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    The word Shame is there such a word today with a real meaning that others pay attention to or does people have any shame any more.  Shame embrassed or guilt.      




















    Jesus in the Morning Radio Talk Show bringing information daily mainly through a live Guest Speaker. Sharing the word of God in spirit and in truth.

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    Shame on You For Feeling Guilty

    in Spirituality

    Join internationally known transgender psychic, Dr. Lauren Cielo, owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services for Golden Rose Psychic Radio brought to you by 3-Point Virtual Services!

    This week Dr. Cielo discusses the metaphysics of 'shame and guilt' energy and their effects on our spiritual growth. Our ascension results, in part from releasing these lower vibrating energies and Dr. Cielo will give some tips on how to identify and release shame and guilt from your energy fields.

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    Transforming Your Shame into Worthiness

    in Spirituality

    Part 4 of our 4 part Series--Reclaiming Your Worthiness

    Dr. Deirdre J. Burrell, Host

    Patricia Parham, PhD., Guest

    You have been working on breaking patterns of behavior with the help of your support group and invoking the Ascended Masters. Yet, you find yourself discovering new triggers and repeating patterns of shame-based behavior. Is something wrong with you? Not at all, healing is a process. Miraculous healings are instantaneous, but only last if the cause and core of the problem has been transmuted.

    Permanent healing is a do it yourself project. You will heal increment by increment, day by day. Keep working. Your Holy Christ Self and body elemental will provide comfort and guidance as you use the Science of the Spoken Word to re-claim your worthiness. 

    As you continue to heal your psychology, you will transform your shame.  No longer being the victim you rise to the place of survivor.  Eventually you will be VICTORIOUS.

    Join us Tuesday June 9, 2015 @ 8:30 PM CST to find out how we will continue this healing journey.

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    Part 2 Self-Forgiveness with Matrix Reimprinting: Put an end to Guilt and Shame

    in Self Help

    In Part 1 we discussed Forgiveness of others. During today’s program I will demonstrate with a practice client Matrix Reimprinting as a powerful tool for forgiving yourself. When you go back and help your “ECHO’S” to forgive themselves, you free up so much energy and power, and you are able to open your heart and acknowledge your True Self.

    When we can’t forgive ourselves, this indicates that we are holding on to a great deal of guilt and shame about something we have said or done. This keeps us at a very low energy vibration and leads us into self-punishment.   We may also end up sabotaging ourselves, holding ourselves back from enjoying life, and perpetuating a deep sense of unworthiness.

    Once we truly forgive ourselves and see ourselves through the eyes of LOVE, it becomes much easier to forgive others. This is life-changing; we are able to enjoy life with a deep sense of purpose, have healthier relationships, and enjoy peace of mind.

    Hello, I'm Judy Wolvington. It is my passion to help you build self-mastery and personal empowerment.  I’d like to offer you a FREE gift to help you get you started on Unleashing Your Authentic Power. It’s called the Unleash Your Power Blueprint, and all you have to do to claim your gift is to go to www.UnleashYourAuthenticPower.com.


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    Shame In The Black Community: Helping One Another - Season 2 - Episode 2

    in Lifestyle

    Topic: Shame In The Black Community: Helping One Another 

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    Third Soul Lesson/Theme - "Riddled with shame,with guilt? There is a reason!"

    in Self Help

    Is your self-talk the most critical conversation you have?

    Do you sometimes fear failure, and yet you’re petrified of success?

    Do you feel shame or guilt that gets projected onto others, or is even used to harshly judge yourself?

    Are you willing to believe you are here for a reason ... there is a purpose to this pain ... there are lessons your soul wants you to master so you can release these gut-wrenching patterns and finally experience acceptance and self love?

    In this 4th broadcast of her 8-part series Cathryn gives you all you need to begin to identify, neutralize, and resolve your soul lessons inherent in the need to be perfect, in feeling shame, guilt, judgment, and projecting these on to others, as well as yourself.  

    Be guided through the interactive tapping™ sequences that address your limiting beliefs and unresolved feelings about those moments that lack compassion and love.

    Identify where those moments are stored in your body and release them.

    Resolve the original wound of not feeling “good enough” so you attract compassion and acceptance, experience a sense of self worth, and can express universal love.

    If this material stimulates questions take advantage of Cathryn's offer for a FREE 15-minute assessment. Get direction and guidance on how this material may best benefit you.

    If interested, ask about her Special 7-Themes of the Soul package!

    To obtain more information on Cathryn's modality please visit her website at http://www.EFTForYourInnerChildAndSoul.com

    To schedule a one-to-one consult please call Cathryn directly at 612.710.7720.

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    Your Soul's Evolution and Shame

    in Self Help

    If the Soul is already perfect and complete does it 'evolve'? Is the concept of 'Soul Evolution' just a shame-based by-product of our old school religious cultural spells? Find out Robert's riveting insights on this topic! 

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    Transforming Your Shame into Worthiness

    in Spirituality

    Host:  Dr. Deirdre J. Burrell, DAOMc, LAc.


    Transforming Your Shame into Worthiness

    Part 3: Healing Your Psychology

    Guest:  Patricia A. Parham, Ph.D.

                In Part 3 Dr. Pat will show us how it is sometimes possible to change negative behaviors by force of will or by removing yourself from persons and situations which push your buttons. But even though these are effective, she says they are only temporary solutions to dealing with shame.  In order to eradicate the cause and core of shame, one must begin with the most recent event and work backwards to its root cause in this life.

    The Ascended Masters Kuthumi and Lord Krishna offer their assistance, as well as practical strategies, to heal your psychology.  Coupled with the violet flame, these tools eradicate the pain inflicted by parents and significant others. The road to permanent healing begins here.

    Join us and learn about the Ascended Masters Kuthumi and Lord Krishna, as well as how the violet flame can be a tool you can use to eradicate the pain. 

    Our guest, Patricia Parham, PhD. is a Community Psychologist, who is also an Organization Development Practitioner and Leadership Coach, who has more than 20 years experience working with private, non-profit and government organizations. She specializes in leadership development, coaching, and organizational change.

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    How Shame & Guilt Play Into Relationships

    in Relationships

    On this podcast, I talk about Toxic Shame versus Healthy Shame, and how these emotions create distance and tension in relationships.

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    The Hall of Shame (SHOWcase of the Mortals Edition)

    in Comedy

    Last episode the boys from the FAT Universe inducted their first class into "The Jim Varney Memorial Fuzzz and Travis Hall of Fame"! This week the guys return to let you know who they think should be in their Hall of Shame. None of you dared to call in and dispute our choices. The challenge remains the same! Call into the FATline and give us your Hall of Shame inductees. You never know, we might just throw you a bone, if you are nice.