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America In Focus is a forum for proving the New World Order is on its way and showing how it can be stopped. To learn what the NWO Gang has in store for you and your family tune in and visit the website below for DVDs about the New World Order.

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The whole referendum in Great Britain about Brexit, and what have you has led to an upsurge all across Europe of likeminded individuals who want to opt out of the fake phoney created entity of the European Union. The European Union from... more

The present state of race relations in the United States as well as the current refugee crisis in Europe have begged the question, whether or not diversity is a positive healthy progression for society. Over the last couple of decades, the... more

On this October 19, 2015 program (which starts 40 seconds in) we expose the LIES of Hitlery Clinton which she spewed out during the first democratic debate: Her email scandal is not a scandal. Idiot Bernie Sanders then bailed her... more

Tonite July 18, 2015 (which starts 30 seconds in) we talked about: The Iran deal which is good for the world. Racism in America. Hitlery murders her old White House chef. The profits from "illegal drugs is astronomical and the banksters... more

The statements by many leading European heads of states--Angela Merkel, Nicholas Sarkozy, David Cameron, and others--has indicated that its not only common people, but even politicians in the establishment, who have to come to... more

Tonite, We discuss the Occult symbols in our popular entertainment industry as well in the foodstuffs, that scores of people all over the world buy on a regular basis.

Tonite, We dicuss the aggression being commited against Yemen by the Saudi puppet family at the behest of the United States and Israel. Also, we will go into length in regards to the nuclear deal struck between the United States and Iran

Today, We discuss the rampant rise in hate against Islam, being perpetuated especially from the right both in the United States and Europe. The rise in anti-immigration parties all across Europe is systematic of the hatred against... more

Today, We disucss an interesting topic with our special guest Mark Dankof in regards to Christian Zionism, and how it has held sway over the majority of church attendents in the United States. Christian Zionism has become the standard... more
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