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My name is Jonathan Alexander I have A show about everything how people overcome adversity, and are still able to smile at the end of the day call me at 8507374160 with any ideas

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clairvoyant , claircognizant, claircentient, clairaudient, this psychic can experience psychic episodes from all senses. So What Is An Empowerment Psychic? It is a person with Psychic abilities whose focus is on you, your contentment and your fulfillment in life; which includes all of your mind, body and spirit needs. Of course the usual applies; such as telling you if you will marry, or where your career is going. The approach from the Empowerment Psychic Halley Elise gives you not only information regarding your future, but gives you the power to make right now, along with your future as good as it can possibly be. Love, Money, Family, Health, ALL of it! Halley Elise's Mission To Serve To Inspire To share Universal wisdom To share Intuitive guidance To assist people in understanding & discovering their own innate gifts & unique presence in this world
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Wickedfitapparel.club is the new clothing line she is promoting. I am looking forward to t his interview because I have gotten to know this woman really well. She is very wise in the ways of the industry and also the way things work.... more

When I had her on once before I was amazed at how much she loved talking about the paranormal. As well as being able to talk about a variety of subjects with great knowledge of the various ones. It is my hope people call in and ask... more

Virginia Bell astrologer and author will be our guest and I am looking forward to having her on . I will not be taking calls unless its on the generational cycles we all go through. I am looking forward to this intervijew and I hope you can... more

Debra Silverman is a license psychotherapist in addition to an astrologer. She often combines the two when she works so having her on will make for an interesting interview. I am looking forward to this interview due to the two being... more

Today a good friend of Kellys , Sandy Martin Gonzales will be getting a chakra day she is a good friend of Kellys and they went to school together. Kelly has done lots of good chakra days for my show so its good to know she is offering... more

I was messaging people on facebook hoping I could find someone to get a chakra day and I saw Christine Ricthers on facebook. I decided to go ahead and message her and ask her if she wanted to have hers cleaned. So I decided to... more

This will be our fourth Chakra day and it will be done with my friend Lisa Allen, I met Lisa in the university of ga she drove me around on the bus. . It was really wonderful to meet up with her again on facebook. She shares my interest in this... more

Imara will be back to talk about debt in spirituality in regards to how money and spirituality go together. This MBA with ESP will be here to talk to us. I am looking forward to speaking to her again and hearing what she has to say. She is always... more

I am happy to have this lady back on my show. When I first had her on she talked to my diseased grandparents. Anyone that is lookking for a real treat please call in and talk to this lady . She is always interesting to talk to and always has... more