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    Dirty Sports!!!!!

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    Sports with a southern spin to it!!!

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    Days inn

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    talk chat moe

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    Teenage Sex & Pregnacy/ Friends Wth Benefits

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    Tonight's segment is about teenagers sexual habits & why aren't they protecting theirselves from STDs and Pregnacy!! The second half of the segment will be about friends with benefits (DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN) Tune in and give us your thoughts on these topics

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    AASMBJ In-Profile: Natasha Chen

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    A Q&A with a reporter who has been covering the shooting rampage at Ft. Hood since it broke last week. Natasha Chen covers Kileen, TX for KXXV-TV in the Waco market. She joins AASMBJ Co-Coordinators Shawn Chitnis and Maria Hechanova to discuss what the past week has been like for her, especially as a small market broadcast journalist.

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    y.i.c. & g.i.g

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    yic & gig

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    The Spotlight Show

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    Shinning the spotlight

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    Get Your Creative Juices Flowing With T. Styles - Titles & Covers...oh my!

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    A show that offers writers ideas and ways to overcome writers block by talking and chatting with other publishers. The first show will cover how to grab and hold the attention of your reader. Although the genre focuses on street/urban fiction, all writers are welcome.

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    Featured Guest Chris Augustin, Alien/UFO/Paranormal Investigator

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    By day he works as a programmer analyst for a major food service company doing application development and technical support. By night, he records and analyzes UFO sighting reports, abduction experiences, hauntings and anything else that qualifies as strange/unknown/weird. Chris Augustin has been an Alien/UFO/Paranormal Investigator for 13+ years now.
    Chris' site, www.aliensthetruth.com, is online for one main reason, the truth. In our community, people who have had UFO sightings, abduction experiences, paranormal encounters, etc; need a place to go. They need a place to share what they have experienced without the fear of ridicule. This is truly an alternate reality for many people. The mainstream media rarely gives our community positive attention, unless it's some major event like the Roswell UFO crash anniversary, or when there's a mass sighting, where hundreds or thousands of people witness the event, like the Phoenix Lights in 1997.
    The site focuses on some very basic premises, there is life on this planet, which is one out of billions. Therefore, it is mathematically impossible for life not to exist on another.
    With the vast amount of evidence collected over the years, going back to ancient times, up to today, from reports gathered by MUFON and other organizations; there is no way that we can be alone in the universe.
    Join us tonight at 9 pm and call in with questions for Chris.

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    Hoodwinked- Interview with an Economic Hit Man pt.2

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    Upon the Nov. 10 release of his latest book, "Hoodwinked," Bestselling Author John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Secret History of the American Empire) joins Carl Gibson to discuss the real reason for the global financial crisis, and steps we can do to make the world more sustainable and socially accountable.

    John Perkins was the former Chief Economist for the Chas T. Main Corporation, where he worked to convince heads of state in third world countries to accept massive loans and structural adjustment programs from international banking cartels like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and USAID.

    In his books, Perkins describes the clandestine process of how Economic Hit Men like him helped further what he calls a "global corporatocracy." If his efforts failed, the CIA's jackals would step and assassinate a leader or stage a coup d'etat. Several examples he cites are the assassinations of Mossadegh in Iran and Arbenz in Guatemala (1950s), Pincohet in Chile, Roldos in Ecuador, Torrijos and Noriega in Panama (1970s and 1980s) and numerous others. Perkins says if those steps fail, then the US sends in the military under the guise of "national security," like Panama in 1989, Afghanistan in 2001, and Iraq in 2003. Perkins himself says he was an agent of a global corporate empire until he realized what he was doing was not just nor sustainable, so he has since reformed himself and dedicated his work to getting the truth out.

    In this interview, he talks all about how what happened in 2008 in the United States is what has been happening for decades in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

    Perkins' first majorly published book, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," stayed on the New York Times Bestseller list for 65 weeks. "Hoodwinked" is set to hit stores on Tuesday, Nov. 10. Don't miss this earth-shattering interview on a controversial subject public schools never taught us!