse therapy, co directed and cut a historical documentary on women who dressed as men to fight in the American Civil War; which was just sold to a distributor in NY, and is finishing his own short movie he wrote and directed.

    He morphed into the founder, catalyst, and founder of the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group, (formerly lafcpug). http://www.lafcpug.org which presently has over 6000 members world wide and is growing by about 100 members per month. lacpug meets monthly in Hollywood and also co-produces the famous “SuperMeets” around the world.a community supporting and equipping digital editors.  In addition to his acting work and leadership of LACPUG, Horton is a producer, director, and editor.

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    Let's Discuss The Important of "Editing & Proofreading"

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    I'm your host

    Author Sharnel


    "Let's Discuss The Important of Editing & Proofreading"

                                  Open Mic!!!!!

    If you are an Author, Editor, Proofreader etc. Join the conversation. Let's Discuss & Voice Our Opinion.

    Contact me @






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    Editing 2

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    WORDBEAT segment #94 - This show is in editing =

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    editing segment #94 - listen to re-run segment 07/10/2009 


    BTR's WORDBEAT* Poetry & Music & open mic hosted by Poet Yvonne de la Vega with occasional co-host Poet John Barrymore. Listeners in the WordBeat chatLounge mingle, network, listen and call in. Poets call in and share poems while WordBeat spins tracks for cool rhythm and cadence. The open mike sessions are fun and always all inclusive, artistically challenging and spiritually rewarding for both poet and listener. Guest Call-in (646) 929-0302

    It only takes ONE minute to register, and when you're set join us in the CHATlounge to intermingle with our other guests. Remember all segments archive here and to Itunes for your listening convenience.

    *Wordbeat's reports show 64,000 plus downloads from the BTR archives and ITUNES since 2008! Thanks Sincerely for the support!!!

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    Episode 54: When Editors Chat, with Patricia D. Eddy

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    Emotions...and editing. Not always what we think about when we jump into the revision process. Patricia Eddy and I both experience the highs and lows of emotions as editors and authors. We talk about how to frame the experience, why there's nothing wrong with you, and how to mitigate your response if you're someone who struggles when receiving critique.

    We also discuss about understanding your genre, the expectations of your audience, and why tropes can be both your friend and enemy. Let us know your thoughts and experiences!

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    Editing Surgery with Karen Perkins

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    Editing Surgery with Karen Perkins of LionheArt Publishing House
    Karen Perkins lives in Yorkshire, England, where she spends her time writing as well as editing and formatting as proprietor of LionheART Publishing House. She has been a keen sailor since childhood, competing nationally and internationally until the day she had both National and European Ladies Champion titles – and a terminally bad back.
    She has written one novella (Ill Wind) and one full-length novel (Dead Reckoning – long-listed in the Mslexia Novel Competition 2011, and a number one bestseller in Sea Adventures on Amazon.co.uk) in the Valkyrie Series. A further Valkyrie novel, Look Sharpe! will be published at the end of 2013, followed by Ready About! Both books follow the fortunes of Henry Sharpe, a character we have already met in Ill Wind and Dead Reckoning. Relationships are turned upside down and secrets revealed.
    Karen Perkins has also written the novel, Thores-Cross. A dark, haunting tale set in the North Yorkshire Moors about isolation, superstition and persecution, Thores-Cross follows the stories of Emma, a present day writer, and Jennet, an eighteenth century witch. Thores-Cross is a number one bestseller in British Horror on Amazon.com.

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