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America In Focus is a forum for proving the New World Order is on its way and showing how it can be stopped. To learn what the NWO Gang has in store for you and your family tune in and visit the website below for DVDs about the New World Order.

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Tonite (8.08.2014) we civered: The unending war of Genocide by the edomite-khazars against the nation of Palestine and the Palestinian people. The UHN, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch all say... more

Tonite (8.7.2014) we covered: The ongoing genocidal war by the edomite-khazar-ashkeNAZI jews against the nation of Palestine and her people. sean hanNUTTY spoke with the leading TERRORIST in the Middle East (benny... more

Tonite (8.04.2014) we dissected: The war of genocide by the khazar-edomite jews against the nation and people of Palestine. Even the Big Brother media and the barry soetoro CRIME syndicate said it is a "horrifying" and "disgraceful"... more

Tonite (7.31.2014) we revealed the truth about: The court victory of Jesse Ventura of chris kyle who lied about Ventura damning Navy Seals. The genocide of the Palestinian people and the destruction of the nation of Palestine. The CIA used... more

Tonite (7.30.2014) we talked about: The Khazar-edomite jews continue their genocide of the Palestinian nation. barry soetor is told to shove it by benny yahu. don stewart of the calvary chapel cult condemned Hamas not knowing that he... more

Tonite (7.23.2014) we covered; The Edomite War Crimes against the Palestinian Nation. They have murdered over 700 already. They have also destroyed thousands of homes, building and hospitals. There is a solution to the... more

Tonite (7.17.2014) we covered: The ongoing war of genocide by the Edomite Khazar terrorists against the Palestinain people. The shooting dow of Malaysian Flight 17 over the Ukraine. The plan by Estonia and the ROTTENshield CRIME... more

Tonite (7.16.2014) we covered: The ongoing war of genocide by the Edomite-Khazars against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. don stewart of the calvary chapel cult said Hamas is committing war crimes by targeting civilians.... more

Tonite (7.09.2014) we dealt with these problems: The Palestinian problem. This round of violence was started by benny yahu and the Mossad who murdered the three edomite (jewish) teens. The lowdown on Isis. NO legitimate... more
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