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    Linn Lee CEO & Founder of Wholistic Opti mom Wellness

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    youtube version https://youtu.be/GKi0QCUczWo Hi. I’m Linn Lee. I’m a proud mama of 3 amazing children who are the apple of my eye. I am of Chinese and Vietnamese decent.. I've pretty much lived a holistic lifestyle and was a nerd when it came to learning. Whether it was about law, finance, relationships, health and wellness. I have always been enamored with the human psyche and the way we all interact with one another especially to our own self. All my life, people would come to me for advice and guidance, and I have always enjoyed helping them. My journey of self-discovery started when my father passed. Losing him paused everything for me. You see, I was a teen mom and with that began my journey of parenthood. In my culture and being the oldest in the family meant I had a lot to uphold. I was the one who took care of everyone’s needs, tending to my kids, parents, and career. Although, my life was great, I didn’t realize that I was living on auto pilot and had lost sight of who I was, my passions and dreams. In the midst of life, I had lost myself and when it stopped, I knew I had to find who I was and so I began my journey of self-discovery. I have always felt that I was meant for more, but I didn’t know what that was. My journey wasn’t always easy but looking back I see that everything happened exactly the way it needed to. With deep self-work, reflection, and connection with my inner self, I realized that the more I was in alignment and in tuned with myself through the healing of my mind, body, and spirit, I started to see things miraculously unfold. Through this clarity, I had an awakening, and the answer came to me of what I was meant for and that was to help empower moms in their own journey of self-discovery, so that they can find their way back to their own spiritual home and begin to live their soul’s highest purpose.

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    Issues Concerning Women the Radio Show

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    Welcome to Issues Concerning Women with your host Francine Humphrey and co-host Veronica McMillian of the Micro Nonprofit Network Inc.
    Issues Concerning Women focuses on women and their families reaching long and short term goals. Assisting them in the areas of business, careers, housing, finance, and life skills.
    The Micro Nonprofit Network Inc. helps small nonprofit organizations become foundationally strong through education, coaching, mentoring and program development for 501 (c) 3 organizations.
    We offer advocacy services to infuse and stabilize households and foster a sense of community involvement, self-worth, & self-determination.
    Our vision is to empower women through hands on demonstrations, details of homeownership, career development, investing for retirement, exercise and nutrition classes, entrepreneurship, relationship building, and adult literacy programs.
    We are dedicated to making a difference.
    Our mission is to create economic independence for all women by providing a voice to those that would otherwise not be heard. ICW was created to encourage all to take charge of their lives and become educated and savvy about all aspects of life
    You may contact Ms. Humphrey at icwdirector@gmail.com or go to the web:www.issuesconcerningwomen.org
    Contact Veronica McMillian at info@micrononprofitnetwork.org

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    Magic of Nature's Stillness

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    Come and listen while Host Joyce Benning interviews extraordinary people on her Robust Lifestyles Podcasts only on the Divas That Care Network.  #DivasThatCare
    Deb Matlock grew up in Colorado and is deeply committed to nurturing the connection between people, animals, earth, and spirit. She has spent twenty-five years working as a professional environmental educator and naturalist. Deb offers nature-based spiritual life coaching, nature connection practitioner training, workshops, and retreats through her business, Wild Rhythms. Deb created a body of work called Nature-based Spiritual Arts™ and offers professional training in this work for nature connection practitioners, spiritual companions, and community leaders. She is passionate about helping people find connection and deep spiritual meaning in their lives and in the places where they live. Deb holds a Master of Arts in Environmental Education from Prescott College and is pursuing her doctoral degree in environmental studies at Antioch University New England. Her research focuses on integrating the more-than-human voice into environmental education and nature connection programming.

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    January Jones sharing Panic to Power Program - 5X Cancer Survivor Shariann Tom

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    Shariann Tom, Founder & PresidentCertified Professional Co-Active Coach, Master Cancer Journey Coach, Professional Certified Coach and 5 time cancer survivor (Lymphoma & GIST) The Cancer Journey blends two turning points for founder Shariann: surviving four bouts of lymphoma, one bout with a GIST, and making life coaching her profession. The profound contrast between facing cancer without a coach and a cancer journey with a coach inspired Shariann to start a movement dedicated to cancer patients, caregivers and survivors. “I was in a state of panic and coaching allowed me to feel I had power.”

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    Mornings at The Mansion Show: How do you fight your battles ???

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    *John 10:10 *2Corinthians 4:4 *1John4:4 *Romans 8:31 *Romans 12:2 *Hebrews4:12 *John 15:5

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    Improving Understanding & Accessibility to Crypto for Everyone with Lani Dizon

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    Lani Dizon has over 30 years of experience in business expertise, notably co-founded Zenza Capital and the pioneering RYO Project, Japan's first Layer-One Blockchain. This Web3 platform includes a digital wallet, a crypto-friendly e-commerce platform, and a Crypto ATM Network, aiming to simplify cryptocurrency adoption for the masses.
    Did we lose you? No worries, tune in for an information packed but relatable show on the future of digital currency and why we women should be getting involved.
    Connect with Lani:
    Dizon@ZenzaCapitol.com RYOCoin.com RYOBond.com Instagram YouTube X Like the show? Be sure to Like, Subscribe, Review and Share! Interested in being a part of WEE? Reach out to our group liaison, Kelli@WomenExcellingEverywhere.com
    Connect with Julie Connect with WEE

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    Let's talk about PEACE, good, not so good and elusive in our relationships

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    In a world of Me, Myself, and I where the focus on self is at an all time high and things like self care are front and center in our lives, I find it fascinating that so many of us, but especially men, are charging someone outside of ourselves with the most IMPORTANT ASPECT OF OUR SELF CARE and that is OUR PEACE. I find myself the participant in many conversations with people in varying stages of relationships that all share a common theme, and that is that they all most often state "I just want PEACE. THAT'S ALL." and this is inevitably said with a sense of exhaustion or exaspiration and sometimes with a touch of aggression as if they are lamenting a robbery of their most precious possession. I hear men say that they are looking for the perfect woman to "bring them PEACE." and I wonder if THEY ARE BRINGING PEACE TO HER in exchange? If not, then how can someone expect peace from a woman/man they are making miserable? Where will they draw this magical PEACE from if they are not at PEACE themselves?
    So tonight I want to start what may turn into one of the BEST CONVERSATIONS out there. I want to know from the ladies and the guys too, WHAT IS PEACE to you? HOW to you FIND IT? How do you MAINTAIN IT? If someone else is RESPONSIBLE FOR your PEACE then are they not also RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR lack of peace or DIS-EASE? 
    Let's go DEEP with it tonight and start getting to the bottom of things between us.

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