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My name is Jonathan Alexander I have A show about everything how people overcome adversity, and are still able to smile at the end of the day call me at 8507374160 with any ideas

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Karyn reece will be our guest on the show she is a medium and a psychic. She is a a former stockbroker and the youngest stockbroker in buffalo. She predicted her dads passing at age 7. She predicted an engine failure with a south west plane a few months ago. She is artistic and psychic and someone who is going to be interesting to have on. I hope you all will love having her on as much as i will enjoy talking to her
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Psychic Betty Lipton who once read for Jerry Garcia and also is a medium , the spirit of his brother took over a man and helped save her life from a rapist. She has lot of stories and was in the book the top one hundred psychics and... more

Michelle and Jacquelline will both get there chakras done on our show. I met them both through a phone call and they both loved the idea of the show. They felt in tune with what was being discussed on the show and felt they could contribute... more

Today my guest is Karen Page who has been a frequent guest in the past. Due to the new addition of cohosts recently I figured it would be good to have her back to meet the n ew cohost. She is interviewed in the book the top one hundred... more

Psychic Maria will be our guest has done channeling to beings up to the extra terestrial level . She has done work with the akashic records. She can take mini readings for callers. She is a jack of all trades in the subtle energy realm. She... more

Today we will be having Joyce Keller a psychic who has been on Oprah, she has hosted the longest running radio call in show in America has been a frequent guest on Regis and Oprah and among other top shows. She has written some... more

Spiritual Healing Medium and a Channel to the Sacred, Joseph LoBrutto III has helped countless numbers of people who are grieving the loss of their loved ones by bringing messages of love, hope, and joy from the other side during his... more

I was going through my facebook friends and I came across LInda Salvin. I have been facebook friends for many years she is a radio veteran of over 24 years. She is one of the orginal radio psychics, She is a psychic a healer and... more

clairvoyant , claircognizant, claircentient, clairaudient, this psychic can experience psychic episodes from all senses. So What Is An Empowerment Psychic? It is a person with Psychic abilities whose focus is on you, your contentment and your... more

Wickedfitapparel.club is the new clothing line she is promoting. I am looking forward to t his interview because I have gotten to know this woman really well. She is very wise in the ways of the industry and also the way things work.... more