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    Taking Back Your Power To Becoming a Master Manifestor

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    Here in Part 5 of 20 we continue to unveil the Ultimate Success Equation and how it relates to the 'Consciousness Code' and ultimately to you being able to fully 'TAKE BACK YOUR POWER'.
    On this show we are going to talk about ESP and no, this one is not the mind reading ESP... we are talking about EMPOWERED SKILL-SET PERSPECTIVE.  Having this type of ESP is absolutely imperative to create a Commitment that actually is in alignment with the Universe so that you can manifest the things you want and need.
    Join us and learn this imperative part of the 2nd segment of the ULTIMATE SUCCESS EQUATION!
    Don't forget to listen to the first four shows as well - no one on the planet has created and taught this formula before and it is critical to understand all of the parts if you want to be Master Manifesters like Jan and Bill.
    We also invite you to MoorePowerfulPeople.com to learn even more!

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    Talking About Economy and ho you can save!

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    Is freedom a right or a desire?

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    People often mistake freedom as a right that all humans have that enables them to pursue personal happiness.Simplistically speaking, freedom is the attainment of the "thing" that makes you free - free to be. Some might mistake this freedom for money, but what good is that money if happiness is a myth that escapes your realm of existence? Some believe letting go of an unpleasant situation can make you free but what about the consequences of letting go to the point of purging? Are you free of the ties that bind you emotionally, physically, psychologically? What will it take for you to be free? Let us discuss the impact the ideal of freedom has on your happiness. Can we really be happy without attaining that which makes us feel unoppressed.

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    Sit or Stand; The Learning Series: Session 6 of 6

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    Join us for the 6th and final installment of SIT OR STAND; The Learning Series.  This week we will be discussing  the following chapters.  You can purchase and download an E-Copy of Sit or Stand at http://www.corygeorgemedia.com/sitorstand.  This show is broadcast live and we welcome your calls and your participation in the chat program.  You may walk away with your own personally signed copy of Sit or Stand.
    Chapter 13:   Driving Beyond the Stop Signs
    ·         Personal Pledge
    ·         What is a detour
    ·         The purpose of life's detours
    ·         Derailments may affect the PLAN but not the GOAL
    Chapter 14:  Paying it Forward and Build Your Legacy
    ·         Personal Pledge
    ·         Definition of Legacy and why it is important in terms of living with intent
    ·         Honoring those who helped you by passing on the lessons
    ·         Knowing your responsibility in the world
    ·         End of Chapter Exercise:  Capstone Questionnaire

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    The Desire for Change

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    Desire is only the beginning – to desire change is not necessarily to possess change; desire is the bare seed that’s looking for a place to be planted. For change to take place, we've got to "get down and get dirty"!

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    Harnessing Authentic Power through Emotional Awareness

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    Free To BE Love Radio with host Jennifer Bailey, Every other Tuesday at 6pm PST - Call In number is 646-200-3192
    The perfect resource for a Positive Mindset, Personal Empowerment, Health & Well-Being toward a joyful experience of "Wholistic" Living for the Mind, Body and Spirit.
    Tuesday, April 10th segment is to support you in relieving stress in the moment, eliminate anxiety, conquer depression and build beautiful healthy relationships.
    If you are someone like me who is challenged by any of these kinds of problems you may be unsure of your ability to help yourself but I just want to share with you it is entirely possible when you understand your emotions and the benefits of tuning into them.  There are a plethora of positive changes that can be made in your life once you learn how to harness the power of your emotions.  You can change the way you feel, think and act.  And you can achieve this by practicing 2 core awareness skills.  Join me to learn how to harness your authentic power through emotional awareness.
    Free To BE Love radio will provide an in depth focus on the leaders and topics of self-help, consciousness, personal development and spirituality.

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    Bible Perspective on Family Abuse

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    Dr. J, author of soon-to-be best-selling novel, The Last Visitor (including author of 12 books  and 3 screenplays), business owner, nonprofit director, certified educator, and ordained minister, delivers frank, open, bold, and honest truth about every aspect of humanity's problems that people have been too afraid or unwilling to address, expose, and resolve.
    This week Dr. J continues to discuss family abuse from the viewpoint of the highest authority:  The Bible
    Recommended Reads: Why I Should Hate Men, But Don't

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    Building Your Wealth Through Education

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    This week, join Dr Dawj as she discusses the importance of wealth building for a more purposeful life. Motivation, inspiration and empowerment for today's royal people! Join us for enlightening snippets about leadership, education and empowerment related to people, the community and just random royal thoughts by Dr. Dawj and guests.

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    Live With The DJ

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    2nd show and time to get familiar with the voice in these air waves. DJ Undone is taking all the unknown out of the realationship with his listeners. So have a Happy Easter and drop your boy a line.

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    And the Meek Shall Inherit

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    Welcome to the Good Friday Show.
    What does it mean, "...and the meek shall inherit"? 
    Who are the meek? Why will they inherit the Earth? 

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