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    Mixing faith with fiction with award-winning author Lorana Hoopes

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    This episode was recorded at the Reader's Favorite Awards in Miami.
    Burke speaks with Lorana Hoopes, a USA today best selling author who blends her faith with her love for writing by penning Christian fiction.
    You can learn more about Lorana by visiting her website: https://authorloranahoopes.com
    The Big Time Talker is sponsored by Speakermatch.com

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    Hard Rock Band SCORPIONS Re: Upcoming 2024 Vegas Residency

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    Guests: Scorpions band members Klaus, Rudolf and Matthias
    The legendary hard rock band, Scorpions, is returning to Las Vegas in 2024 with nine performances at the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Celebrated across the globe, the band has sold over 110 million albums worldwide, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of their iconic album Love at First Sting. Founded in Hannover, West Germany in 1965, they were part of the first wave of metal in the 1970's with their debut album, Lonesome Crow, released in 1972. In the '80s, Scorpions amassed a string of Billboard chart toppers from Love at First Sting and Blackout, including multiple Top 10 singles "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and "No One Like You." The band has also received multiple honors such as World Music Awards, a postage stamp in Brazil, a Star on the Hollywood Rock Walk, and Echo honors. Additionally, they were recently honored with the Lower Saxon State Award. Pre-sale tickets for the Scorpions-Love at First Sting Las Vegas Residency show start on Monday, November 6, 2023.
    Regular public ticket sales begin Friday, Nov. 10 at Ticketmaster.com/scorpionsvegas 
    Don't miss the chance to experience this iconic rock act live!

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    Music Legend: BILL PASCALI from Vanilla Fudge, Steam and more.....

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    Music Legend:  BILL PASCALI from Vanilla Fudge, Steam and more..... Playing some great music and having a fantastic time with Bill.  Call 646 478 0999

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    We Somebody Parents Episode 3

    in Entertainment

    Listen to a  Ratchet and Rational conversation amongst parents as they navigate through life. Hosted by comedian Nicole Peti and Content Creator Senor5150. 

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    Israel vs. Palestine

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    The war between Israel and Palestine has been called a Holy War. This conflict has been going on for years. A two state solution has not worked and the Palestinian people have been oppressed and compared to the apartheid in South Africa. Is this war because the terrorist group Hamas funded by Iran bombed and kidnap over 200 people from Israel or is their more than meets the eye. Is this really smoke and mirrors and the real cause of this conflict to create a new canal named the Ben Gurion canal named after the first Prime Minister of Israel? We will talk about this and let's see where this rabbit hole leads us...

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    NFL and Survivor Cast Member Steve Wright on The Dr. Christopher Hall Show

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    Today on The Neil Haley Show, Neil "The Media Giant" Haley and Dr. Christopher Hall will interview NFL and Survivor Cast Member Steve Wright.
    Steve Wright, a playful and innately curious soul, enjoyed an eleven-year professional football career with the Cowboys, Colts, and Raiders, yet these years did not define him. Driven by his entrepreneurial instincts, he created an innovative misting company, Cloudburst, that cooled professional sports, the US military, NASA, and the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. 
    Forever a lover of adventure, Steve joined the cast of Survivor for thirty-one days of starvation where he embraced the jungle of Nicaragua and emerged more passionate about life. His journey of continuous growth includes an unparalleled passion for physical and mental fitness which he practices and shares with his community in Malibu, California.

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    Jayne Denham brings her glowing big personality to join me On the Edge

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    https://youtu.be/Y-yj8WdIBBg youtube version
    https://jaynied.com This is me in October 2016 I felt and I looked 70, I had just turned 51. I look into my eyes, they are so empty. I am a mere shell of a human being, I was feeling so lost and absolutely full of fear. I have so much compassion for this version of me, my husband had just been given a terminal cancer diagnosis. I was exhausted and was caring for him 24/7. He died just four months later, I sang to him and held his hand as he slipped quietly away. I witnessed his transition, and it was beautiful. Nigel had a beautiful death. The circle of life.This life-altering event propelled me into the depths of deep despair, sadness and grief. The medical profession could only offer anti-depressants, sleeping pills and a long wait for counselling. I did not want this and so felt all of my emotions at that time. This plunging into the unknown kick started a connection to source energy, spirit and the universal love which I understand and truly know is available to us all. I was given a download from source and my spirit team on the full moon in Leo in February of 2023. It took five nights. I was told I was to be on stage far and wide talking about my seven year healing journey. I was to encourage people to take inspired action in their lives, to live in love and not fear, to follow their dreams and to understand they are limitless. To connect to JOY - Just One You Embrace who you truly are. To celebrate your own uniqueness I had never been on stage before, neither had I spoke to audiences in public until I started to tell my story at various wellbeing, mind, body and spirit events. By the end of February I had booked The Lincoln Performing Arts Centre to tell my tale!! Here I am on stage it was truly magical - I had never felt so ALIVE!! See my events page where you will find more exciting up and coming adventures!

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    RAWF After Hours 11/11/23

    in Entertainment

    Graveyard Smash results and analysis. Final Period Rankings! Contender Matches Announced! Event announcements and much much more tonight!

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    Eerie House Radio Drive-In - The Big Clock

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    Size matters, therefore, Eerie House Radio Drive-In presents "The Big Clock" from Lux Radio Theater. Concessionaires Dale Kay, Dave Binkley, Gar and Cee Wu are serving up the treats and we have no idea who is running the projection booth. Listen, Chat, Call. Plenty of parking

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