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America In Focus is a forum for proving the New World Order is on its way and showing how it can be stopped. To learn what the NWO Gang has in store for you and your family tune in and visit the website below for DVDs about the New World Order.

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Tonite (7.17.2014) we covered: The ongoing war of genocide by the Edomite Khazar terrorists against the Palestinain people. The shooting dow of Malaysian Flight 17 over the Ukraine. The plan by Estonia and the ROTTENshield CRIME... more

Tonite (7.09.2014) we dealt with these problems: The Palestinian problem. This round of violence was started by benny yahu and the Mossad who murdered the three edomite (jewish) teens. The lowdown on Isis. NO legitimate... more

Tonite (6.27.2014) we discussed: The rise of ISIS in Iraq. The smackdown of hitlery by Ann Coulter. 25 questions every American should ask their politician. Here are a few of them: 1. Do you believe you are the most qualified person in... more

Tonite (6.24.2014) we covered: The LIES of Hitlery. She claims she is NOT rich even though she and SIKO are in the top .01%! They are in the top 1/100th of the top 1%! SIKO said they go to the local grocery store on weekends and talk to... more

Tonite (6.16.2014) we talked about: The clinton crime couple who have raked in more than $100 million FRNs since leaving the W.H. Siko bill makes $750,000 per speech and Hitler Jr. makes $250,000 per moronic speech. Iraq is falling to ISIS... more

Tonite (6.02.2014) we discussed: The possibility that the US Corp. gave the Mossad decomissioned nukes. BS is making a military deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, a hero. Bilderberg conclave ends. Ed Snowden revisited.

Tonite (5.29.2014) we covered the truth about: Edward Snowden who spoke with Brian Williams of NBC about blowing the whistle. Everything barry soetoro, keith alexander, john kerry and other Big Brother minions said about him was a LIE!... more

Tonite (5.23.2014) we talked about: President Putin tells the TRUTH about the United States Corp. and the illegal alien from Kenya. They are behind the conflict in the Ukraine. Memorial Day scam. No soldier has ever died for... more

Tonite (5.20.2014) we talked about: Retired NFL players griping about playing injured. JAMA (AMA journal) did a study and found that 49% of Americans believe in one or more conspiracy theories. T-Bonz Steakhouse put up a sign... more
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