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    A Conservative Perspective/Patriot Nation Radio

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    January 6 Protesters are kept in deplorable conditions for over a year, and Colbert thinks it's funny. Makes those suffering people the butt of his sophomoric jokes. Talking about it tonight, Plus stay tuned for Mark Hoffman and Patriot Nation Radio Live! asHernando County Commissioner District 4 Anthony Arenz Joins Us. Tune In To Find Out His Platform,Reason For Running And More. Tune In Thursday 8pm Eastern Right After A Conservatives Perspective With James Bostick Starting At 7pm Eastern 

  • 03:13

    Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast

    in Politics

    Listen to the Sun. June 12, 2022 special edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. This episode continues our focus on Black Music Month. In our PANW segment we will discuss the following dispatches where the People's Republic of China has expressed its opposition to both the Ukraine war and sanctions against the Russian Federation; there are unconfirmed reports that the Ethiopian government is slated to hold secret talks with the TPLF in Tanzania; problems are persisting in initiating a dialogue between the Sudan Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) and the military regime; and the first group of migrants from Britain to Rwanda have arrived in Kigali. In the second and third hours we further examine the history of African American music with examinations of the cultural legacies of Ruby Elzy and Odetta Holmes.

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    Continue Mission

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    June 17th 2022, America is at a crossroads and today more than ever we need to vote and support those who will restore America and reduce the horrific inflation we are struggling with today. 


  • 01:54

    Discussion with a Tree #4: What is the Ego?

    in Politics

    Discussion with a Tree #4. Conversation with Robert Dold
    What is the Ego?
    Attaining balance by connection with other people

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    AJC Radio - LIVE - AJC Radio Revisits the January 6th Insurrection

    in Politics

    Tune in and listen to Lamont Banks and Co-Hosts of A Just Cause, a nonprofit, social justice organization, revisit the January 6th insurrection.
    Please feel free to dial in and share your thoughts on tonight's topic.
    A Just Cause is also currently campaigning for the exoneration of the remaining "FreeTheIRP5", who were wrongly imprisoned in Florence, CO for 8 years for a crime they didn't commit. Read their full story: 
    For more information, about A Just Cause and to Donate, please visit
    Follow us on Twitter: @AJCRadio, @A_JustCause, @FreeTheeIRP6,  @FreeeTheIRP6 and Like our Facebook Pages:, and
    Thank you for your support!

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    Free Em All Radio w/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. & The Lady Of Rage!

    in Politics

    Listen in tonight Wednesday June 08, 2022 @ 6:30pm cst for another dynamic episode of Free Em All Radio w/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. & The Lady Of Rage!
    Tune in to get tuned in to that Fie Political Education and more only on Free Em All Radio! The People's Radio!
    Click link to listen online
    Questions, comments or to share what's good or not so good in yo hood, call-in 929-477-3785, and press 1 to speak. or...
    Live on Intellectual Radio 708-223-8953
    Streaming Live on at chairmanfredjr
    Instagram: @officialchairmanfredhamptonjr
    Facebook: Fred Hampton
    Streamyard: Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. 

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    It's Back....

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    LIVE TODAY @ 4:00 pm Pacific, It's the Boze Noze Show! F-2 property owners need to listen today as I need your help in convincing our progressive board members that your property rights are important. We also spent a lot of time talking about homelessness but the progressives don't seem to want to help F-2 property owners build new homes. Lane County is going to spend $28 million over the next year on homeless initiatives and at least we seem to be holding steady with some of the numbers. We are going to hold a panel discussion open to the public on our proposal for a 42-bed stabilization center for those experiencing a mental health crisis. Gas prices set a record every day for the last week. Masking was brought back "voluntarily' last week only to have the COVID case numbers fall since then. We can also talk about anything else on your mind, just give us a call!
    The Boze Noze Show is live at 4:00 pm Pacific on Wednesdays. You can listen to the show online (just click the picture below) or on your phone by calling 646-721-9887. Just press "1" if you want to join the conversation. If you can't make the live show and you have a question or comment the Jay Bozievich, send him an e-mail at
    NOW also broadcasting thru Facebook Live on the KRBN Internet News Talk Radio page!
    You can find previous shows easily by searching for "iTunes KRBN Internet News Talk Radio"

  • 01:30

    Freedom Law School v. Juan Galt Debate Follow-up! Why FLS won the debate!

    in Politics

    The “Arty’s Corporate Fiction” channel on YouTube recently held a debate between Peymon Mottahedeh, founder of Freedom Law School, and an anonymous former lawyer with the libertarian sounding alias “Juan Galt” (a play on the character “John Galt” from Ayn Rand’s classic, “Atlas Shrugged”).
    In this presentation, Peymon will give a short recap of the debate, then delve into the part of the debate he did not fully address during the debate, the lower court decision of United States v. Ward, 833 F.2d 1538 (11th Cir. 1988). He will also tell how to take advantage of Freedom Law School’s offer to help you, for FREE, to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE your risk of going to federal prison for income tax evasion or failure to file charges!
    We got another STRIKE on YouTube! In the Freedom Hour Q&A two weeks ago, Peymon said “coronahoax” or something, which got flagged for “medical misinformation”. So tonight we will be livestreaming on Facebook as usual, and now also on Rumble!

  • 02:02


    in Politics

    Hosted by Carl Gee
    Contact Information
    Kansas City Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World
    P. O. Box 414304
    Kansas City, MO 64141

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    Inflation, Crime, and the latest from Ukraine.

    in Politics

    The crime epidemic is growing everyday throughout Democrat run cities. Inflation is off the charts. The Ukrainian situation is dire. We are at this junction in Amercan history due to a stolen election. Joe Biden has brought destruction to the Republic. Let's hope the midterms go our way. GOP must get into gear after a clean sweep in November.

  • 02:03

    SCOTUS Review - Let's Talk About it!

    in Politics

    Supreme Court of the United States returns to our Constitution!  What does this mean for our future?  Let's talk about it.
    SCOTUS - Recent Decisions
    Kennedy v. Bremerton School Dist. (21-418)   The Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses of the First Amendment protect an individual engaging in a personal religious observance from government reprisal; the Constitution neither mandates nor permits the government to suppress such religious expression.
    Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (19-1392)   The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe v. Wade, 410 U. S. 113, and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey, 505 U. S. 833, are overruled; the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives.
    A Louisiana judge on Monday temporarily blocked the Republican-led state from enforcing laws banning abortion that were set to take effect after the U.S. Supreme Court's blockbuster decision to end the constitutional right to the procedure nationwide. 
    SCOTUS ruled 6-3 on Monday in the case of Kennedy vs. Bremerton School District that Kennedy was wrongfully terminated from his role after he refused to stop praying on the public high school's football field.

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