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    The Truth Hurts But It Helps

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    All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. 
    Galileo Galilei  

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    Shyaam The Liberator will discuss several problems taking place globally, from food shortages, economic collapses, viral outbreaks, social and civil unrest, cyber attacks, totalitarian laws, rigged elections, WW III and much more. Find out what you can do for yourself and family to prepare for the upcoming circumstances. TUNE IN CLASS IS IN SESSION!! 3476372135 LISTEN LIVE.

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    May 19th Truth, Honor & Integrity show with Thomas Williams

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    Our first Truth, Honor & Integrity show May 19th with Thomas Williams

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    Third Watch Reunion

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    Welcome to the "Third Watch"......where we get together a little later at night when the watchmen on the wall kept an eye out for trouble while others slept. We are awake on the third watch and are keeping an eye out on the world and sounding the alarms to let you know where we see trouble brewing! Please join us in chat or call in and add what you see to the conversation.

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    Rebekah Roth: On Egypt Air Flt 804

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    Rebekah puts forth her knowledge and experience to examine the news reports about Egypt Air Flight 804 which crashed into the Mediterranean this week.  24 hour wall to wall coverage of the crash is far more interested in projecting their theories than proclaiming the truth.  Rebekah and, to a much smaller and inconsequential extent, Ramjet will examine these claims.  They'll toss aside the ones that make no sense and explore the ones that are plausible explanations for what really happened.  At least Don Lemon isn't claiming it was a black hole this time, but then it's still early.

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    The Helios Biblios Hour (book of the SUN) : Hermaphrodites or Intersex.

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    Sexuality in ancient Egypt was open, untainted by guilt. Sex was an important part of life - from birth to death and rebirth. Singles and married couples made love. The gods themselves were earthy enough to copulate. The Egyptians even believed in sex in the afterlife. Sex was not taboo... Even the Egyptian religion was filled with tales of adultery, incest, homosexuality and masturbation... with hints of necrophilia! Masculinity and femininity itself were strongly linked with the ability to conceive and bear children... To the ancient Egyptians, the most attractive women tended to be the fertile ones. A woman who had children was seen to be more fortunate than ones without. Babies that are born with both male and female sexual organs, or characteristics of both organs, are called hermaphrodites or intersex. A child who is in an intersexual state is classified in one of three categories: 1) true hermaphrodite – an infant born with both ovaries and testicles and has both male and female sex organs. 2) female pseudohermaphrodite – a genetic female with male external sex organs. 3) male pseudohermaphrodite – a genetic male with external sex organs that fail to develop properly, resulting in female or male/female physical characteristics.Egyptian men had false penises attached to their mummies while Egyptian women had artificial nipples attached. Both would become fully functional in the afterlife, where they were free to engage in sexual intercourse, if they so desired. When babies are developing in the womb, they all begin with sex organs that look female. If the baby is male, he begins to produce testosterone, and if the hormone reaches the tissues correctly, the external genitals become a scrotum and penis. Chromosomal or sex hormone abnormalities can produce an infant in an intersexual state. 

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    Pao Lee Talk show: Kev sib tham txog xov xwm hmoob

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    Los mploog Pov Lis kev sib tham txog tus me nyuam Daly Yaj nyob wausau, WI tias sawv daws yuav nrhiav kev pab li cas , los mloog koj thiaj li paub

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    access astrology

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    Contemporary astrology, call in with question

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    The Light to The Gentiles

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    You Christians need to sit your ass down somewhere and stop reading passages out of the bible you don't understand !!! The problem with the American Negro is you love everybody and everybody don't love you!!!!

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    Dr. Greg Little: Atlantis Uncovered: The Edgar Cayce Prophesy

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    In 2014 I introduced significant evidence for ruins uncovered off the coast of the Bimini and Andros Islands in the Caribbean Ocean. The attached images, are present, unedited, and reveal complexes, and pyramidal structures on the bottom of the ocean.
    My guest, Dr. Greg Little, working with a grant from A.R.E. made numerous trips to the Caribbean based on the readings of Edgar Cayce, and uncovered startling evidence of high civilization. We'll also discuss the mound builders connection to Atlantis and the pyramids of Central and South America.
    Gregory L. Little, EdD, part Seneca, is author of the authoritative guide to America’s mound sites, Illustrated Encyclopedia of Native American Mounds & Earthworks and co-author ofMound Builders. Both he and his wife (Lora Little) have been featured in documentaries on Discovery, Learning Channel, History Channel, Sci-Fi, MSNBC, and National Geographic.
    Mound Builders http://www.amazon.com/Mound-Builders-Forgotten-Ancient-America/dp/0940829363/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1459453676&sr=1-1&keywords=mound+builders+cayce

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    The American Gear Manufacturers Association Celebrates Their 100th Year

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    The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) has been conducting programs and providing services to the gear industry and its customers since 1916. Listen in as retiring President Joe Franklin and incoming President Matt Croson join us for a personal and in depth discussion about AGMA 100-year history as a member and market driven organization conducting programs and providing services to the gear industry and its customers. Hear how the Association expanded to now include more than 400 member companies that span 30 countries globally, and find out what’s in store for the next 100 years for the Association.