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    Billy Blanks

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    Join us for a conversation with Tae-Bo creator Billy Blanks! We've been talking about him for weeks and he's finally here! He'll be talking about his upcoming trip to visit our troops in Iraq and more! His daughter Shelly will also be joining the fun! You won't want to miss this show! **SPECIAL TIME of 2pmET**

    Interview begins at 7 minutes, 30 seconds.

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    1st. episode and introduction to Geocaching

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    Join my wife and I as we start off the first episode of Worldwide Geocaching Podcast. We will hit some highlights on what the show will be about. We also have an open line for a guest to call in and talk (or brag) about your favorite cache or adventure. We are not professionals so this podcast is laid back and quite interesting. To be a guest on our show, (full 30 min.) contact us at hikerjames52@gmail.com or call us at (239) 821-1706 to make an appointment or just call into the studio while we're live and give us a short shoutout ! This is a family friendly radio so no improper language please. 

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    Post-Election Recap: An End to the Madness?

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    In the end, it was a blue wave. How will Trump go away? Leesa,Ray and Dave discuss. www.AThousandMoms.org www.healingthebrainbooks.com

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    "Straight To The Point" Midnight Hour" with Prophetess Dr. Delores T. Henderson

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    Host: Prophetess Dr. Delores T. Henderson
    New Ministry phone number: 240-676-3214. CALL TODAY!!
    Website: http://deloresh30.wixsite.com/drdthministries, Email: drdthministries@gmail.com  
    Prophetess Henderson was born, raised, and educated in Washington, DC. 
    Prophetess Henderson is the Founder & President of the Survivors’ Global Ministry (SGM, Founder & President of Virtue Consulting Company, as well as “Straight to the Point”, a radio and “The Right Now Word” television broadcast, Founder of SGM & School of the Prophets and Author of “I Give You Keys” , “When A Prophet Cries: Something Happens”,  Misguided Affections and Your Best Self Yet.  She served as a Business Consultant and Advisor to the International Alliance Ministry of Servants (IAMS). 
    Prophetess Henderson has earned credits towards a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership Degree; holds a Doctorate of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies (MTS), a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and a Bachelor of Science (BSBA) in Business Administration degrees, Ambassador to the Nations as well as hold a Chaplaincy License.
    Prophetess Henderson was Ordained as a Prophet in the Lord’s Church on July 24, 2010. She has served on several outreach ministries under the leadership of Dr. Deborah Nelson. She has traveled to International countries; Belgium, London, Birmingham, United Kingdom in Europe and Kenya, East Africa.  To the Glory of the Lord!!

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    America's Deadly Sins - Letitia Levawn Stewart, WA

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    DATE:  TODAY, WEDNESDAY, MAY 9TH, 2018..  TIME:  3 PT, 4 MT, 5 Central Standard time, 6 ET.  GUEST CALL IN-NUMBER:  646-787-8028.
    Well fam, this is it!  The final show of America's Deadly Sins.  After 4 long years of exposing corruption on my podcast, it's time we call it a day.  But WHAT A DAY!
    Today we welcome...well....EVERYONE to come and speak, as well as to hear Kenneth Skeeter Boxburger, my cohost, and also listen as guest Letitia Levawn Stewart tells her incredible story.  So come as you are, come as you may....oh Hell, JUST COME, WILLYA?  This final airing of ADS promises to be the most incredible show...EVER!  Make no mistake...you have not heard the last of me...just the last of me on the air.  Next?  You'll see my face, if you see anything!

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    "Do" Diligence - Teaching Your Child to Be Patient in a World That's in a Rush

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    Part of seeing the big picture is slowing down, standing still and waiting. Leader help formulate a doable big picture. That is called vision
    Join us at 6:30 as we discuss the wisdom of being patient and observant even a you are diligent...then sharing that with your child
    GUEST CALL-IN (646) 668-8375
    #FurtheringFatheringRadio #WeJustDo #MillionFathersMarch #InternationalMensDay #DoDiligence #FurtheringFathering
    Listen back later at https://www.iheart.com/…/furthering-fathering-radio-292465…/, http://www.furtheringfathering.org/radio-show.html, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/furtheringfathering, iTunes, Spreaker and now Google Play
    For sponsorship email: info@furtheringfathering.org or call 888 380-3370

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    A renewed you never looked so good

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    Anna and Susannah talk about the beauty and wonder of transforming into our purpose and the women we're supposed to become. Also? Hilarious technical issues ensue! 
    Also, a special thank you to our sponsor BarkBox! Dog owners, tell me you know about BarkBox. What is it? Well, let me tell you. For humans, BarkBox is a delivery of 4 to 6 natural treats and super fun toys.
    To get a FREE EXTRA MONTH of Barkbox, visit barkbox.com/ASshow when you subscribe to 6 or 12 month plan! Your dogs can thank us later.'
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    #HRCVideo When will the bomb drop? @JennyHatch

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    HE STORM IS HERE .@realDonaldTrump  .@POTUS  #HRCvideo  #ReleaseTheVideo

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    The Silence Within - Selective Mutism

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    MGN Radio welcomes Marian Moldan, LCSW-R to our show to discuss Selective Mutism. Marian has worked with slectively mute children for 27 years as both a clinical social worker and a special educator. Having overcome her own history of selective mutism, Marian specializes in treatment of this challenging disorder.  She has served as a consultant to school districts in Long Island, Queens, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Marian speaks at international conferences and authored, "Selective Mutism and Self Regulation," Clinical Social Work Journal (2005).  She heads up Childhood Anxiety Solutions and is the recipient of of the NASW – NYS Chapter of the 2011 Social Worker of the Year Award.  You don't want to miss this show at 9pm EST on Friday, August 31st. Tell a friend.
    Link to Childhood Anxiety Solutions:  http://childhoodanxietysws.com/
    MGN Radio is a proud sponsor of the Dare 2 Aspire Entrepreneurial Conference. Check it out at www.d2aspire.com. Get your tickets NOW!

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    Adoptees Unplugged with host Pam Kroskie guest Pam Greenstone M.A.,LPC

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    Join host Pam Kroskie and her guest Pam Greenstone M.A., LPC
    Pam is a counselor in Austin and has been in private practice since 2002. She’s passionate about helping the GLBTQ community have strong relationships and she helps people recover from eating disorders. Her love of group therapy began in graduate school and it has been a big part of her training and professional life. Pam is also an adoptee in reunion with her birth family and has found Group very helpful in issues related to adoption. 
     Pam began her counseling career at the University of Texas Counseling Center and spent many years at Waterloo Counseling Center, which specializes in the GLBTQ community. She served on the board of the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society (AGPS) and also served as President of AGPS. Currently, Pam is a counselor in private practice in Austin and runs a weekly women’s psychotherapy group. She enjoys working with adoptees and all people whose lives are touched by adoption. Pam is an adoptee and is passionate about acknowledging and healing trauma related to relinquishment and adoption. Thanks to DNA testing, she has been in reunion with her birth family since 2014 and has a close relationship with both of her birth parents, many siblings and other family members. In fact, Pam’s birth father, Dan, is planning to attend the IAN conference. Her birth family relationships have become a very important part of her life.

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