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    The "How Many Push-Ups Should the President Be Able to Do?" Edition

    in Technology

    Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the sudden import of political polling, the First Amendment stakes of the Hulk Hogan sex-tape trial, and what questions we should be asking our presidential candidates. The Slate Political Gabfest is sponsored by Stamps.com. Buy and print official U.S. postage using your own computer and printer, and save up to 80% compared to a postage meter. Sign up for a no-risk trial and a $110 bonus offer when you visit Stamps.com and use the promo code GABFEST. This episode is also sponsored by Harrys.com, which offers a better shaving experience. Go to harrys.com and enter the coupon code GABFEST for $5 off the starter set, and start shaving smarter today. The Slate Political Gabfest is sponsored by SundanceNow Doc Club! The new streaming service for everyone who loves documentaries. Discover unforgettable films like The Queen of Versailles, The Staircase, and The Weather Underground. To get a free 30-day trial go to docclub.com/gabfest. Join Slate Plus! Members get bonus segments, exclusive member-only podcasts, and more. Sign up for a free trial today at www.slate.com/gabfestplus. Twitter: @SlateGabfest Facebook: facebook.com/Gabfest Email: gabfest@slate.com Show notes at slate.com/gabfest

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    Imvu Greek Talk Show!

    in Internet

    Its just a greek talk show. We will let yall know who 2 pledge and who not 2 pledge. Who is recruiting nd aint! From the hoes of the imvu world to the pros. From who talkin shit and the postive of about imvu. From who to shop! and who to drop! We will discuss some of this and some of that and yes yall can all in!   
    I really cant wait to hear from u guys! Hugs and Kisses 
                                                               From yo gurl Miss Recky herself!

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    Acclaimed Psychologist Sophia Silva Interviewed by Host Dia Hicks

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    Join me, Dia Hicks - founder of SwaggerScan.com, as I welcome Acclaimed 'Positive' Psychologist Sophia Silva (FB,IG,Twitter - @SophiaSilvaOrg) to the show!  Sophia has been featured in 'The Huffington Post' and also 'Dr. Drew.' Why you ask? Find out by tuning in (7/8/15) Monday at 5pm PT(*8pm ET) on SwaggerScan Radio!  Special thanks to all previous guests!
    p.s. Don't forget to go to SwaggerScan.com to Join by simply entering your email. #ThankUsLater  

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    High Tech Dentistry: Interview with Dentist James Lynn Davis, DMD

    in Technology

    How technology is providing increased patient satisfaction and better dental care for this affordable, pain free, high tech dentist.

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    Jason Lauritsen shines light on engagement with big data with Thug Metrics

    in Technology

    Jason never disappoints, great convo coming about engagement and being a Best Place to Work.
    Everyone meet Jason, Jason meet everyone.
    Jason:  Even when I was in grade school, I recognized when processes were broken. But, rather than complain about them, my instinct was to find or create a better way. I solved the problem. I facilitated progress. I never outgrew this.  As my career unfolded, it became clear to me that the experience of “work” wasn’t a good one for far too many people. And so it has become my calling to make work better. I believe that work can and should be an awesome experience (It happens, I’ve seen it.). I believe that people want to do great work. I also believe that leaders want their people to be successful. The challenge seems to be that we are stuck in outdated mindsets and beliefs about “work” that get in our way. My mission is to fix that.   

