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    Opening up the infinite possibilities in your life with Tim Janakos

    in Non-Profit

    Does life have to be an endless, painful austerity or do you have choices that no one else is willing to percieve that can allow you to enjoy your life and living beyond your wildest dreams?  
    How did we get so lucky to be together at the beginning of the year to celebrate our lives together? 
    Tim took off last weeks show because he cought a cold and was in bed for almost 4 days straight, but now he's back at you and ready to take your call and he's ready to help you ask the questions that will make your life so much more filled with ease, joy and glory.  
    How does it get even better than that? 
    Tim has a new years special for private sessions.  Check out his special for either 3 sessions of the price of 2 or 5 sessions for the price of 3. 

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    A Kind Voice Radio - Random Acts of Kindness

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    Interview with Kelsey Gryniewicz from Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) an international nonprofit dedicated to inspiring a culture of kindness in communities, schools, and homes. RAK believes in the power of kindness to change the way people see and experience the world.   We will learn all about what they do and how they go about making our world a kinder, more connected place, one act at a time.
    To add your kind voice to the conversation, call 347.850.8907.
    Produced by Yolanda Riley and hosted by David Levins.
    Timeout TV Spot
    National Anthem

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    The untold stories of success, a critical evaluation of Hard Work and Time.

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    This action-packed topic, highlights key stories of unheard tragedies in the journey to success. It juxtaposes the line between action and luck, and clearly communicates why the road to success is not always certain. The conversation lays out a unique concept of success through evaluating hard work, consistency, strategy and time. It reveals feelings of personal pains, loss of desire, and the end of hope. Like nothing you have ever heard, it teaches you what steps in when hope steps out.
    Never conflict hard work with time, they are two seperate components in your journey to success. (Daniel Charles 2016). Join us live on December 24, 2016 for this inspiration filled presenation. Happy Holidays to all our wonderful listeners around the world. 

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    PETA co-founder Alex Pacheco discusses the history of the animal rights movement

    in Non-Profit

    Alex Pacheco is widely considered the “Father of the Modern Day Animal Rights Movement” in the United States. As co-founder of both the world’s largest animal rights organization (PETA) and the world’s largest non-profit animal adoption service (Adopt-A-Pet), his 30 year track record of victories for animals is arguably unequaled. He is the recipient of the The Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award, the “Crew Member of the Year” award by the Sea Shepherd, and an inductee in the Animal Rights Hall of Fame. Click here to learn more about Alex's historic career.

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    open mic

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    #JMMOSS Exclusive Christmas Celebration Interview on #NoMoreSilentTears

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    #NoMoreSilentTears Radio Talk show Special Christmas Celebration Guest will be J Moss

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    Fund Raising: Tips and Strategies to be Legal and Effective.

    in Non-Profit

    On this show Victoria and Pat will discuss several compliance issues for nonprofits. Timing with the new year right around the corner make sure your organization is ready.
    We will also be joined by Marc Lee to discuss this important issue. A former CFRE, he is President of Affinity Fundraising Registration. With more than 25 years in nonprofit management, fundraising, and registration, Marc has been a consultant to nonprofit organizations since 1999.
    In 40 states nonprofit organizations are required by law to register with the state prior to soliciting funds from the residents of that state. It is a huge administrative burden on all nonprofits. Affinity Fundraising Registration helps nonprofits meet the requirements of the 2008 revision to the 990. A national firm they can work with any nonprofit to get them registered with the states to raise funds legally.
    Affinity solves any nonprofit's multi-state charitable registration challenges with an awesome staff and our online Single Portal® system. You get cutting edge resources and trusted services at nonprofit prices.
    Discover why you need to register
    Find out where you need to register
    Learn what it takes to get and stay registered

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    100 Days of Giving Black with Allen Kwabena Frimpong

    in Non-Profit

    Allen Kwabena Frimpong is a philanthropic strategist and capacity building consultant. Allen is activist member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, and also is an organizer for #BlackLivesMatter NYC. He has been creating opportunities for children and families to improve their health and well-being globally for over 10 years; conducting participatory planning and developing strategies  toward improving quality of life outcomes in predominantly Black communities. Allen has also mobilized young people internationally doing advocacy work on issues of children’s rights, harm reduction, and drug policy. He has worked with key partners such as UNICEF, UNODC, UNAIDS, and MTV Staying Alive Foundation at YouthRISE.org as the International Network Coordinator. Allen has also provided capacity-building and technical assistance to public health agencies nationally. He has been published in several academic journals, such as the International Journal of Drug Policy. Additionally, he has been featured on NPR discussing issues of movement-building and organizing in marginalized communities. He currently resides in Jersey City, NJ. 

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    Christmas Day Special w/Host Pastor James Harden

    in Non-Profit

    Today special guests and wishes for Christmas Day

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    AVIDD strives to be a voice for victims of impaired and distracted driving. Whether the victim has lost someone or have had some that was injured or they themselves were injured; AVIDD wants to be their voice. AVIDD strives to educate the public on the dangers of impaired and distracted driving anthe impact it has on those around them.

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    AU4Humanity's Premiere of our newest title "Tent City: Tragedy Turned Triumph"

    in Non-Profit

    Join us in Our Effort to Help the Homeless! Controversy surrounded Charleston, WV after Mayor Danny Jones ordered Tent City to be dismantled on the coldest day of the year; several members of the community took measures to help the local encampment residents.
    Kshir, Roberts and Tornerup penned several heart felt chapters and poems based on several Tent City residents personal experiences and those of Andrew Palmer, the creator of "West Virginia's Most Wanted" and local man who was once homeless himself, who helped local encampment residents get off the streets and into The House of Hope.
    The book features several guest writers; Rev. Darick J. Biondi and Papa Don; and poet (Warren Van Gaasbeck) who share their opinions, views and personal bouts with helping the homeless.
    Available in Paperback and eBook formats!  
    Currently Tent City: Tragedy Turned Triumph has a 5 star rating and  top 100 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > Two hours or more (65-100 pages).