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    Gods true line ministry's, the watchmen report.

    in Christianity


    Hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministry's. The watchmen report, with me Connie Chung,and brother barney.come and listen to what's going on in the world, amen and God bless.

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    THE TRUE AMERICAN-Anand Giridharadas

    in Entertainment

    The True American tells the story of Raisuddin Bhuiyan, a Bangladesh Air Force officer who dreams of immigrating to America and working in technology. But days after 9/11, an avowed "American terrorist" named Mark Stroman, seeking revenge, walks into the Dallas minimart where Bhuiyan has found temporary work and shoots him, maiming and nearly killing him. Two other victims, at other gas stations, aren’t so lucky, dying at once.

    The True American traces the making of these two men, Stroman and Bhuiyan, and of their fateful encounter. It follows them as they rebuild shattered lives—one striving on Death Row to become a better man, the other to heal and pull himself up from the lowest rung on the ladder of an unfamiliar country.

    Ten years after the shooting, an Islamic pilgrimage seeds in Bhuiyan a strange idea: if he is ever to be whole, he must reenter Stroman's life. He longs to confront Stroman and speak to him face to face about the attack that changed their lives. Bhuiyan publicly forgives Stroman, in the name of his religion and its notion of mercy. Then he wages a legal and public-relations campaign, against the State of Texas and Governor Rick Perry, to have his attacker spared from the death penalty.

    Ranging from Texas's juvenile justice system to the swirling crowd of pilgrims at the Hajj in Mecca; from a biker bar to an immigrant mosque in Dallas; from young military cadets in Bangladesh to elite paratroopers in Israel; from a wealthy household of chicken importers in Karachi, Pakistan, to the sober residences of Brownwood, Texas, The True American is a rich, colorful, profoundly moving exploration of the American dream in its many dimensions. Ultimately it tells a story about our love-hate relationship with immigrants, about the encounter of Islam and the West, about how—or whether—we choose what we become. THE TRUE AMERICAN-Anand Giridharadas

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    Ms Shahrazad Ali Interview On True Nubia

    in Culture

    Ms. Ali is BACK!! She Will Share Her Grace & Wisdom With True Nubia Once Again - Join Yaa, Lasuria & Jakzun As They Get Her Thoughts On What's Going On In These Times - And, Yes, She's Always Right...



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    Gods true life line ministry's, friday service.

    in Christianity

    Hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, friday night service. With nancy,judy, and brother bobby, join us at the round table as we bring the word of God, our topic wil be about how to imatate jesus and not the world or other people, amen. So dont forget to come in and get fed the true word of God, because its only by the true word that we are set free in our lord jesus,, amen and God bless everyone, 


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    Gods true life line ministry's, the watchmen report,

    in Christianity

    Hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, the watchmen report, with me connie, barney, and bob bimbo. Come in and hear whats going on around the world, and know that it is all bibical. As we also read  about the end times straight from the bible. Amen and Godbless everyone, and may all get touched by the truth because it is only by Gods true word that will set us free amen. See you there.


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    God's true life line ministry's

    in Christianity

    Hello everyone and welcome to God's true life line ministry's, Sunday service live as we preach the true word of God , @ 9:00 central time, so dont miss out amen and God bless

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    Gods true life ministrys, sunday service with barney,

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, sunday service.  with barney from albuquerquue new mexico. , so come on in and hear the true word of God, amen. as we come closer to Gods return. amen this weeks topic is about the grace of God. so dont miss out on the true word because its the true word that will set us free amen and God bless everyone and ill see you there

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    And We Are Back ... w/ True Words Spoken Ep. 22

    in Podcasting

    True Words Spoken is back for it's debut relaunch LIVE on blog talk radio! This is a new beginning that I am glad you chose to be apart of. In the old podcast I was finding my voice and over the course of time I have found it and I'm surely ready to use it. True Words Spoken is LIVE Sundays and Wednesdays on blog talk radio, be sure to listen and call in to be apart of the show!! It's going to be amazing! We are going to talk about life, health, relationships, and news.

    I am your best friend that you love to hate.I will tell you like it is and how it is whether you like it or not then go eat a bucket of ice cream with you! I am that friend that cries with you through the tough times and laugh through the goodtimes. Join me, Jay Deuce, on True Words Spoken as we take a journey through life starting TODAY 4:30 right here on your phone and computer!

    With All My Love,

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    Gods true life line ministry's, Sunday service.with barney.

    in Christianity


    Hello and welcome to Gods true line ministry's, Sunday service. With brother barney. As we bring the true word of God. To you live on radio. Amen and God bless.

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    God's true life line ministry's, Friday service.

    in Christianity

    Hello everyone and welcome to God's true life line ministry's, Friday night service. open night. so if you have a topic you wanna share about the bible come on in. We will be having communion as we celebrate Isreal birthday. 67 years. so God bless and amen. So don't forget to come in @ 9:00 central time, to share the word of God. Amen.

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    Gods true life line ministry's, Friday service. Nancy,judy

    in Christianity

    Hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministry's, with me Nancy and sister Judy, at the  round table .for the word of God, so come in and join us to talk about how wonderful the lord really is. Amen so dont forget @ 9:00 

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