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    Spectrum Health MedNow - Telehealth - Care Right Where You Are

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    Connected technologies are in the news daily. Be it connected/autonomous vehicles, smart phones, home devices, smart cities, etc.  … connected technologies are impacting every industry and creating new levels of consumer engagement.
    Spectrum Health, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is an integrated health system, with an award-winning health plan, teams of nationally recognized doctors and providers and a network of hospitals and care facilities spanning 13 counties through West Michigan. And, for the fifth time since 2010, Spectrum Health has been named one of the nation’s 15 Top Health Systems® by Truven Health Analytics™.
    Spectrum Health’s goal is to connect patients with a Spectrum Health provider when and where patients’ need care. It’s health care on your terms. Patients can access care in local communities or in their own home. Now patients can even communicate 24/7 with a provider through using technology such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
    On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 9:00 am, Lisa VanderLoon, MedNow Manager of Operations and Joseph Brennan, MedNow Senior Director, join host Melissa Birnie to talk about MedNow – a telehealth service – which provides a range of services using technology to bridge the distance between you and a provider.
    Don’t have time to wait in a doctor’s office, can’t leave work or maybe you’d like to speak with a medical professional from the comfort of your own home? MedNow offers a convenient, easy way for you to connect with your specialist while saving you drive time and other expenses. Listen in to learn more!

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    TV Journalist Julia Briars Interviewed by hosts - Dia Hicks & Chelsea Penner

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    I'm your host - Dia Hicks *(founder of SwaggerScan.com).  Join me as I interview Arizona news journalist Julia Briars (A.K.A. "The Russian Cat Lady") to get to the bottom of why she's single.  This international beauty is well traveled and and a notable television personality but has had diffuculty finding men who measure up.  L.A. dating coach Chelsea Penner will join the show to give Julia some contemporary advice on meeting Mr. Right.  Could pretty people really have this much trouble finding a date??   

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    The Interactive Internet.

    in Computers

    Hurricane Joaquin; Oregon Shooting.  

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    Views on manufacturing with Adam Robinson Marketing Manager Cerasis Inc.

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    Today I will start talking on why manufacturing is critcal more then ever in 2014 and the years to come.
    I will be joined by Adam Robinson, he oversees the overall marketing strategy for Cerasis including website development, social media and content marketing, trade show marketing, email campaigns, and webinar marketing. Mr. Robinson works with the business development department to create messaging that attracts the right decision makers, gaining inbound leads and increasing brand awareness all while shortening sales cycles, the time it takes to gain sales appointments and set proper sales and execution expectations.

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    Tech Talk on the SoftwareONE Radio Network - The Business Value of Office 365 E5

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    As we see Office 365 Heating Up, meaning, a lot of companies are looking into it, we are hearing a lot of requests to discuss the E5 subscription. There seems to be a significant amount of curiosity about the features within, and the business value this subscription brings. On April 13th, tune in as we dissect the business needs that E5 can satisfy. We will spend all 3 hours talking to experts and taking calls on Office 365 E5.  So call in to ask questions or make a comment on the air and get an Amazon Gift Card for All callers. Only On the SoftwareONE Radio network!
    Also, click here for the reference material for today's show: http://bit.ly/Office365E5ShowNotes
    12:00 PM EDT - What is Office 365 E5 and why are we Talking About It!
    12:30 PM EDT - The Features in Office 365 E5
    1:00 PM EDT - The Add-Ons to E5
    1:30 PM EDT - Cloud Voice, Is it Ready for Prime Time (With House of Lync a SoftwareONE Company)
    2:00 PM EDT -  The Differences between E3, E4 (Retired) and E5
    2:30 PM EDT - More feature Discussions

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    Tech AM Powerdrive by Kurt Steele

    in Technology

    Kurt Steele histes Tech AM Powerdrive.  This show discusses trends and news in technology.  Kurt Steele discusses trends and news.  

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    Fans Take Center Stage

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    For Episode 4, Josh Ong discuss the topic of Fans Take Center Stage from this week's Digital Music Forum panel. The show looks at the increasing importance that fans play in your digital strategy, and how to treat them as creative partners. Examples include Smule's Sing! Karaoke, the new Videobomb, and Live.me broadcaster Justina Valentine.
    Show links: NY Media Festival Sing! Karaoke Video Bomb Justina Valentine #FirstWorldProblems

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    Can Wooden Toys Teach Kids to Code?

    in Technology

    Wall Street Journal Gear & Gadgets editor Michael Hsu discusses why old-school toys focusing on the physical world can be more educational than a computer screen.

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    WordPress HelpDesk Online Episode Three Extended

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    Last week, our 30 minute show cut off at the 15 minute mark.  
    Therefore, we want to be sure you heard all of the show. 
    In this show we featured:
    3. WORDPRESS Q & A 
    Q&A:  Send your questions as a email to support@awebstore.com or text: 214-736-4093
    Our sponsor: www.Site-Keeper.com Where WordPress Support is our way of life.

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    Testing facebook icon

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    Testing facebook icon

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    THE OLD MAN Swap Shop & Sell, with The Axe man and The Gman Live 7:00pm

    in Electronics

    This Saturday night join the AXE Man along with the Gman. right here on OTM FM radio network. Are you a collector , and hobbyist, A big time collector of CB radio equipment? do you have more then you need, or are you just looking to maybe do some horse trading, well no matter what dial in call in and sell it! trade it! or give it away. Join the guys This Saturday night for the Premiere show of the OLD MAN SWAP and sell 2 hour show LIVE CALL IN
    Disclaimers for this show, under sections 103 and 107 part A,C. This show is a  privately owned and operated show, operating as a LPFM-1 Lic, This show operates strictly from donations. all sales of or monies discussed here on the show are done by private individuals and not commercial organizations, OTM Internet FM radio dose not receive any funds from sales generated during  or at any time the show is Live broadcasting. OTM radio show nor the operation members by Name of Gman Kreitzer or Mike Ave will be are not or at any time never can be or held Liable for any transactions of the sales of or tradings of, nor in any type of communications made by private individuals. All transactions MUST! be made off the live show broadcast times. Correspondences just make any ans all transactions and money transactions off the show and Not durning at any time. 

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