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    S6E3 Beth Karas on Scott Peterson,Aaron Hernandez on King Jordan Radio 9-28

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    Its Season 6 Episode 3 Famed TV reporter and Former DA in New York City Beth Karas will be Live on King Jordan Radio Covering Scott Peterson and his slim chance of getting a new Trial Beth who Covered Peterson on Court TV,Hln and for a 20/20 Special Karas Covered The Trial from AtoZ plus Aaron Hernandez’s Family Sues NFL, Patriots Over ‘Severe Case’ Of CTE Aaron Hernandez’s family has filed a federal lawsuit against the NFL and the New England Patriots after tests on the former player brain revealed a “severe case” of brain trauma.Attorney Jose Baez announced Thursday afternoon that tests performed on Aaron Hernandez’s brain following his suicide determined he suffered from an advanced case of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Hernandez’s daughter. Showtime is 9:30PMET Follow The Show on Twitter! https://twitter.com/KingJordanRad

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    Everyday People - CEO of Prestige Properties and cancer survivor Melanie Sharpe.

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    This evening, Wednesday 10/18 @ 7pm cst on “We Are Everyday People” global internet radio network show “Everyday People” my guest host will be two time cancer survivor, a member of the Tatisa C. Joiner Foundation for cancer survivors, and founder and CEO of Prestige Properties Real Estate Pros based in South Holland, IL Melanie Sharpe.
    We will discuss the Tatisa C. Joiner Foundation for cancer survivors in addition to the PPREP 5th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Candlelight Bowl Fundraiser taking place this Saturday 10/21 @8:30pm at Dolton Bowl in Dolton, IL. We will also discuss the outstanding professional services available at Prestige Properties Real Estate Pros.

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    My 2017 Afrika Trip & relevant news

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    In March, me & my family 'escaped' amurdakkka for the ENTIRE month. For my wife, it was her chance to go back home & reconnect with her large family. For me, it was my FIRST TIME going back home to the continent we now call Afrika.
    There was quite a bit I WISH I would have known before leaving, so I am making this show to share some of that info to other future stolen Afrikan travellers who also are hankering to go H-O-M-E.!!!
    So, not only will I share highlights, thoughts, experiences, kwk, but also helpful tips & things to prepare for, beforehand.
    I hope something I may share will make it that much easier for other returning Home Afrikans.

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    Ep 35: Colin Kaepernick's Unsigned and Why Scott's Boycotting The NFL

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    Join Dr. Scott Speed & John Costino LIVE to discuss the social implications of Colin Kaepernick being unsigned. Do the owners have the right to not hire him because he is a distraction and could potentially lose them money? Should Kaepernick fans boycott the NFL?
    During this show Scott and John share where they stand onn the issue and Scott shares why he has decided to stop watching his favorite sport, NFL Football. 
    Call in to listen live or speak: 929-477-4107 

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    When do they decide to leave?

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    women don't just leave at the first abuse, there's a perceived need for action

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    On the show today we will be speaking with Mrs. Patrice Sykes, a licensed insurance agent in California and Texas she is a certified financial educator and a certified credit consultant. Her goal is to help families save and build financial wealth.  Mrs. Sykes enjoys helping families get their finances back and on track with some very easy steps for anyone to follow. She will also give a little insight as to how your credit score is viewed and interpreted by businesses.
    We will also have the usual song and quote of the day. If you have any question about finances this show is for you, do not hesitate to bring your questions with you so you can have your questions answered and your money straight.
    Showtime is 2pm central, 3pm eastern time zones
    chat room link is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mrtalk
    The Show Email is ericletstalk@gmail.com

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    Talk On The Hudson-Wednesday October 18, 2017

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    Coming up, I bring you 2 EXCLUSIVE interviews. First, Jersey City At-Large Council Candidate Erik-Anders Nilsson joins the program at 9:00PM. We will discuss his campaign, his decision to run as an Independent candidate, the issues he cares most about in Jersey City, the job performance of Mayor Steven Fulop, the political climate in Hudson County and much more. At 10:00PM, we will have a lengthy conversation with Jersey City Political Activist Bruce Alston. His online presence with the Hudson County Chronicles continues to receive excellent traffic with the topics he discusses every week and we will dissect the local poltical scene. Don't forget to tune in and tell your friends!

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    Global Truth With Guest Scholar & Activist Dr. Randy Short

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    We bring to you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. As always we come hard and we come correct. On this edition of "The Star & Crescent Report", the most powwerful and educational platform for truth and liberation we will be talking to our very very special guest Dr. Randy Short. He is a world renown scholar, activists and has been featured on RT, InfoWars, PressTV ,and many other international platforms. This show fisrt aired in 2015 but you are going to love it just as much today.

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    Respect For Life Featuring Dick Gregory PT 2

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    Respect for Life features current and often controversial news, issues and topics that deal with the 7 keys of life, love, and happiness in the political, social, scientific, esoteric, health, and wealth areas.?
    Bro.Leroy or Black Leroy states: I was born and raised in Harlem, New York and saw our people taken advantage of at an early age. Focus on bringing health, education, and knowledge to Black People.  He was first exposed to on-air interviewing by the late Art Rusk Jr. and was given his first talk show hosting opportunity by Pepe Sutton on WLIB in the early 70s."?
    ??He was coached by Brother Wayne 3x Grice in putting Min. Farrakhan’s speeches on NYC radio (Dillard University tape on Del Shields WBLS show). He collaborated with Bro. Wayne conceptualizing name and promotion of the historic Black Family Day with Bro. Wayne, negotiated time for live broadcasts from Muhammad Mosque, etc. Bro.Leroy is a father of 6. He is currently the lead host for the past 25 years of The Communicators and Respect for Life on Harlem Community Radio WHCR.org.
    www.thekeys107network.com Twitter: @thekeys107
    Facebook Group: TheKeys Opening The Door To Endless Possibilities

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    Episode 105: Separations of Parent and Child

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    Host: Brian Lee;Co-Host: Steven Ball & Angela May
    Join Restoring Families Internet Radio (RFIR) on Sunday, October 15th from 9-11 p.m. EST., 8-10 p.m. CST., 7-9 p.m. MST., 6-8 p.m. PST. for Episode 105: Separations of Parent and Child with our guest, Robert. Robert is a father of two children, now aged 12 and 10. Lies and greed appeared to have caused the separation of this one parent from his children. Ulterior motive of primary custody retention riddles crippling horrors of CYFS (CPS) and police involvement where money seemed to be the motivator. Robert endlessly fought endless allegations, including false assault allegations which strived to break his pockets, but he did not let that break his spirit as a father. His struggle with his children being taught to fear him over false stories meant to scare them. After everything, he holds strong in knowing his children are not to blame and he continues to hold his arms out in love to let his children know that he "KNOWS" a child is helpless. Robert wants the audience to know that things can change in the blink of an eye and the reality pain of today may not hold the same tale tomorrow. Hold Strong and don't waiver in your path. In the meantime, he would like everyone to understand how important it is to continue living life to its' fullest. Your children will fare far better with a happy parent and one that can endure stresses and tell their story in time with self care as a central focus. A healthy parent can make for a happy and healthy child. Take Care of yourself and don't lose sight of the goal to have your children learn what love is from a neutral stance without having to choose.
    You can listen to the live show by clicking on this link above or by calling the show at 619-924-9885. If you wish to take part in the discussion or have questions for the staff or guest, call in and press #1 to be screened. Please be respectful to the staff and guest.