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The Father Matters Show with Vance Simms is committed to building stronger, healthier communities by supporting, encouraging, and enlightening today's fathers and families.

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On today's show we discuss Anger Management with Neil Tift from Child Crisis Center.The United States has the highest documented incarceration rate in the world? Research shows that out of 809,800 parents incarcerated in U.S.... more

On today's show we discuss validation in your marriage with Chris and Carment Garner. Validation is one tool, that is one of the most important emotional skills a person can acquire in life, but it requirs a willingness to change the way we... more

On our show today we discuss Once-A-Month Church program with Dorothy Wellington. The suburbs aren't the middle class haven many imagine them to be as new numbers show 16.5 million suburban Americans are living beneath... more

On our show today we discuss Money and Marriage with Sturat Burns from Bank of America. Money is a major cause of conflict in marriage and there are many reasons why. Beyond the saying ?money makes the world go ‘round?,... more

Today's Dadly dad is not only a different breed of man but he also lives in a different parenting climate, one in which dads are more involved at home and also pro-active in their community. One of the most significant positive changes... more

On our show today we discuss Breaking Boundries with Howard Bell. Dr. Henry Cloud states that ?Confusion about responsibility or ownership in our lives is often related to boundaries. A boundary shows me where I end and someone else... more

On our show today we discuss Life After Prison with Frantz Beasley. One of the primary challenges that ex-offenders face once they're released is finding stable employment. In addition to the outside struggles ex-felons face when looking for... more

On our show today we discuss Parenting After Divorce with ShaRon Rea, Certified Life and Parenting Coach. Learn more about the impact of divorce on parents and children. Divorce is on the list with other Adverse Childhood... more

On our show today we discuss Your Money or Your Life with Stuart Burns. Make the choice today that you will put your family and yourself ahead of material things and the pursuit of money. No one is saying you shouldn't have ambitions and... more

On our show today we discuss Selfishness in Marriage with Chris and Carmen Garner. We all marry thinking that the ?honeymoon? will never end; that the euphoric feelings of love will always be there, but the Apostle Paul wrote to the... more