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  • Strategically Aligning Revenue Marketing With a Three-Year Plan

    in Marketing

    Revenue Marketing transforms the role of marketing in a company from being a cost center to a revenue center. During this transformation, where and how marketing aligns to company strategy can and should change significantly. Join us as Beki Scarbrough, VP, Integrated Marketing at CA discusses how and why she built a 3-year strategic plan for Revenue Marketing.  Beki will share lessons learned that you can put into place for your own long-range plans.    

  • Business Lunch with OB

    in Business

    Business Lunch with OB is 60 powerful minutes to help you move closer to optimal at work and life and make tomorrow better than today.  It’s hosted by Michael O’Brien aka OB.  Michael is a business leadership coach, motivational speaker, and president of Peloton Coaching and Consulting. (www.pelotoncc.net). 
    Michael brings 22 years of leadership and executive experience to his coaching practice. He’s seen success in the field, the conference room, and the boardroom.  Peloton Coaching and Consulting aligns with his passion of business leadership development and changing lives through great leadership. He is solely focused on helping his clients.

  • 2015 Vision Casting: The Origin Bakery Story

    in Business

    Learn how two best friends in high school founded Origin Bakery in Victoria, BC, Canada and expanded into multiple locations and built a million dollar company in the process.
    Tara and Marion share 3 tips:
    1. Find a niche.
    2. Plan and execute accordingly.
    3. Learn to adapt.

  • Grow Your Business by Marketing to New Neighbors

    in Business

    On June 24 my guest will be Elizabeth Kim.  Elizabeth is the franchise owner of Welcomemat Services of NYC, a provider of turnkey marketing solutions which connect local businesses to new affluent neighbors moving into the area every month.  She was formerly a VP of Business Development at Thesys Technologies, a financial technology provider in the high frequency trading marketplace.  Prior to Thesys, she was an equities trader at Jefferies.  Elizabeth graduated from MIT with a dual degree in Economics and Management Science, with a concentration in finance.  She is currently a member of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and lives in Union Square, Manhattan.  She enjoys yoga, dancing, and figure skating.  Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @welcomematnyc.

  • The Exit Coach Radio Show with Bill Black

    in Management

    Bill Black interviews 9 top Advisors, Authors and Thought leaders for their Tips, Ideas and Precautions so you can be well-planned. Join us every week for the full show or listen to individual episodes daily by clicking on "The Exit Coach Radio Show" at www.ExitCoachRadio.com. You can also search our Audio Library and find archived interviews (search by Guest name or browse over 35 topic folders.)

  • 2015 Vision Casting: Prime Pizza by Cristen Decarolis Dallas

    in Business

    Cristen co-founded Pizzeria Prima Strada with her husband Geoffrey Dallas. Today she oversees the growth strategy, finance, operations, marketing, and brand development for the company. She brings an extensive experience in facilities, operations and real estate management to the team she runs right now. 
    Cristen shares an important tip: 
    On marketing your product: “The other part was to hit all the demographics that we could. Once again, I think pizza has a lot of universal appeal so we look at not just print advertising which we’ve actually dialled back a little bit this year, but a whole kind of program: we do a lot with instagram, we do a lot with facebook, we do a lot with twitter, we do a great blog and website, and monthly newsletters with people that subscribe. So we spent a lot of time and energy making sure that we’re covering a wide range.”

  • How to Use Solar Energy to Stay Mobile and Active

    in Business

    On July 1 my guest will be Nagwa Awad.   Nagwa graduated as a Computer Engineer with a minor in Business Administration at a time when the graduating class in technology was predominantly men.  She started her career as a programmer and eventually was promoted to System Project Manager.  She left a successful career in technology because of a passion for investing.  She survived three stock market crashes with a healthy portfolio in tech stocks.  Nagwa is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems.  Her hobbies include hiking, traveling and hiking while traveling.  She launched Dawan Global in 2013 and enjoyed unanticipated success because there is a need for mobility and green energy.  Everyone needs their phone wherever they go.  There is a real demand to find something that really keeps everyone mobile and unplugged.  Because she has been at the forefront of technology and innovation, she has made it her mission to only offer products that have three facets (solar, mobile, practical) to save the environment for our future generations while maintaining independence.

  • Hearing Loss and the Connection to Chronic Health Ailments

    in Business

    Only July 15 my guest will be Dr. Craig Kasper, Founder & Chief Audiology Officer of NYHD - New York Hearing Doctors. Recognized as one of the Future Leaders of Audiology by his colleagues and the American Academy of Audiology, Dr. Kasper has been at the front lines of public education and hearing healthcare service for over 17 years. He completed his Doctorate of Audiology at the University of Florida and earned his Master’s degree with clinical honors from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Dr. Kasper is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA). He has appeared on numerous media outlets throughout the years serving as a resource on hearing health, technology and wellness.

  • "Economics 101: Church Planting!"

    in Finance

    CHurch planting has deviated greatly from the Missionary Journeys of Paul, Timothy and Barnabas 2,000 years ago!
    Today...it's all about the money!
    The more churches you plant, the more people tithe. the more they tithe, the more money the Pastor makes.
    It's simple. It's Economics 101 in the church: you REAP... they SOW!
    We gonna hurt some feelin's this mornin'!

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