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DIVERSITY MAKES A DIFFERENCE BlogTalkUSA is a network of individuals broadcasting from many different cities and states across the country and from all walks of life, who share in the belief that diversity is our greatest strength! Rather than allow man-made barriers to exist between us, we choose to take down those barriers, listen to and learn from others, and embrace our differences. Every human being has something of value to share and every one of us has room to grow, gaining perspective, insight, and knowledge from those who's journey through life may have been and may be completely foreign to that of our own. The BlogTalkUSA team adheres to the principle of respect for every individual who offers their opinion and perspective in a thoughtful and respectful manner. The BlogTalkUSA team also shares in the philosophy that open and honest dialogue on even the toughest of issues is a roadmap to unity. Knowledge and understanding can help us avoid unnecessary division! BlogTalkUSA is making a positive difference every single day. Join us, and let's change the world together!

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Former FBI profiler and noted author Kenneth Lanning wrote that men sexually attracted to young adolescent boys are the most persistent and prolific child molesters known to the criminal justice systems. Studies have shown that male-target pedophiles may have significantly more victims over the course of their lifetime, as well as higher recidivism rates when compared to female-target offenders. This workshop will take a closer look at men who are sexually attracted to boys. The presentation is based, in part, on a series of prison interviews conducted by the presenter with more than 75 convicted child molesters, but it will also touch on other more extensive research involving larger groups of offenders.
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Tune in to Eyes Wide Open: DemBlogTalk on BlogTalk USA (and visit DemBlogNews) for current events in the news and politics as well as updates and analysis on both sides of the political isle as we journey along the campaign trail... more

Marvelous Monday with Dr. Shirley McKellar and Bishop L.J. Guillory is always the way to start the week! In 2016 we will make some important decisions about the direction of our country and the lives of American people and families. It... more

Rap It Up LIVE is an opportunity for Pastor A.F. Riggins to discuss current events in news and politics with a live audience and callers! Each Sunday night we discuss current issues of relevance for our world, our country, our communities,... more

The Ombudsman Press Show: stimulating talk, live-callers,cutting edge interviews, and the uncut local, state and national news that will inform taxpayers of the most paramount information that will keep them up-to-date when it comes to politics,... more

Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS Discussion October 23rd 4:30pm MST, 3:30pm PT, 5:30pm CT and 6:30pm EST call in and join the discussion at 515- 605-9375 or listen online at the above times www.blogtalkusa.com Women with HIV have... more

Special Edition: DemBlogTalk Post Debate Show Michael and Rheana will be LIVE tonight to give a full break down and review of the third and final presidential debate!

This week we chop it up in the kitchen on matters that mean the most to you. We have provided an open topic depository on the Gumbo Mix Facebook page. Call in to add your flavor of choice on topics that we can delve into by dialing the... more

A View From The Top with Dr. Shirley McKellar Post Debate Show after the LAST Debate!

Darrell Gardner's Horsemanship was founded upon four principles: Showing Your Horse Love By expressing love to your horse it helps to build a good relationship and strong bond. This will lead to a better response from your horse. Gaining... more

Real People, Real Life, Real Answers: Real Life Bible Study with Pastor A F Riggins with a focus on spiritual growth and encourages every Christian to cultivate and nurture his or her relationship with God through Christ rather than... more
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