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    Utility Data Analytics - Value Drivers for End User

    in Technology

    HOST:  Alex Tomas (25 years in Utility Rates Consulting) - Join him as he sits back, smokes a cigar and discusses interesting topics with our guests.  This week he'll be opening up the mic to callers as he discusses utility analytics from the end users perspective.
    We will be discussing the key value drivers for commercial, government and end-use customers.  Most customers have no idea what they are actually looking for in a system since they actually lack the foresight of having used a utility data analytics systems.  Almost always, the evaluation process involves downloading some RFP template and throwing it out to the marketplace for pricing and some checklist of capabilities.   There's more to consider in the technologies and the fit varies by customer.  We'll dissect the marketplace and how solutions are lining up in the values they drive.  Join us tonight and feel free to call in with questions.
    SHOW SPONSOR:  UtilityTRX's unique dashboard-driven solution turns mounts of utility data into a seamless process for validating billed charges, paying bills, displaying interval meter data, measuring building performance and optimizing rates.  For more information call 404-369-0207 ext 1 or email alex@UtilityTRX.com

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    How to Build your Empire Online---Opportunites and Obstacles...Keep Pushing!

    in Internet

    Ready to Start building your Online Empire?  Are you getting Blocked at every turn?  It's OK...Keep Pushing!
    Are you ready to finally make money on the internet?  Are you tired of buying software, reports and classes without seeing ANY return on your money?  What if I told you, the problem might be YOU I have the solution you've been waiting for?
    Let's discuss the problems that make you stall
    Don't know what to do No Connections in the Industry Little or no Money Don't know how to move forward Well listen in because I've got ALL the answers for you if you take advantage of the information I'm sharing with you

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    Mobile Apps for the Caregiver - from AARP??

    in Technology

    When you think of AARP, do mobile apps come to mind? AARP is known to provide discounts to is members, provide branded insurance products, and lobby on behalf of Social Security and Medicare. Recently, this same non-profit has released two mobile apps - targeting the Caregiver community.
    A caregiver is a term for anyone who helps or provides care to another individual, often a parent or spouse, in handling their daily activities. The caregiver can be paid, such as a nurse, but is more often an unpaid relative. And the person receiving care is often suffering an impairment, and/or dealing with health issues.
    These two apps released by AARP (for iOS and Android) provide features designed to help in providing care. For instance, the apps help manage medications, keep a schedule of doctor's appointments and other medical needs, and create and maintain notes you want to share with the doctor. But will this work? Does this actually help someone take care of a loved one? Are these features unique? Are they really the features that a Caregiver needs?
    On May 28th, at a special 11am EST/8am Pacific time, we will be joined by Trisha San Diego of AARP, who is the driving force behind the creation and release of these Apps, and we'll ask her these questions.
    We'll talk about these apps and ask if there is a sign of things to come from AARP?  
    Tune in Live at 11am EST, Thursday, May 28th!
    And Call In to be a part of the show at 929-477-2187, or reach us by text at 240-731-0756, on Twitter at @techtodayradio, or on Facebook.
    Join us!

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    What Was Better: Sega or Nintendo?

    in Electronics

    Sega or Nintendo?
    Did having one over the other affect you psychologically in your budding years?
    Call us up! Talk about it!
    Friendly Group Chat is a half hour hip-hop show about exactly that- friendships, family, and f^@%ery!
    Tune in as we talk about an array of topics from the LATEST entertainment news, the HOTTEST word on the street, and the you just might get a weather report here and there.
    In conjuction with "Bless Set Radio", a monthly, hip-hop group-based, internet radio stream on soundcloud hosted by MoneyOverZombie, Friendly Group Chat will follow along the same structure.
    Follow us on Instagram/Tumblr/Soundcloud for updates and news on what's going on with the ILLEST $#!T OUT ON TH

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    A Conversation with Threat Research Expert Gavin Reid

    in Technology

    Lancope CTO TK Keanini talks with security expert and newly minted member of the Lancope team, Gavin Reid. Gavin discusses his background and experience at NASA, Cisco and Fidelity Investments, the importance of sharing threat intelligence and his plans to add value for Lancope's StealthWatch users.   

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    FCC NewsBytes - 05/16 Disability Access on tap for FCC Open Meeting

    in Technology

    Disability Access rights improvements are on the agenda for FCC Open Meeting Thursday May 21st @ 10:30am. Watch Live with Closed Captioning [CC] at http://fcc.gov/live

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