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  • Leadership When Things Don't Go Your Way

    in Dads and Family

    Leadership When Things Don't Go Your Way - candid conversation on the aftermath of Super Bowl 50 the Carolina Panthers losing to the Denver Broncos; so much can be said about Cam Newton press conference/interview. Could he have handled himself any better? How would you have handled the interview after an emotional defeat? How well do we parent when things aren't going as planned? How well do you lead when things don't go your way? Tune in and chime in....

  • Bad Breeds: What's the Real Story?

    in Pets

    We've all heard about various breeds of dogs who've gotten a bad rap.  Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers--but are the negative beliefs about these animals warranted?  Do these dogs inherently have bad temperaments?  Are they more likely to attack? Or could it all simply be the way they're raised nd handled?  In this episode of The Missy Show, we explore all these questions and more.  If you've ever considered adopting one of these dogs, but have had reservations, be sure to check out this episode, Saturday, February 13th at 5p.m. Central.

  • The Sibe Vibe presents Nanette Willis

    in Pets

    Join host, Dorothy Wills-Raftery as she hosts, The Sibe Vibe! On this episode we'll be talking healthy sweet treats for our dogs with Nanette Willis, owner and baker of Sassy's Goodies in Missouri. Website: http://sassysgoodies.net/

  • "Domestic Violence in the Nigerian Community At Home And Abroad".

    in Friends

    Welcome to Chatting with The Village on Moji's World with me your host Moji Solar - Percy, co hosting with me today is Missis Robinson from the UK. This week we will be chatting about "Domestic violence in the nigerian community at home and abroad".
    Domestic violence in Nigeria is a problem as in many parts of Africa. There is a deep cultural belief in Nigeria that it is socially acceptable to hit  a woman to discipline a spouse, most of us grew up seeing withnessing this daily. Domestic violence is widespread and shows no signs of lessening in Nigeria, as a matter of fact there has been quiet a number of reported and unreported incedences here in the US. Some went as far as killing their spouse.
    Joining us for this weeks topic are our panel mambers Cathy Audu, Folashade IT- Chic, Tai Oderinde Abeleshindogba and Taiwo Lawrence.
    Please join us this Sunday February 14th, 2016 at 5:00pm (EST), 10:00pm (GMT) and 11:00pm (+1GMT)  by calling 646-668-8625.

  • TS Radio: Scott Kiley & State Sponsored Abduction & Kidnap of his Mother

    in Parents

    Scott Kiley joins thew show to discuss the state sanctioned kidnapping of his mother, forcing her into a guardianship which Scott describes as "state sanctioned abduction,kidnapping,hostage-taking". Professional fiduciary James Moore was called in by the hospital, conducting an "interview" with my mother while she was massively drugged after hip surgery.  It was Moore who "diagnosed" my mother with dementia.
    Moore keeps my mother heavily drugged and confined to her bed. My mom is in grave danger now of prescription drug toxic poisoning and early premature death. I need to undo that to prevent permanent conservatorship by Moore on March 17th and literally SAVE HER LIFE!
    Mercy Hospital in Sacramento seems to have a pattern, practice, custom of medical malpractice ,medical misdiagnosis of calling physically infirm sane people who are elderly,"insane",so that in conjunction with state, county officials, money can be made by lawyers, judges and professional fiduciaries, to steal people's lives, monies,bankrupting them, destroying families and making them homeless in so doing.

  • God's Favorites Ministry

    in Family

    Have you lost a loved one?
    Son or daughter to drugs or to the prison walls.
    Maybe slain by the bullet, etc.
    God's Favorites are reaching out to help heal your hurts
    Jesus said in Matt. 11:28, Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden,and I will give you rest.

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  • Welcome back

    in Friends

    Getting back to my people opening up and letting people tell me there stories and lets talk about it and face facts

  • Optimize My Life

    in Family

    Living Fruitful Lives

  • 3 Steps to Combat Lonely in Wired World

    in Friends

    The stats say your audience is lonely despite being surrounded by people on and off line. I have the pleasure of working with local SF author Kira Asatryan, who offers a loneliness antidote in new book STOP BEING LONELY: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships. 
    According to Kira Asatryan (Ah-sat-ree-an), author of Stop Being Lonely: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships, it’s not a lack of people in our lives, it is a lack of feeling that speaks to the heart of this new loneliness.
    But there is good news — your audience has the power to create closeness with any willing partner. Closeness is the foundation of all happy and long-lasting relationships, whether romantic, platonic, familial, or business, she says. 
    The key to getting closer is shifting one’s perspective and getting in touch with knowing and caring. Knowing and caring are a powerful combination, she maintains. They create the feeling that another person not only knows your deepest, truest self, but is actively engaged in keeping your deepest, truest self well. 

  • "Men Talk Monday" The Pressure of Being A Black Man

    in Family

    Men do feel pressure to be physically big, have strength, and the ability to use violence if necessary to gain power.  Advertisements are common places where violence is depicted to show masculinity.  Many advertisements are geared toward the white working class men. These men have less access to more abstract forms of masculine validating power, like economic power or workplace authority, so the physical body and its potential for violence provide a concrete means of achieving and asserting man hood. The “real man” that Brod talks about, which is seen throughout several male icons in advertisements, is almost impossible to fully achieve. So why do males strive so hard to achieve this physically strong aggressive masculine persona? Is it the feeling of dissatisfaction and insecurity that make men so compelled to grasp tightly onto these violent male icons? According to Katz, males seem to think that they can find their masculine identity through “the use of their body as an instrument of power, dominance, and control,” especially for working class males. This is embedded in boys at an early age.  While girls are playing with skinny perfect Barbie dolls, young boys want the newest Transformers and G.I. Joe dolls, all characters who play violent roles and are abnormally muscular. 

  • Mother’s Milk #SamiyyahSaafirMuhammad 323.927.2913

    in Family

    Samiyyah Saafir-Muhammad was born Jacqueline Glover in New York City in 1951. After spending her early years in foster care, moving four times before the age of three, she settled in with her aunt, following her father’s passing.
    While still in elementary school Samiyyah took an interest in helping other students do well, joining “The Future Teachers’ Club” in the fifth grade. As a high school student, Samiyyah became aware her people’s struggle for freedom—witnessing civil rights demonstrations, protests, assassinations and riots—and decided she wanted to help somehow.  It was in this atmosphere that she went off to Northeastern University in Boston where she majored in Education. Her stay there was short-lived, however, as she was introduced to the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and thereafter joined the Nation of Islam. Within the Nation of Islam’s Muhammad University, Samiyyah underwent educational training and worked as a teacher’s assistant.
    Since 2005, Samiyyah has had the privilege of serving as the Directress at Muhammad University of Islam in Atlanta, which serves students from Pre-K to the eighth grade. She has been blessed to carry on the 84-year educational tradition, which was started by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his brave followers in the 1930’s.
    A widow after 35 years of marriage, Samiyyah presently enjoys the blessing of her and her husband’s nine children: six sons and three daughters, all of whom attended or are attending HBCUs. Samiyyah has been a mother to not only her nine children, but also to her two stepchildren, her nieces and nephews, her eight grandchildren and countless other children and adults in the community who come to her for advice, wisdom and guidance. Affectionately called MamaMiyyah, Samiyyah’s house is never empty. 

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