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America In Focus is a forum for proving the New World Order is on its way and showing how it can be stopped. To learn what the NWO Gang has in store for you and your family tune in and visit the website below for DVDs about the New World Order.

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Today, We disucss an interesting topic with our special guest Mark Dankof in regards to Christian Zionism, and how it has held sway over the majority of church attendents in the United States. Christian Zionism has become the standard... more

Tonite, We continue our discussion about the Clinton crime family and their scandals. This time we go into length about the scandals that the Clinton crime family never got persecuted for, but should of, and that basically involves all the... more

Tonite, We discuss the firestrom of controversy surrounding Hilary Clinton's use of emails and servers, belonging to the powers that be.

Today, We discuss another show about 9/11 and false flag incidences, involving Kevin Barrett, a noted expert and commentator on the Middle East, US foreign policy, as well as false flag maneuvers.

Tonite, We talk about the scores of Israeli mass murderers in human history. We mentioned one before, Benjamin Nentanyahu, but we also need to discuss the rest of them.

Hello, In this episode of "America in Focus," we expose the lies of Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before the United States Congress, with all the political prostitutes in applause. Netanyahu gave a speech filled with one lie after... more

Today, We will be discussing the rise in false flag operations, and how they are tied into the rising tide of anti-Islamic bigotry that is raging like wildfire in both the corporate media as well in several Western countries, where laws are being... more

Tonite, We dicuss the aftermath of the Gaza crimes committed by the Terrorist entity of Israel, which the controlled media is not telling the truth about or has told the truth about. Also, we continue to discuss the sex crimes of the world's... more

Tonite, We mainly discuss the continuing scams of Big Brother to get us all hooked on pharmeutical drugs and vaccinations. There is a cure for every disease in nature, but Big Brother wants to soft kill us with their terrorist... more
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