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    The word Shame is there such a word today with a real meaning that others pay attention to or does people have any shame any more.  Shame embrassed or guilt.      




















    Jesus in the Morning Radio Talk Show bringing information daily mainly through a live Guest Speaker. Sharing the word of God in spirit and in truth.

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    Be Free From Shame

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    Does shame have a grip on you? In this episode we talk about the negative effects of shame and how to be free!

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    Shame: Does it have a grip on You?

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    Does shame drive your life? Do the feelings of guilt and shame control you? Learn to shed the victim mentality and kick shame to the curb!

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    TLD Health Network - The Shame Cycle and How to Change it

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    Today, I’m welcoming Kate Greene, founder and CEO of TLD Health Network, to the show to talk about shame. Such a strong word, yet sadly, we all carry some form of shame in our innermost heart and mind and don’t realize how it impacts us day-to-day. Kate and I will be talking about what shame is, where it comes from, why we hang onto it, and how to lose it for good.


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    Kate Greene A.A., BSW

    Founder and CEO of The Lions Den Resource Center

    Website: http://www.thelionsdenresourcecenter.com



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    "CleftCast" on Breaking the Shame Cycle

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    Shame is a really powerful emotion that many people feel deep within their bodies, whether it is mentally or emotionally. Host Joe Rutland talks about how shame can affect those in the cleft and craniofacial community, define the difference between shame and guilt, and provides a couple of proactive steps to break the cycle of shame. This and much more in this week's "CleftCast" #podcast. Get in touch with Joe on Twitter at @JoeRutland or on Facebook at www.facebook.com and type in "Joe Rutland" in the search bar.

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    Shame, Perfectionism, Worry, Discrimination, Abandonment, Damaged Self-Worth

    in Caregiving

    Listen to Maryann Ehman's Story. Maryann was a highly skilled and educated professional, prosecuting attorney, and ministry leader, Maryann struggled with oppressive perfectionism, shame, and worry formed early on by childhood abuse, discrimination, and abandonment. External cultural expectations on women in the workforce and the church, caused further damage to her sense of worth and value.

    However, in His faithfulness, God reshaped her mindset and broke through its limitations when He put the study of His favor in front of her day after day for over a year and a half. Today Maryann leads and coaches those who believe that God has called them to more, but don’t necessarily have the clarity they need, strong sense of their value and identity, or the strategies and systems they need to implement their calling. Suffering burnout 3 time herself, she is an expert in guiding Caregivers in ways to avoid it.

    Join Dave Nassaney, at Dave, The Caregiver's Caregiver Radio Program Today at 3:30pm PST. (24/7 afterwards).  We have a different guest every Saturday at 3:30 pm PST. They just might pick up a tip or two that could make all the difference in the world between surviving, or going over the edge and getting closer to burning out.

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    Prophet or Loss/Have You No Shame

    in Christianity

    On this segment of Truthsharks Radio, we will be discussing the false doctrines and errors that have crept into today's churches. Judgment must begin in the house of God before we can make an impact on the rest of the world. Come and help to crush the errors in our houses of worship.

    My wife and I were looking at pictures of various preachers' homes on a particular website and I couldn't help but shake my head. These rascals say they get a word from God on a regular basis, so why doesn't God reveal to them the shame they bring on themselves and the body of Christ? Could it be they aren't really hearing from God, but from their own ambitions? I will discuss this on the next broadcast.

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    Rape, Molestation, Guilt and Shame; Thank you Bill Cosby.

    in Self Help

    Far too often women (and men) are holding on to guilt and shame of some sexual abuse that happened twenty years or more ago. Why is it that the victims of sexual abuse are the ones that carry the guilt and shame in our society?

    Finally it's time to take these experiences that have been locked-up in the darkest recesses of the heart and bring them to light to be healed once and for all.

    Today I have the privilege to interview Irene Stafford. She will share her healing journey through rape, molestation, guilt and shame and how she was finally able to fully release the love in her heart.

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    Shame: Does it have a grip on you?

    in Women

    Shame is a painful and pervasive emotion in which one believes they are completly flawed and permanently defective. Shame filters color the way we see and hear the world. In this episode, Dawn Scott Damon and the sisterhood exposes shame and shows how to dismantle it from our lives.

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    Turn on the Lights! The Complexity of Shame & Disclosure

    in Lifestyle

    Fear is the reason we wear masks and why many of us are only naked in the dark. Unfortunately shame is not covered under Obama care and that is the purpose or life work we are here to do while we have this time on the planet. Shame diminishes are truth telling ability, we lie to one another and we lie to ourselves. All that we do is based on either love or fear. Shame is fear and the more we are able to combat the fear that lives inside of us, the more opportunity we have to be motivated by love. Love is Freedom from judgment and shame and concealing our most vulnerable selves or what we see as imperfections is one of the many ways we have learned to navigate this dog eat dog world but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can live in fear live in our shame and remain hidden in the dark and never make love with the lights on. Or we can make a personal commitment to work on our own fear and shame, combat it with love and acceptance wear a little less of the mask each day stepping out of the dark and closer to the light until we feel the Sun shining on our full selves reflecting the essence of our truth to the world.

    Join us on Sunday, July 20th at 1pm EST, as we discuss removing the shame in our lives to fully disclosing who we really are in this world. Would love to have you a part of this dialogue, so call (646) 915-9198 to chat with the co-hosts. 

    Not just alive but living...


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    We All Have Shame

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    This is my truth...We all have done things we are not proud of, things that have made us feel less than or unworthy. But what do we do with the shame and the guilt?  I've decided to turn it into a testimony. Don't let the shame of your past define you, use it to become better not bitter.

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