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    Betrayed by hospice Marsha Joiner interviews Jane St Clair Author of MUTE

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    Hosted by Marsha Joiner with guest Jane St Clair
    Ms. Lydia Whitney was held in hospice against her wishes with her half-brother pulling strings with the staff as he wanted to inherit everything.  Gretchen Von Cluckin came to work for the facility dressed as a clown that could not speak.  She was MUTE.  And this is how our story begins. 
    Jane St Clair, author who has written many articles, Walk Me to Midnight was written when her sister was dying with cancer, during Dr. Kevorkian era. She asked the family if it would be easier for them if she just let the Dr Death end her life.  The family responded absolutely not.  They were against assisted suicide, but did not have a bad experience with hospice.  Jane St. Clair thought she was writing a fictional tale when she wrote MUTE.  She had no idea that her story would be right on target with what happens daily in hospice facilities – Stealth Euthanasia.
    Listen to MUTE and the parallels of this fictional story and reality.  Bring a tissue with you.
    Marti Oakley & TS Radio Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio
    Bing Videos  Memorial Slide Show Murdered by hospice victims May 9 2023 C mp4 - YouTube

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    Punto de Vista

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    Punto de Vista con los veteranos comunicadores William Torres y la  profesora Janice Alvarez  , es el programa donde todas las semanas te brindan la más interesante confluencia de información, noticias y debates sobre los mas recientes  acontecimientos locales e internacionales. 
    A ellos se les une cada semana una alineación estelar de analistas que informan sobre diferentes tópicos como la politica , entretenimiento,   farándula, arte y cultura, deportes, finanzas, economía, religión, tecnología y mucho más. 

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    Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry For Animals #421"- Danny & Ron's Rescue

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    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer aka "Mama Bear"
    Guests will be: Ron Danta and Danny Robertshaw- Founder's of Danny & Ron's Rescue
    Topic will be: Danny's and Ron's Rescue and all that they are involved in
    Danny & Ron’s Rescue speaks for helpless animals that have no voice. They began their rescue mission in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina by aiding dogs that were left homeless by the storm. Since then, their outreach has grown to heights they never imagined. Now they are rescuing puppy mill dogs, bait dogs used in dog-fighting, and hundreds of dogs from shelters—often moments away from euthanasia. They currently deliver pet food and supplies to more than 48 elderly people living in poverty—and pay for their dogs’ medical bills, too. They have rescued dogs from junkyards and shelters, freed animals chained to trees and living in small cages, and saved abandoned pets living on the streets.
    Danny & Ron’s Rescue is unlike any other rescue organization. Because an abused or neglected dog can only recover and learn to trust again when it is in a loving home, Danny and Ron have turned their own house into the ultimate safe haven. 
    Thank you all for tuning in https://ppjg.me/?s=voices+carry+for+animals

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    Westchester On the Level with Radio Host Hezi Aris

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    YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY - December 1, 2023 - Yonkers Tribune Publisher Hezi Aris delves into Westchester County News, New York State, national and international news with commensurate analysis. From 10am-12Noon ET.
    Those people who want to share a comment or make an inquiry may do so by calling 347-205-9201
    Those who call the broadcast will be asked to stay on topic and share their first name so they may be respectfully addressed!
    The broadcast may be heard “LIVE” or “ON DEMAND” using the following hyperlink ( http://tobtr.com/12292394 )  - which is specific to the Friday, December 1, 2023rd broadcast from 10am-12Noon ET

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    Thursday round table

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    Welcome to wolverines freedom radio tonights show Hamas protesters attack dc injuring capital pp police and sonng damage communist China president in San Francisco border hopers turning back to there country    government shutdown   closer  what more can Americans expect from physcos in dc  tune in live with Vergil spragis Russel hodde and William Barnard tonight at 7 pm and 9 pm mountain central time 

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    GHR Presents: Fentanyl Awareness Night

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    Awareness Night on GRINDHARD RADIO Hosted by: Jit Chronicles, Cata' Mafioso, Mz, Chief, Razor, Jr Stunna, Cobra Immortal, Dopeazzmuzik, and DJ Sgt Rock. Join for a special episode as we talk about Fentanyl Awareness. Call-in 323-693-3043 and press "1" to stream LIVE with the panel of hosts. #GHR #RealityRadio 

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    The Story of Earth, Wind & Fire

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    The book "Do You Remember? Celebrating Fifty Years of Earth, Wind and Fire" by author Trenton Bailey is a great read. Dr. Bailey traces the humble beginnings of Maurice White, his development as a musician, and his formation of Earth, Wind & Fire, a band that became a global phenomenon during the 1970's. 

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    The World According to Drew

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    Tune in for thought-provoking, informative, enlightening, entertaining news and commentary brought to you by Andrew Whigham, III.   

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