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  • The Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show

    in Pets

    The Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show returns to The Wacko Radio Network on Sunday August 30th 2015 at Midnight Europe Time, 11 PM UK Time, 6 PM EST, 5 PM CST, 4 PM MST, 3 PM PST. This episode marks the new radio season on The Wacko Radio Network. The show will be produced by Wacko Bob Guercia the owner of the Wacko Radio Network and with the new season the hosts Jungle Jim Carmark and Willy The Beast Forrest. This show will feature two parts one part talking about freshwater aquarium keeping and the aquarium news from that aspect and then Steve Allen from the Boston Reef Club and The Boston Aquarium Club will join the hosts for the second part of the program to discuss what is happening in the marine aquarium hobby Artwork by Neil Myles: Tune into the starting program of the new radio season as the hosts return to host The Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show on The Wacko Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio

  • Parents Perspective ....... W/ Mr. Keith Willis founder of MOSS Movement

    in Parents

    MOSS Movement equal character buildin

  • Marcas del pasado: Cargando las cadenas del ayer II

    in Family

    El dia de hoy nos preguntaremos: Cuales fueron los hechos que marcaron mi vida para siempre?
    Nuestro presente en muchas ocasiones es la consecuencia de la forma en que vivimos nuestro pasado. Sin embargo, las huellas del pasado no tienen que marcar nuestra vida para siempre.
    Todas esas memorias que generan efectos negativos en nuestras vidas, no tienen por que permanecer con nosotros. Juntos vamos a encontrar el camino a una vida de libertad y en donde dejar el pasado atras, es ahora un objetivo al alcance de nuestras manos.

  • What Happen To My Inheritance?

    in Family

    The show is centered around end of life EstatePlanning preparation. It will address and take comments and questions about Estate Planning & family inheritance testimonies. Follow us at: http://www.whathappentomyinheritance.blogspot.com for commentary, updates, and biz intelligence from entrepreneurs, by leading business lawyers & the testimonies and woe's of those whose Family Generational Inheritance and or material wealth is in jeopardy or jeopardized.

  • Education 4 All Radio Show: School Doesn't Cancel Summer Fun!

    in Moms and Family

    Join Host Dr. Carletta D. Washington as she discusses tips for helping families to continue enjoying summer--even though school has begun!
    Call in to share your ideas!
    Special thanks to our Individual Sponsors, Eddie & Maxine Jordan, II
    Special thanks to our Corporate Celebrity Sponsor, Mr. Willie Moore, Jr. Founder of WILFLO Music & The Young, Fly, & Saved Movement: http://www.williemoorejr.org
    If you would like sponsor a show, please contact Host Dr. Carletta D. Washington at: carletta@education4allinc.com
    To learn more about Education 4 All, Inc. visit: http://www.education4allinc.com
    Like and Follow us:
    Facebook @education4allincstl Instagram @education4allincstl Twitter @ed4allincstl

  • Words from the Well w/ Wendy L. Harvey

    in Family

    Words from the Well w/ Wendy L. Harvey

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  • God's Favorites Ministry

    in Family

    Have you lost a love one?
    Son or daughter to drugs or the prison walls.
    Maybe slain by the bullet, etc.
    God's Favorites are reaching out to heal your hurts.
    Jesus said in Matt. 11:28, Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I dwill give you rest.

  • Mommy Do Yo Thang Presents: Mommy Get Yo Money Straight

    in Moms and Family

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with you having it all Mommy. Health, wealth, happiness, love, etc. The only issue with having it all is most Mommy's, especially if you're single don't think they can have it all. As a Mother we have many concerns. Being financially secure is one issue that most single moms battle daily. We don't want to always have to struggle to make the ends meet. We want to be able to provide comfortable lifestyle for our familes without having to kill ourselves doing it.
    That's the inspiration for our next episode of Mommy Do Yo Thang. We gone talk about how to heal our lives financially. Surprisingly, fixing your financial life doesn't start with money. And on our next show we're going to dive deep into how we can get our money right.
    We have projects to complete; bills to pay; activities for the children to invest in and just so much many things that we require that we have some money. It's just that simple. You CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to accomplish as much if you don't have some money to invest.
    We are going to talk about how to get there and how we can support each other on the journey to mending our pocket book.
    Enjoy show show!

  • Kingdom L.I.F.E. w/ Alandis R. Porter

    in Family

    Kingdom L.I.F.E. w/ Alandis R. Porter

  • Ask MomRN Show

    in Family

    Back to school info, health, parenting

  • FANtastic Grandparenting with Lydia Harris

    in Family

    National Grandparents Day is September 13th. Today Maxine and Jeannie talk with grandparenting expert Lydia Harris, the author of more than 1,000 articles, many of them on grandparenting. She delights in her own grandchildren but also believes grandparents are in a perfect position to be the friend, affirmer, and nurturer every young child needs. They can pass the things that matter most in life into their lives.

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Like the TV show, modern families come in all shapes and sizes. Many children are a product of divorce, are in touch with both their biological and adopted parents, have two moms or two dads (or both), or are being raised by their grandparents. No matter how atypical the face of today's family, the values stay the same: love and support. Moms and dads will find plenty of support in BlogTalkRadio's parenting shows, especially those about time-management topics that fit both stay-at-home and working parents: organizing kids' activity schedules, decluttering, reducing the workweek, managing stress, making quick meals and more. We've also got shows about friendship – you know, your family of choice rather than family of origin. Just remember: everyone's family seems dysfunctional in its own way. And family may irritate you, but more often than not, you can always count on family to pick you up from the airport.

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