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  • Real Estate Navigators

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    Real Estate matters

  • Let's Talk Too! Online Fundraiser

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    I'm you host
    Author Sharnel with Co-Host Kevin Brown (husband)
    This will be our 9th Annual Shakil Williams Community Health Event.
    Held in Newark, NJ @ Branch Brook Park, The Shakil Williams Playground.
    We are asking for Donations to continue on making this event a success.
    Once you make your Donation, we will thank you on air.
    To Donate: go to http://www.gofundme.com/shakilw

  • "Family Talk Wednesday" “Grown Folk”Business You Share With Your Children

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    I recall back in the day not really discussing love relationships with adults. I am sure most of us have been told as children to stay out of grown folk’s business. But today it seems more and more parents are involving their children in adult conversations and matters of the heart. The question becomes, how much is too much? Should we disclose our financial realities, the difficulties we are having with our mate or any health challenges that will affect us long term? We never want to give our children a false representation of married or family life. Having them think that relationships and life will be perfect and there won’t be any challenging periods is setting them up for failure. They need to know there will be disagreements and couples won’t always see eye to eye. We must inform them that their relationships will be a direct reflection of the amount of effort they put into it. Instructing them on how to have healthy conflict is critical. Some may think marriage and relationship conversations are grown folk’s business, but our children are watching anyway, so we may as well use it as a teaching moment.

  • The LNP Show S1E36 #Pretenders

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    Join Ted Hicks (Dad, Husband & Son) as he moderates the #LNPShow that discusses the latest trends and game changers in parenting, technology, education, sports & product reviews.
    805p Trabian Shorters is founder and CEO of BMe, a growing network of all races and genders committed to building better communities across the U.S. They are co-editors of the 2015 bestseller, “REACH: 40 Black Men Speak on Living, Leading & Succeeding.” (www.reachwithus.com)
    830p Dr. Harold Reitman's latest book, Aspertools, offers easy, effective tools to understand and manage life with children affected by what is now the world's fastest growing developmental disability. autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 
    845p Rosalyn Ross - Media Personality & our favorite Yoga / Fitness instructor provides us with some healthy lifestyle tips.  We'll try to squeeze in an NBA question or two! 
    Tune in LIVE every WEDNESDAY at 8PM ET/ 5PM PT. To call in and be a part of the experience or listen via your mobile phone - Dial 347-857-1947.  Stream us 24/7 at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/happyhournetwork to listen!

  • Philosophical Perspectives

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    The life coach, John Davis Marshall, along with other spiritual minded people of God, discuss how God seeks to create our philosohical perspectives. Individuals and groups have their views of family. Most often, the view is a “law” view. Even, the most conscientious compassionate ones host a law view of family. God has a view. Always, His view is a “grace” view. And as always, His view is the best view. Join with us in a discussion forum of life-enriching topics that will help us to create philosopohical perspecives according to a grace view. Indeed it is true, a better you begins with a grace view of God!

  • LNSA: Insane Russell Speaks Anemones from a Straight Jacket!

    in Pets

    The ornately colored sea anemone (uh-NEM-uh-nee) is named after the equally flashy terrestrial anemone flower. A close relative of coral and jellyfish, anemones are stinging polyps that spend most of their time attached to rocks on the sea bottom or on coral reefs waiting for fish to pass close enough to get ensnared in their venom-filled tentacles.
    Their bodies are composed of an adhesive pedal disc, or foot, a cylindrical body, and an array of tentacles surrounding a central mouth. The tentacles are triggered by the slightest touch, firing a harpoon-like filament into their victim and injecting a paralyzing neurotoxin. The helpless prey is then guided into the mouth by the tentacles.
    There are more than 1,000 sea anemone species found throughout the world’s oceans at various depths, although the largest and most varied occur in coastal tropical waters. They run the full spectrum of colors and can be as small as half an inch (1.25 centimeters) or as large as 6 feet (1.8 meters) across.

  • Summer Reading Parade Presents; Summer Camp by Bobbie Kalman

    in Youth

    Join Isabella Heart for the Summer Reading Parade!
    Summer Campf by Bobbie Kalman

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    in Family

    Noon Eastern: "It's a Wonderful Life," host Sharon Thomas
    A celebration of life, from birth to natural death. 

  • The Hope Collection

    in Family

    Join Us

  • Gramma's Garden

    in Family

    This show offers education regarding ADHD and accompanying conditions as well as support and encouragement for parents of children and teens who have a diagnosis of ADHD.  I share educational tips, information regarding advocating for your child, as well as encouragement for handling life’s daily challenges.  Tips for homework management, diet tips, etc.

  • 00:25

    Health Hooves - Tips From the Farrier

    in Pets

    Pete Rosciglione was intrigued by horseshoeing as a young man. He admired his local farrier and Pete spent the summer helping him. He enjoyed the physicality and challenge of the job and applied for an apprenticeship. Pete Rosciglione is a professional farrier located just west of St. Louis, MO. Taking a holistic approach along with having a perceptive eye for even the most subtle details that can help improve a horse’s performance has greatly impacted his success as a farrier.  An adept competitor himself, Pete knows how important it is to keep your equine athlete performing to the best of their ability. Listen to Pete Rosciglione as he shares his knowledge of hoof care and best tips for healthy hooves 

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