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America In Focus is a forum for proving the New World Order is on its way and showing how it can be stopped. To learn what the NWO Gang has in store for you and your family tune in and visit the website below for DVDs about the New World Order.

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Tonite, We are going to cover the lies of Clinton crime family, and the various ways they are using to avoid their financial obligations. Also, we are going to cover the Navy's hacking into personal and other computers. Finally, we... more

Tonite, We talk about the state of the world, but more specifically about the state of the United States Corporation. The cirminal gang in power is hosting their own virus, created by them, just like they created in the past AIDS, to fighten and put... more

Tonite, We dicuss the continuing false flag of the Ebola virus, which Big Brother is pushing, just like he pushed the AIDS virus. Also, we are going to go into the short history and synopsis of how billionaires become billionaires thorugh their... more

Tonite, We discuss the continuing issue with the False Flag Ebola virus. As with most diseased and viruses, they are tools that Big Brother employs in its biological warfare against humanity in order to scare, intimidate, and lower the... more

In this show we explore the lies about who did 9/11. Please stay tuned and tell your friends about this most interesting show.

Tonite (8.28.2014) we exposed: The lie of Big Brother that ISIS, al-C.I.A.da, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, etc. are grass root Muslim terrorist groups. They were all founded by Big Brother to do his bidding. Big... more

Tonite (8.18.2014) we covered: The occupation of America by the militarized terrorist cells (police depts) and the insanity of S.W.A.T. The stats on terrorist (cop) shootings of civilians resulting in a death is about 400 per year. 42% are... more

Tonite (8.08.2014) we civered: The unending war of Genocide by the edomite-khazars against the nation of Palestine and the Palestinian people. The UHN, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch all say... more

Tonite (8.7.2014) we covered: The ongoing genocidal war by the edomite-khazar-ashkeNAZI jews against the nation of Palestine and her people. sean hanNUTTY spoke with the leading TERRORIST in the Middle East (benny... more
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