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    #105 The Dumb Leaders Podcast - The Micro-Manager and How to Deal With Them

    in Management

    Episode 105 diving into the depths of dumb with our dissection of the micro-manager. The micro-manager is #1 on the list of dumb leaders and in this episode we explore to find out:
    What makes them tick? Typically the results they achieve How to deal with one. How to stop being one, if you are one. A fresh discussion and a fresh approach to leadership development.
    If you know a micro-manager, or have worked with one, you will identify with this session. If not take the learnings now and get ready, because it is odds on you will work with one.
    Hope you take away some value from today's podcast.
    At dumbleaders.com

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    Episode One: Introducing the Performance I Create Podcast

    in Management

    A new era begins for the Performance I Create team!  Sarah Williams, SPHR (@thebuzzonhr) & Kyle Jones (@kylemj6977) team-up to co-host the #PICHRSHOW.
    The Performance I Create Podcast is based on the website of the same name which consists of 12 HR professionals who share their knowledge and unique experiences about work, human resources, and life. The focus is on process improvement and, well,...performance. Our podcasts will offer more insight into our thoughts, lives and methods of operation. And of course, we are going to have a great time discussing what's really important in the real world today.
    This episode features the first installment of HR Buzz Topics. Sarah and Kyle welcome Dave Ryan, Tiffany Kuehl, and Heather Kinzie to the Buzz Topics Table.  

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    How to Conduct Originator’s Coaching Sessions to Get Buy-in and Improve Sales

    in Management

    All managers know how important coaching is in improving sales production, but how to do it effectively is not well understood. This episode discusses why managers should coach but also how to conduct a meaningful coaching impact conversation; how to make the conversation a safe conversation; and  how to get the originator to “own the answer”.

  • 01:59

    Blogtalk's TTKLS2 presents: Adjusting to Change: Unfollow the Negative

    in Management

    Show will help listeners discover potentials necessary for adjustment of attitudes,spiritual climate,physical development and more.

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    Sales Leadership with Marsha Jones, the right stuff

    in Management

    Diversity In Selling host David Tyson discusses selling in a multicultural America with Regional VP of Sales Marsha Jones. Marsha is a 20 year sales leader with Grainger.
    Block out 20 minutes and listen to this edition of Diversity In Selling!

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    The PMP Prep Takes Patience

    in Management

    Have you ever had the opportunity to take an exam, knew everything, but your nerves got the best of you?
    How about when situations are out of your control and you are stuck not knowing what do?
    Our Guest Aliya Sagarwala, PMP will share the multiple challenges experienced and how, through her sprititual connections, she was able to remail calm to finially achieve her PMP.
    Her challenges were many and you will learn much from her experience.
    This testimony will also be translated into Urdu.

  • 01:46

    Exit Coach Radio

    in Management

    Bill Black interviews top business Advisors & Authors

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    RJ Milnor, Talent Analytics Lead, Chevron

    in Management

    Over the past 15 years, RJ Milnor has emerged as one of the most accomplished consultants and practitioners in the fields of talent planning, analytics, and reporting.  His career has taken him from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), where he contributed to and presented leading-edge research, to Citrix, Equifax, and now Chevron.  At Chevron he leads enterprise-wide talent analytics.  He consequently spends much of his time serving as a researched-based talent advisor to executives across the globe.  He's particularly involved in strategic business planning of which talent considerations (related costs, mobility, recruiting needs, etc.) play an integral part.  RJ's efforts are an outstanding example of not only getting a seat at the leadership table, but having a table they want to visit and contribute to on frequent, recurring basis.  In this session RJ and Al explore emerging opportunities for people/talent analytics and how these opportunities, if realized, will affect the employee experience as well as how leaders forecast and formulate talent-related strategies.

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    Inaugural MT Case Study Responses - and What Happened - Part 1

    in Management

    We respond to listeners' recommendations to the Inaugural MT Case Study, and reveal what actually happened.

  • 01:52

    Speak to Black America

    in Management

    Making a change in America through the eyes of African American.
    Join in with Loretta Armstron, Becky Green and Dana Pierce speak about general topics dealing with family, community, politics, and religion.
    This is a 2 hour talk show airing out freedom of speech. If your interested in being on the show contact Dana P at: dpierce@parkingreservationsoftware.com

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    Robin Kinnie: Making a Mark, Making a Difference, Making a Community of Voices

    in Management

    Robin Kinnie is a woman making history. And it's happening not just in the Motor City - but worldwide. 
    Her company, The Kinnie Media Group,LLC launched an internet radio station, Motor City Woman Radio Network, the only station dedicated to inspiration, motivation and information that helps women lead more fulfilling lives. No radio station exists that solely strives to serve women with smart, lively conversation. The station features an all-female lineup of show hosts. Shows range from career and personal development to entrepreneurship and spiritual growth.
    She is a wife, mom and career woman. And women like her are always in need of tools, resources and information that help them in all aspects of their life. Robin Kinnie, an avid talk radio fan, couldn’t locate a show that spoke to her interests and goals. She said she didn’t want one show or one segment dedicated to women. She wanted an entire station but couldn’t find one so she created it.
    Kinnie has been hosting events, sharing positive information through an active social media presence and partnering with organizations and initiatives dedicated to helping women since 2015 and now the Network can make a greater impact worldwide. 
    For more information about Motor City Woman Radio Networ, events and news and to listen live or download the mobile app log on to http://www.motorcitywoman.com