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My name is Jonathan Alexander I have A show about everything how people overcome adversity, and are still able to smile at the end of the day call me at 8507374160 with any ideas

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I have Iknown these two for years.! Jill can predict weddings and has seen over hundreds of them. Her mother is also a famous psychic who has been around for years. I saw the both in the book the top one hundred psychics and astrologers in America, I am looking forward to you all meeting her in addition to Kelly meeting her as well. Tune in for a rare double dose of psychics usually I have just one but this time we get two for the price of one
  • by Nostradamus
  • in Lifestyle
  • 01:00
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I have known Lisa Yeager for a few months and she has shown me about how parallel universes work. This show was made on the spur of the moment but we wanted to try out this feature of the show to see if it works. I hope this turns out... more

This information will save someones life. She is a therapist for trauma and has had dealt with women who have been murdered and abused and have crossed over. She does a lot of nonprofit work and is a jack all trades. She does... more

Tammy is a galactic shaman of sorts. Her purpose here on earth is to restore cosmic order, balance the energies between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, help others awaken and teach by and through example how to... more

Camille is known for her involvement with the UFO research community. she has had so-called abduction experiences in 1995-96. Between 2000-2004 and has had an interesting time writing for UFO Magazine, meeting the top researchers in... more

Rachel is a friend of Kellys who is on a spiritual journey. She is someone who according to Kelly did a distance healing as well as helping her hand and back. I am enjoying setting up this episode I hope you will all enjoy hearing about her... more

GERALDINE OROZCO Geraldine is the founder of Bay Area Meditation & Space Meditation Studio in San Francisco, CA. She is also an international speaker, radio host, Pranic, Quantum & Shamanic Energy healer, She is an Akashic... more

Bill Cosby rape survivor Victoria Valentino model and activist for abused women will get a chakra day and will chat about surviving along with guests psychic Ginette Lucas .Victoria is big in to dispelling rape myths, and promoting sexual... more

Tessa wants to live in a world filled with Paranormal Unity, with Hotels whose signs scream ?YES!!! WE ARE HAUNTED! COME ON IN!?. A world where the paranormal, the supernatural, aliens and knowledge of such things are... more

Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland. Since he was a child he could receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over). He wrote the books "Pets and the... more